SML V2C39 Do You Want to See?

Mo Fang felt especially happy when he saw Li Ming’s tangled expression. This was exactly what he wanted: The kind of situation where Li Ming really didn’t know what to do anymore and how to move forward because he wanted something but didn’t dare to grab the opportunity. When they reached that moment, then it really was time for him to take the next step. And it seemed that his pictures might play an important role in that. Thankfully, he had already prepared for this.

He laughed and then reached up, cupping Li Ming’s cheek for a moment before he looked around secretively. When he saw that nobody was looking, he craned his neck and kissed Li Ming’s other cheek. “Silly, why are looking at me like this? You’ll make me think that I just suggested something naughty. Wasn’t I just asking whether you wanted to see my pictures? If you feel it’s too much, I’ll even take out the salacious ones.”

Mo Fang immediately pulled back after saying this as if he really had meant anything else but this. His words gave Li Ming pause though.

“The salacious ones? Are there actually some?” He wasn’t quite sure what to think of this. He did know that Mo Fang had done some type of advertisements and also some more artsy pictures. He wasn’t quite sure where any provocative ones might fall into. Maybe he had done nude photography? It could probably be.

Mo Fang smiled and then leaned closer, putting his hand next to Li Ming’s ear while he lowered his voice. “Didn’t I say I did fashion shoots? Well, there were some for underwear among those as well. I’m sure you would like it.” He pulled back and chuckled again before motioning down the corridor. “Well, you said you don’t want to move that fast. So if you think that looking at the photos is too much, then I won’t force you. Just tell me whenever you want to see them. I really don’t mind sorting through them first.”

Li Ming raised his brows. Mo Fang was really accommodating him in this regard. It seemed that his talk with him this morning had really made him realize what this was about. Thankfully, he had tried to keep speaking with him about this and not just given up. It was nice seeing that they were actually able to communicate this well with each other on just the second day of their relationship. This actually made his hopes for the future rise.

Maybe it was because of that fleeting feeling but after thinking for a moment, he finally gave a nod. “Well, to be honest, I am a little interested in them. How about you look through them this week and next weekend when we have a bit of time, you show me? You can tell me a bit about the shoots as well. I love to hear about your work. You seem to love it very much.”

“I do. And we can do it that way as well. Ah, I’m really looking forward to it. You know, I’m really proud of my work if I may say so. Working at the railroad station is nice too but it can’t compare to modeling. If I could, I’d model much more.”

Li Ming nodded. He had already had the feeling that this was the case when he talked about this with Mo Fang before getting together. “Actually, what exactly is keeping you from it? You said before that it’s difficult when you don’t have the support of your current boyfriend but … what else is there apart from that? I mean when you were single, did you never think about using that time to make more of it?”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes, not quite sure how to answer that. While he was single … Had he ever really been single? Usually, when one man broke up with him, he would immediately look for a new one. Why would he want to stay single?

In any case, there hadn’t really been any downtime he could use for his career. At most, there had been partners that were a little more appreciative of what he did and tried to help him. So with these, he had been able to do a bit more. “Well, it’s not that easy. It always depends on what kind of job you can get. And I also need to pay bills, you know? So if I don’t have a stable job and modeling doesn’t pay that much yet, it’s difficult if there is nobody supporting me from behind. So while it does sound nice in theory to just focus on modeling, it’s not always possible.”

Li Ming nodded. “Well, that’s true as well. Then have you ever thought of doing a job that’s related to it? I mean, you obviously know a lot about fashion. At the very least, you do seem to have an eye for it. Have you ever thought about studying that maybe?” This was something that he could actually imagine very well. After all, he had never seen Mo Fang not look great. In part, that was certainly because he had the face and body to pull off almost anything but it was also because he just knew what to wear to look good. Someone like this … wouldn’t he have a certain talent for being a designer as well?

Mo Fang pursed his lips though. “Well, truth be told, I’m not very good in the technical aspect. Actually making clothes seems like such a drag. I just love choosing them and wearing them. Does that make me shallow?”

Li Ming immediately shook his head. “Of course not. You just have a certain interest. That’s it.”

Mo Fang smiled and leaned closer, almost kissing his cheek again. At the last moment, he pulled back though and then covered his lips with his fingers. “I’m sorry. It’s a bit of a habit.”

Li Ming smiled and then glanced around before he leaned over and kissed Mo Fang’s cheek. “That much is certainly allowed. In any case, I’m pretty sure the meaning was a different one as well.”

Mo Fang gave a hum at that and then clung to Li Ming’s arm again. “Oh, it certainly was.” But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to make use of that in the future to actually get closer to Li Ming.

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