SML V2C42 An Inconvenient Situation

The two of them got a few skewers, both boiled and barbecued ones, and added two sandwich buns on top before they went to a nearby park and sat down on a bench to eat.

Leaning back, Li Ming looked at Mo Fang, smiling brightly. If somebody had told him a week ago that he would get over Su Yan, find love again, and actually start a relationship in just seven days, would’ve thought they were nuts. But now, things had actually turned out like this. It was still a bit hard to believe.

Mo Fang noticed his gaze and smiled back. “What’s this? You can’t get enough of your handsome boyfriend?”

He laughed but Li Ming actually nodded. “I just couldn’t help but think that I’m really lucky to have met you.”

Mo Fang felt a little surprised at that. He definitely felt that he was a good catch but he didn’t necessarily have experience with being told the same by the men he dated. At the very least not in a situation like this. But then again, he also knew that Li Ming was different from his exes by quite a bit. Thus, after just a moment, he smiled as if it was a matter of course. “Well, it’s your luck then that I have such good eyes. If I left it to you, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have gotten together.”

Li Ming laughed as well at that. “I’m afraid I can’t deny that. Well, in any case, this is really nice. You know, I do love seeing new things and giving them a try even if it isn’t something I ever thought I’d be interested in but I also really like these times where you just find a quiet spot to sit down, spend some time together, and are just spending time with your partner, without anything else to distract you.

“Maybe I’m thinking too much but I just feel that it’s a great way to make sure that you’re really focusing on them. Listening to what they say, observing the way they look at you and smile, being able to pour out your heart … Sometimes, with everything else going on around you, it can be a bit difficult to do that. But I think it is really important to have moments every now and then where you can just focus on each other and your relationship.”

Mo Fang gave a hum at that. This was something he could actually relate to. “Well, with my previous boyfriends, I actually liked to stay home. While it’s nice finding a suitable place outside, I also feel that being at your own place is also very good. Don’t you think so?” Truth be told, that time would usually be spent in bed but he didn’t really need to add that. In any case, the sentiment stayed the same.

Li Ming nodded. “Yes. Especially if you’ve been together for a while and find a place together. I guess that kind of feeling should be pretty good.” There had only been one relationship where he actually got that far and, in the end, it also hadn’t worked out. Thus, he could only assume.

But the thought was a nice one. And even if it was just about staying over at the other person’s place or having them stay with you, it was already a nice feeling. “A place that you put a lot of effort and time in to make feel just right for you feels especially comfortable. So I really get this.”

Mo Fang nodded and leaned a little closer, lightly touching Li Ming’s arm. “I know we are really far from that point but I do like your apartment a lot. It seems exactly like the kind of comfortable place you mentioned just now.”

Li Ming slightly raised his brows. Come to think of it, while he had his own place, Mo Fang had just lost the apartment he shared with his ex and had needed to move back in with his parents. This situation was probably a little inconvenient in terms of them dating. Mo Fang couldn’t just invite him over, could he? Well, even if he did, Li Ming was pretty sure that he wouldn’t have the guts to actually go over to his boss’s house to visit his boss’s son … Thinking of that, he hurriedly pushed the thought away and cleared his throat. “Have you thought about what to do about your living situation? I guess your father wouldn’t mind if you stayed but are you alright with that?”

Mo Fang lightly pursed his lips. He had hoped that Li Ming would invite him to stay over more often but he actually asked about this kind of thing. “Well, I haven’t really thought about it yet. In any case, it’s only been a week since I broke up with Lan Heng. And I’ve also just started working a normal job. I don’t think that’s really the kind of situation in which I should go looking for a place to stay. And as I said before, I’m not really used to living alone.” He fell silent for a while, not quite sure if he should say what went through his mind but finally, he figured that it might be for the best.

He reached down and grabbed Li Ming’s hand, interlacing his fingers with his boyfriend’s. “I know you’re not the kind of person that moves fast so you might not be able to understand this but in the past, I’ve often moved in with my boyfriends shortly after meeting.

“I’m just that kind of person that wants to spend as much time as he can with the person he likes. So having my own place and needing to go from one to the other always felt like such a waste to me. I’d rather live with him and sharing every single minute that we can with each other. So that also means that when I broke up, I had to go back to my parents every time. I guess they are kind of used to it by now.”

Mo Fang chuckled as if he had just made a joke but Li Ming couldn’t help but think about it a bit more deeply. He understood that Mo Fang had a slightly different way to go about relationships.

In the future, this wouldn’t be easy to navigate. Or, well, it would probably become easier when they had been together for a long time. After all, after he got comfortable with them dating and being more physical, everything else might just sort itself out. Until then though … Mo Fang would always need to take a step back. He actually felt a bit guilty thinking about it.

Looking at him, he gently squeezed his hand and then reached out with the other one, putting an arm around Mo Fang’s shoulders. “If you ever feel like you’re not getting out of this what you want, you can always tell me. We’ll find a way to deal with it.”

Mo Fang leaned over, lightly cupping Li Ming’s cheek. “What are you even saying, silly? I’m just happy being with you. It doesn’t matter what exactly we do or how fast we move. I’m just happy that you didn’t reject me. All I want is to have this a chance with you.” He leaned closer and pecked his lips before immediately pulling back again, giving a faint smile. This was the time where he had to pull back in order to advance. He definitely wouldn’t mess it up.

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