OMF V3C190 It’s All Fake

After flying for a few hours, Qiu Ling stopped somewhere above the glowing sea, his expression everything but happy. Furrowing his brows, he glanced down and crossed his arms while hovering in midair.

“This thing is so fake. I’ve flown for so long, I should have long reached the other end. Obviously, this isn’t a replication of the real glowing sea at all.”

Qiu Ling was right about that. The inner self didn’t necessarily paint a realistic picture of the world outside. While it was based on the memories of the person, the emotions tied to the place often played a much bigger part in how it was shaped in the inner self.

Back then when he went to gather the ingredients for the Amethyst Lightning pill for Jing Yi, he had left the glowing sea up until the very end because he had been afraid of going there. And that fear had grown even worse when he stood at the edge of the water and knew that he couldn’t get around it anymore. And then, after going in there, after finally being unable to resist the power that the water had over the body of a dragon, he had broken down.

Needless to say, feeling so overpowered, he thought of the glowing sea as a formidable force deep down in his heart. The only reason he was rather calm when flying above it right now was that he knew that this was merely his inner self and not the actual sea at all.

Anyway, he still needed to get across. And while he did understand why this sea had turned out so oversized, he was still angry about it. It was bad enough to have to deal with this thing and now, it was even worse than the original one and it was even because of his own thoughts and feelings. He was basically screwing himself over with this!

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much that he could do. He raised his gaze from the surface of the water and looked into the distance, trying to see if he was able to already spot the other side. Needless to say, his subconscious still seemed to be playing tricks on him. Regardless of where he looked, there was only ever water for as far as his eyes could reach.

Turning in a circle, Qiu Ling’s brows furrowed further and further. Could it really be that he would have to endlessly fly over an imaginary sea? It really was … too stupid.

In the end, he sighed to himself and shook his head. Even if it was stupid and even if he knew that it was, it wouldn’t change anything. He could only continue forward and deal with it.

He looked around but he already didn’t know anymore from where he had come and where he had originally been going. Once again sighing, he just picked a direction at random and continued to fly.

Anyway, he didn’t believe that this inner self of his was actually that rigid to care about directions. Most likely, he might be going back but still end up somewhere completely different. That was just the way it was with these kinds of things. They could change at random all depending on your thoughts.

Speaking of which … Maybe he should try to tell himself that he had already reached the end and it would appear? Qiu Ling glanced around furtively and then gave it a try. He imagined the sand at the edge of the glowing sea and then carefully cracked one eye open. Unfortunately, his inner self wasn’t that easily tricked. He hadn’t gotten any closer to the land and there was still only water around him.

Qiu Ling sighed and hung his head. “Well, that would’ve been too easy.” He really shouldn’t have expected it. If his inner self was so nice, he would have ended up seeing his beloved instead of that stupid, raggedy old hut in the first place.

He shook his head and then just continued to fly, not thinking about it any longer. Anyway, sooner or later, he would have to get to the other side. Even his inner self couldn’t be so torturous to let him fly forever.

Qiu Ling was certainly right about that. While he did need to fly a few more hours and his strength was slowly declining, he was finally able to make out the other side of the sea in the distance. At first, it was only a small line of different color and after staring for so long at the endless blue in front of him, Qiu Ling didn’t even notice the difference. But half an hour later, that sliver of color became an indisputable strip of sand.

Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up immediately and he rushed forward, accelerating his speed while keeping his eyes trained on that stretch of land. He just couldn’t wait to land and leave this cursed sea behind him. Hopefully, this would be the last time he’d have to see it.

Soon enough, he finally left the water behind. He landed, his feet finally touching the ground again. Qiu Ling took a deep breath and his lips curved up into a smile.

“Finally! I really thought I was going nuts for a while there.”

He shook his head but there was still the same happy smile on his lips. Then, he finally continued to walk forward, wondering what the next thing might be that his inner self might throw at him. It couldn’t be that bad, right? After all, he had already expended quite a bit of strength to get over the sea. Right now, he deserved a bit of a break from this kind of shit, right?

As a result, his smile suddenly strained when a majestic building appeared in front of him.

Stopping right where he was and looking at it for a while longer, Qiu Ling’s lips finally twitched. “The dragon king’s palace? Do we really need to do this?” He really couldn’t help it. This place … it was once again one he didn’t like to see.

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