SML V2C25 Make It Up to Me!

On the other end, Mo Fang was happy as well. He continued to lie in bed for a while, clutching his phone to his chest. This was precisely how a relationship should be. Even if they saw each other the whole day, they shouldn’t be able to do without each other in the evening and instead have long calls. They should loathe to hang up on each other and would take five minutes to say goodbye, reassuring the other one that they were looking forward to finally seeing each other again the next day.

Li Ming and he weren’t completely there yet but he knew that it was only a question of time. Who knew? After tomorrow, they might’ve gotten closer again. Maybe his dream of how their relationship should be would already come true by then. And if not, he was willing to work on it.

He finally put his phone to the side, and then went to open his wardrobe, looking through the outfits inside. He wasn’t stupid. As a man, he also understood how other men thought. While Li Ming might not care about fashion himself, he definitely cared if his boyfriend looked good. It might not be conscious but it definitely happened unconsciously. Who didn’t like a slim waist and a perky butt?

So highlighting his good points would definitely be able to impress him. And maybe that would even lead to becoming a little closer. Not only in the sense that Li Ming wanted but also in the way that he was looking forward to. After all, he also didn’t want to wait forever. A few days were alright and maybe, he could also wait a week or two but definitely not longer than that. Even Li Ming couldn’t expect that of him.

He searched around for a bit and then chose a pair of pants with a tight fit and a simple dress shirt. It might not be anything extravagant but this would definitely highlight his good figure. If he put in a bit of effort, Li Ming would surely see what he would be missing out on if he didn’t make a move.

Smiling to himself, Mo Fang put the clothes on his desk, and then went out of his room, going down to the living room where his father was sitting, staring at the TV as if there was something really interesting going on. Curiously enough, he was just watching the news.

Mo Fang went over and sat down next to him, crossing his feet at his ankles and watching with him. When he realized that nothing big had happened after a minute, he turned to look at his father. “What’s wrong, daddy?”

Mister Mo was pulled out of his thoughts and turned to look at his son. Seeing the curious look on his face that was a little clueless, he couldn’t help but reach out and pat his head. “Seeing you like this, I feel like I’m seeing a child. But how come you’re still going out the whole day and meeting up with men?”

Mo Fang huffed. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t care anymore? Why are we talking about this again? And here I was just praising you to my boyfriend.”

Mister Mo raised his brows and then inched closer. “Really? What did you say?”

Mo Fang just huffed again though, crossed his arms in front of his chest, and then turned away. “I’m not telling you! Anyway, you said that you didn’t want to know. So why would I tell you about the phone calls I have with my boyfriend?”

Mister Mo furrowed his brows. “What are you having a phone call with him anyway? Weren’t you out the whole day with him? Don’t tell me that guy’s this clingy!”

“Clingy? I’m his new boyfriend. Of course, he would want to call me!”

Mister Mo hurriedly retracted his head. It seemed that his son was really angry at him. “Alright, alright, father is sorry. Don’t blame me anymore, alright?”

Mo Fang turned his head further away and harrumphed again. “You’re just saying that!”

Mister Mo gripped his shoulder and shook. “No, no, I’m not just saying that. I really mean it! Don’t be like this. Forgive your father.”

Mo Fang tilted his head and seemed to think about it. “Well, you have to make it up to me.”

Mister Mo finally saw an opportunity. “But of course! What do you want me to do? Should I take you out tomorrow? You also have a free day, right?”

Mo Fang snorted. “Who wants to go out with you? I’m going out with my boyfriend tomorrow again.”

Mister Mo deflated when this great plan was cruelly rejected. “Then what else do you want me to do?”

Mo Fang reached out a hand and wiggled his fingers. “I can’t always let him pay, can I? Why don’t you give me some money?”

Mister Mo looked at his son’s hand, feeling like he should cry. Not only did his son not want to do something with him, but he was even asking him for money to go out with another man. This was too sad! Being a father really wasn’t easy.

Still, he pursed his lips and took out his phone. “Alright. I’ll send you some.” He was a bit unhappy doing this though. “What kind of boyfriend is this that he doesn’t even pay for you? I remember that one before Lan Heng was quite generous with you. Is your new one this stingy?”

Mo Fang turned back around and gave his father an angry look. “What are you even talking about? Si Tao had several businesses. Of course, he should pay for me. Do you think I can expect that of everyone?” In any case, he and Li Ming were still in the early stages. He definitely couldn’t put too many expectations on him. And showing him that he was willing to pay as well would likely also make him look better.

Mister Mo mumbled under his breath but just send over the money as he had promised. Even if he wasn’t happy with this, it couldn’t be changed. He just hoped that this time, his son would have made a better choice than the last time. Well, he’d probably see about that soon.

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