SML V2C33 The Basis of a Healthy Relationship

Mo Fang hurriedly took another bite and then pretended to chew to gain at least a bit more time. Then, he put on a pensive expression. “Well, this is getting difficult. Actually, I didn’t think too much about it because I was curious about the food but let me think now.” He took another bite while trying to come up with something.

It didn’t even need to be good at this moment. As long as he said something, it would be alright. After all, he had already said that he felt that it was difficult to come up with something. He could just say that he couldn’t think of anything better for the moment but that he might remember it another time.

The problem was what exactly should he say? Being handsome? That was definitely something that he felt was important but Li Ming would probably think that it was shallow. And while he could be a little shallow as a model, there really were boundaries.

He felt that being caring and not being jealous was actually pretty much everything that he expected of somebody else though. He didn’t have that much of an expectation. Being handsome was one that he couldn’t say and, on the other hand, things like being good in bed also weren’t something that he could tell Li Ming. What kind of point could he make?

Li Ming quietly ate while continuing to look at Mo Fang. He was actually a little astounded that he needed so long to think of something. He had thought that maybe he had trouble narrowing but it really looked as if he had no idea what to say at all. This sure was unexpected. Maybe it was that Mo Fang just didn’t have many expectations that he definitely wanted somebody to fulfill?

He couldn’t believe that his ex-boyfriend had actually insinuated before that he was high-maintenance. Obviously, Mo Fang was really easy to get along with. And he was also somebody who would apparently put up with quite a lot.

Mo Fang couldn’t help but slowly become anxious. This wasn’t going well. If he didn’t think of something soon, then he would be in trouble. “Well, I already said that they shouldn’t be jealous but caring, like supporting me. Other than that … I don’t really know how to say it.

“Most things actually fall under a caring partner, don’t you think so? Like if you care about the other person, then the rest of your behavior should also be good, right? So I really don’t know what else to say. Everything I can come up with, I just feel like it is already included in that.” This was pretty much a non-answer but he felt that his explanation was really good.

Li Ming also smiled at that. “You really don’t need much to be happy, do you?”

Mo Fang looked at him, blinking his eyes in surprise. He didn’t need much? Well, maybe that was true. He actually didn’t really need that much. He took another bite and then smiled at Li Ming. “Well … it would be praising myself if I just said yes. But I guess objectively speaking, there really isn’t much. I just want somebody that is at my side, somebody that I can spend time with, cuddle up to, have fun with, just somebody that I can share my life with, you know?”

Li Ming nodded, feeling happy with that. This was pretty much what he wanted as well: A person that he would like to spend his whole day with. Somebody that he could talk to and laugh with, share the things that he loved, and also to talk through whatever it was that he didn’t like. Someone like that. “I think that is really beautiful.”

Mo Fang was pretty pleased with himself when he got that evaluation. Then, he immediately used the opportunity to shift Li Ming’s attention. “Well, now, you know. So, what about you? Considering how you said you’d tell me afterward, you definitely have to know what your most important thing for a relationship is, right?”

Li Ming nodded without any hesitation. “That’s true. I think that for any relationship to work out, what’s most important is honesty.”

Mo Fang looked at him, not quite sure where that was suddenly coming from. “Honesty?” Actually, he wasn’t quite sure that it was really such a good idea. If you were too honest, then wouldn’t you either never get together in the first place or break up pretty soon?

He didn’t dare to say these things though and instead just waited for Li Ming to explain further. Maybe this wasn’t actually what Li Ming meant. He’d see about it. In any case, if Li Ming said that he wanted honesty, then he definitely wouldn’t contradict him.

“Yes, I think that it’s the basis of every relationship. I guess you could say that just like with having a caring partner, this is also something that quite a few other things fall under. Like, if you aren’t honest, then there can be no trust in your relationship. And only if you’re honest, you can effectively communicate with each other.

“Let’s say …” He tried to think of an example and finally couldn’t help but decide on their own situation. “For example, yesterday, I told you that I first needed to get to know you better before I was comfortable with being closer physically. That is what I honestly felt so I told you even though I knew that maybe it would hurt you. I think that this kind of thing is very important. If I just keep it to myself, then while it might not hurt you, it would hurt our relationship. Because then you would expect things of me that I’m not yet willing to give. I don’t think that that would work out in the long term.”

Mo Fang nodded even though he still wasn’t too sure what to think of this.

Li Ming reached out and took his hand, giving him a smile. “The same goes for you as well. If there’s something that you don’t like, you can always speak up about it. I know you’ve come out of a relationship that wasn’t very supportive. But you don’t have to be afraid with me. I will listen to you no matter what it is. And even if it looks like it’s difficult at first, I’m sure that we can always find a way to make things work between us.”

Mo Fang’s heart actually couldn’t help but jump at that. The way Li Ming looked at him right now … Gosh, he really wanted to jump this man.

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