SML V2C24 It Was Real

Mo Fang laughed as well. He hadn’t counted but he was pretty sure that he had heard Li Ming chuckle or even laugh at least a dozen times since they had started the call. That was a really good sign. As long as his boyfriend was happy, their relationship would be great. It seemed that he should try to go more in that direction. “So … About tomorrow …”

This time, Li Ming did not laugh out loud but he was at least smiling to himself. “What? I thought it was going to be a big secret. Are you going to tell me now?”

Mo Fang chuckled in response. “No, of course not. I was just wondering if you had a guess what I’ve come up with. You must be really curious.”

Li Ming did indeed laugh again. “Well, you got me. I really want to know but I guess I’ll only find out tomorrow. I have no idea at all.” This was actually the truth. He didn’t know Mo Fang well enough to actually figure out what he might’ve come up with. If anything, he might only have one idea what it wouldn’t be. “I guess it won’t be another exhibition.”

On the other end, Mo Fang raised his brows. “Why would you say so?”

“Well, you didn’t seem to find the one we saw today that interesting. I guess that you would want to do something where we would more focus on ourselves than something that we’re supposed to see. So maybe you would like to go somewhere we can do something together. Some kind of activity.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. “Not a bad idea. I won’t tell you if it’s true though. You’ll see tomorrow morning.” He sat up and stretched his legs before getting up from the bed. “Anyway, it’s going to get late. I’ll go to sleep soon I guess. You know, it’s very important for your beauty.”

Li Ming laughed again. “Oh, you must be sleeping a lot. I shouldn’t keep you from it. Good night.”

Mo Fang chuckled as well. “Good night. See you tomorrow morning. Don’t forget about my breakfast!”

Li Ming laughed and said goodbye again before finally hanging up.

Even after that, he continued to look at his phone with a bright smile though. Ah, he felt great. He hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. It seemed that getting together with Mo Fang had really been the right call.

He felt that, after a few more dates, they would probably be much closer as well. After all, Mo Fang really wasn’t somebody who held anything back. No matter what question you asked him, he would answer you. He would also ask about you and listen quietly, inquiring a bit further when there was something he didn’t understand. He was really easy to get along with.

Li Ming continued to sit there for a moment longer before he slipped his phone into his pocket and went to the kitchen. He sifted through the fridge and drawers, wondering what he should make tomorrow. He really wanted to impress Mo Fang. It was just difficult to do so when he didn’t know him that well. Then again, Mo Fang also didn’t seem to be a picky eater. As long as the dish was tasty, he’d likely eat. So he should probably go with a dish he was able to cook really well. It really was uncomplicated with him.

Li Ming sighed, closing the drawers again, and then went to take the shower he had planned. His thoughts stayed with Mo Fang though.

He couldn’t help but remember the laugh he had just heard on the phone, the smile that Mo Fang had shown him throughout the day, the way he had looked so pitiful when he had told him that he needed a bit more time … There were so many things about Mo Fang that he just couldn’t get enough of.

Li Ming rubbed his face, shaking his head at himself while the water was running down his body. Gosh, it seemed that even after such a short time, he was completely smitten.

He had no idea how it had happened or what he was supposed to do with this but it was the truth. If he thought that just a few days ago he had still been completely hung up on Su Yan, then that was even more unimaginable to him. But maybe finding somebody new also allowed him to let go of the past. Or maybe he hadn’t actually been as hung up on Su Yan as he had thought. Maybe rather than still being in love with him, it had rather been that his overwhelming guilt had kept him shackled to this idea of Su Yan he had made up in his head.

Maybe now that he had talked it through and found somebody that he genuinely liked, he finally managed to see through how shallow those feelings for Su Yan had actually been.

Yes, if he thought back now, these few years of pining for Su Yan really couldn’t compare with this. That back then … it hadn’t been real. It had only been his own imagination. If he truly liked him, wouldn’t he have made a step forward? Instead, he had only ever daydreamed of how something might happen. He had allowed himself to not give it an actual try.

This right now was different. This budding relationship with Mo Fang was real. And he really couldn’t get enough of it.

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