IRL C16 We Need a Plan!

The family finished eating and Shangguan Yu was rushed to go up, unpack his things, and then go to ask is future boyfriend some questions as soon as possible. After all, everybody was curious about his answers.

Meanwhile, his sister and brother-in-law helped their mother do the dishes before they hurriedly went off to whisper to each other outside.

“Ah Lan, we definitely have to do something to make sure that my brother will be safe.”

Yu Lan nodded, a noticeable gravity in his gaze. “That’s a given. I think it’s already good if he asks that guy for some information but we should probably also make sure that he doesn’t go there alone. He could either take a friend or maybe it would be better if one of us could go with him.”

Shangguan Xin nodded. “Yes, that would be for the best. Actually, I’d like it if you could go with him. While a friend is good, I’m not sure if he is out to any of the people in our city. And if we do it ourselves, then he might be more reassured. It would probably be strange if I had turned up there with him but for you, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Yu Lan nodded. “I guess the only question is whether or not he’d allow us to tag along.”

Shangguan Xin furrowed her brows. That was indeed a problem. “I guess he won’t be too happy about the idea. After all, that will be their first date. Turning up with somebody else after knowing each other for some time … He might feel awkward about that. But I still think that it would be better if there was somebody there.”

Her husband nodded, thoughtfully rubbing his chin. “True. Well, he could suggest that the guy also take somebody with him. But then again, it could be that they won’t be able to talk freely with each other if somebody is sitting next to them. And if that stood in their way of becoming a couple, that also wouldn’t be good. We don’t want to ruin their relationship after all.”

Shangguan Xin sighed and leaned against the wall of the house. “I’m afraid you’re right. The risk is too high. My brother finally found somebody so we should do everything to make sure that if the guy is alright, that they’ll end up together. We don’t want to scare him away.”

The two of them fell silent, tightly furrowing their brows while considering what else they could do. It seemed inevitable that it would be best if Shangguan Yu took somebody with him. But then, that would also make things awkward for him. It was difficult to decide what was better.

Shangguan Yu finally turned to her husband, patting his arm. “He, how about somebody goes with him but doesn’t sit with them? Like, as long as they are inside, you’d be able to see if something unsavory is happening. In that case, you can interfere but if that guy seems to be alright, then you won’t have to do anything. That way, he wouldn’t even know that you’re there.”

Yu Lan slowly nodded, his expression brightening. “That’s true. It could work that way. Maybe we wouldn’t even have to tell your brother. That way, he wouldn’t feel awkward about feeling observed and could be his usual self. What do you think?”

Shangguan Xin nodded eagerly, a happy smile on her lips. “Yes, I think that could work.” Finally, they were getting somewhere! She couldn’t help but feel immensely relieved. Who knew when her brother’s date would be? If it wasn’t long until then, they needed to plan every last detail before then to make sure nothing went wrong. As for what still needed to be discussed …

“We’ll have to make sure that we get the right time and place. And you should probably be there a little before him. We don’t know when that guy will turn up there. If he’s there earlier, then you could already take a look at him and see if he seems decent. If not, you can still write Xiao Yu a message so he can prepare himself. And if he is … Well, that’s good then. Anyway, you’d be able to get a good seat then.”

Yu Lan nodded seriously. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go and do something right away. Somehow, his brother-in-law’s date made him nervous. He certainly would’ve preferred if he was able to do something, just anything to get ready for it. Speaking of which … “We should try to come up with a specific place for your brother. That way, I could already go and scout it out a few days before their date. After all, I can’t sit too close to them but I still need to be able to see them clearly. It doesn’t need to be in earshot but at the very least, it needs to be close enough to be able to get there in a minute and have a way to get your brother out of there if that guy is violent or something.”

Shangguan Xin nodded just as gravely. “You’re right! Let’s go and see what places there are around here. There will certainly be a lot of tips online. Since Xiao Yu is currently questioning that guy, we can just present him with the results this evening. Then, he can tell him about it tomorrow and they can set the date.”

Her husband nodded and the two of them rushed back into the house, grabbing Shangguan Xin’s laptop and starting to search for the best dating spots in the city.

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