SML V2C27 Bending Boundaries

The next morning, both Mo Fang and Li Ming got up early. Li Ming went to prepare breakfast so it wouldn’t take too much time when Mo Fang and he came back from their morning jog to finish things up while Mo Fang put some extra time into his appearance. There wasn’t much he could do while they were running but he had to make sure that the rest was up to par.

Putting the clothes away that he wanted to change into later on, he pursed his lips and then glanced at his watch. His lips immediately curved up into a smile and he grabbed his keys, swaggering down the stairs to leave.

Unfortunately, his father was already up as well and couldn’t help but poke his head out of the kitchen to take a look where his son was going. “Xiao Fang, don’t you want to eat breakfast with me?”

Mo Fang gave him an angry look. “Who is going to eat breakfast with you? My boyfriend is going to cook for me!” He continued to walk towards the door but his father came already rushing after him.

“What do you mean your boyfriend is going to cook for you? And where are you going this early? Actually, what are you even wearing?” He gave Mo Fang a strange look, wondering what was up with him. This was the second day in a row that he was leaving the house looking kind of odd. His boyfriend wouldn’t be even more of a piece of shit than that Lan Heng and be so jealous that he didn’t want Mo Fang to look good, would he?

Mister Mo’s alarm bells all rang at once and he really wanted to drag his son into the kitchen to give him a stern talking to. But when he remembering how he had promised that he wouldn’t get involved anymore and how Mo Fang had actually thanked him yesterday for supporting him, he could only bite his tongue.

Well, he’d look at this for a while longer. If he felt that Mo Fang was really continuing to behave strangely, then he could try to think of a way to at least tell him that he was worried. Two days probably weren’t too bad. In any case, he couldn’t be sure yet that Mo Fang would stay together with this guy for more than a week.

Mo Fang furrowed his brows when his father was asking so many questions. “Daddy! I don’t have time. If you want to ask, then ask when I get back in the evening.” He walked past him and then slammed the door shut behind him, giving a huff. Why was his father so annoying? He had been in such a good mood when he just imagined how he would meet with Li Ming and now his good mood was actually ruined. He gave a huff again and then made his way over to the nearest station.

A few minutes later, when Li Ming was getting ready to leave as well, his doorbell rang. He raised his brows and cursed silently. He had no idea who this could be but if it needed more time than five minutes, that would be a problem. He rushed to open the door, looking a little stressed. Before he could get a good look at who it was, the person had already wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him closer, giving him a kiss.

“Mn, I missed you!”

Li Ming was a little taken aback but at the very least, he realized that the person in question was his boyfriend. There was a smile in his voice when he answered. “What are you doing here? Didn’t we say we’d meet up at the park again?” He carefully wrapped his arms around Mo Fang and kissed him back.

Mo Fang lightly pushed against him, making him stumble back into the apartment while he kicked the door shut behind him. “Well, I figured it would be nice to surprise you. Also, I didn’t want to wait that long and I was already up anyway.”

Li Ming had no idea what to say. His heart fluttered and he couldn’t help but pull Mo Fang a little closer. Ah, it seemed that with each day, he was actually falling further.

Seeing that Li Ming wasn’t as resistant as yesterday, Mo Fang let go of the bag that he had been carrying and inched closer. This was the perfect time to test out how far Li Ming’s boundaries could actually bend. He definitely wouldn’t mind if the two of them ended up in bed together right now. And if not … well, at least he had a valid excuse.

Li Ming actually didn’t pull back at first. He was indeed pleasantly surprised to see Mo Fang and since they weren’t outside, there wasn’t any embarrassment either. When Mo Fang’s hands wandered from his shoulders to his chest, seeming to want to pull at the shirt he was wearing, he pulled back though and hurriedly grabbed his hand. “I’m glad you already came by.” He didn’t dare to tell him that he wanted him to stop and just tried to change the subject instead. “Do you already want to eat?”

Mo Fang put his other hand over Li Ming’s and smiled as if embarrassed. “Whoops, it seems I’ve got a little carried away. Sorry about that.” He pecked his lips and then shook his head, pushing his bag further to the side. “No, I don’t think it would be good to eat breakfast before we go running, right? In any case, your food is so good that I probably won’t be able to resist and eat a bit more.” He smiled and then motioned to the door. “If you’re ready, we can go immediately.”

Li Ming was in a bit of a daze but he still nodded and just barely remembered to grab his keys before he followed Mo Fang outside.

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