OMF V7C505 A Fitting Gift

An Bai and Xiang Yong exchanged a glance. Wedding? What wedding? Who was getting married? If their king actually wanted to go, it should be somebody important. But then why hadn’t they heard of this before?

Unfortunately, their king had already turned around, looking a bit impatient. He definitely wasn’t in the mood to answer any questions right now.

An Bai smiled wryly and then motioned toward Xiang Yong. “You go and get a gift. I will follow His Majesty already.” Even though the king had just promised to work together with them in the future, it was likely that it would take some time until they were able to work together well. After all, they hadn’t really done so before. They had to adapt to each other’s way of doing things slowly until they were familiar.

Also, it was quite possible that His Majesty was feeling a little awkward about all this since he had only just found out that he and Xiang Yong both already knew about his heritage. He probably still hadn’t quite come to terms with it. Before he did, they shouldn’t push him. It was good enough that he had finally admitted to it more or less on his own accord. Everything else would surely follow.

Xiang Yong nodded at that suggestion and then rushed over to the treasury, hurriedly looking around. He really wished that he had gotten a heads up before this. Choosing a present for a wedding wasn’t a simple task. Especially when he had no idea who the people getting married were. After looking around for a moment, he finally cursed and took out his transmission stone, contacting Qiu Ling. There was no use in worrying any longer. It was better to get some more information first so he could hurry up. It had sounded as if the king wanted to leave immediately.

Qiu Ling raised his brows when his transmission stone pulsed again but accepted immediately, worried that it might be Jinde again and that he had taken too long already.

As a result, he actually saw Xiang Yong. His brows climbed even higher at that. “What’s the matter?” Hadn’t he just told them to follow him? While An Bai had arrived, this guy was sure taking his sweet time …

Xiang Yong smiled wryly. “Your Majesty … I’m looking for a gift in the treasury as you asked us to. Unfortunately, you didn’t even tell us who the people in question were. What kind of present should I look for?”

Qiu Ling pondered for a moment. If it was anyone else, he would just say that he should just take whatever. A gift from the dragon king’s treasury was precious no matter what was chosen. But the people in question were Jinde and his father’s reincarnation. Even though he actually felt a little tangled about Leng Jin Yu’s identity, he had always seen Jinde as part of his family. That kind of person … he couldn’t treat him badly.

As for what kind of present the two of them would like … Well, he only knew that this wasn’t their first wedding and that they had actually already lived together for quite some time even after his father’s reincarnation so it wasn’t like the customary gifts were applicable. “Just get them a shell necklace or something.”

Xiang Yong’s brows shot up. “A shell —”

“You better hurry up! They’re in the mortal realm. If we wait too long, the wedding will already be over.” He cut the connection, not wanting to speak about it any longer. He hastily put away the transmission stone, crossed his arms in front of his chest, and turned away.

An Bai who had already arrived next to him some time ago smiled faintly. “Is there a reason for Your Majesty to speak like this with Xiang Yong?” He couldn’t help but feel that maybe this had to do with the fact that while he knew that Xiang Yong had known and while he was aware that An Bai had even told Xiang Yong that he had admitted the truth already, Qiu Ling hadn’t really spoken with him about it himself so maybe he felt awkward. It was certainly a possibility.

Qiu Ling glanced at him but then looked away. In fact, while there was a slightly strange feeling, it wasn’t like he actually had a problem with this. It was more that he felt a bit awkward about the matter with Jinde and Leng Jin Yu. If he didn’t have to talk about it, he would definitely prefer that but saying so was even worse.

An Bai didn’t try to force him. In any case, if the king didn’t want to, then what was the use in harping on it? It was better to give him some time to think things through and come to terms with it on his own. That way, the relationship between Xiang Yong and His Majesty would also be closer in the future.

Back in the treasury, Xiang Yong shook his head. He had no idea if this gift was really a good idea but since the king had mentioned this specifically, he finally just went with it. In any case, it wasn’t the worst of gifts. For a couple that was getting married, it could also be seen as well-wishes for the marriage to work out.

He looked around and did indeed find a shell necklace. It was beautifully crafted, each of those shells exquisite, and the links showing delicate craftsmanship. It had likely been forged by a master. This was definitely the kind of thing that could be gifted for a wedding.

He nodded to himself, chose an engraved jade box, and put the necklace inside before he rushed out to meet with An Bai and Qiu Ling again.

Then, the three of them set off toward the mortal realm, soon reaching the gates of the Yun Zou Sect under Qiu Ling’s lead.

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