SML V2C6 A Nice Surprise

Mo Fang kept quiet for a while before he turned to Li Ming, flashing a charming smile. “So, how was the rest of your day yesterday, Bro Li? It must be nice having your apartment all to yourself again.”

Li Ming’s expression turned embarrassed as soon as he was reminded of how he had behaved yesterday and he lightly cleared his throat. “There wasn’t anything special. I guess living on your own is just pretty much the same every day. Actually, it’s quite nice to have somebody be there with you. You can talk and do some new things together … It’s different from being alone.”

Mo Fang gave a hum, agreeing with him especially on the latter. Yes, being together was definitely so much better. And just because of this, he was working toward that goal. He was definitely doing Li Ming a favor here, no self-interest at all!

He smiled to himself when he thought of that but naturally didn’t utter that thought. “Well, I feel like I can really relate to that. When I thought my father threw me out, just knowing that there would be somebody else with me was really such a relief. And when I went home yesterday, my father was there as well. It was honestly quite nice to see him as soon as I stepped through the door. I guess I’m really just not made for being alone.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel relieved when he heard that. “The two of you made up?” He had actually been a little worried about that. While the misunderstanding had been out of the world at that time, it didn’t mean that everything would go back to how it had been before. After all, that misunderstanding had caused some issues. It was completely normal that there might be some hurt feelings over this. And that was nothing that Boss Mo would tell him so he really couldn’t have promised Mo Fang that everything would be well as soon as he went home. But to hear that it had apparently gone really well made him feel that he had worried about nothing. Once again.

Mo Fang nodded, slightly shifting closer to Li Ming and lowering his voice. “The talk we had was good. The food wasn’t though. The two of us ordered take-out because my mom wasn’t home. Honestly, it can’t compare to the food at your place at all. I’ve only been there for not even a day but I’ve actually missed it a little.”

Li Ming’s lips unwittingly curled up. Who wouldn’t like to get a compliment? Especially if it was about something you were passionate about? And it was even more so if the compliment was given by somebody you liked.

Before he could answer though, Mo Fang was already slightly retreating, embarrassedly brushing through his hair. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable with that. I know you said you need some more time to decide. I hope you didn’t feel like I crossed a line with that just now. I really just thought that your food is really good. I didn’t mean anything else with it.”

The two of them got slower and finally stopped when Mo Fang seemed to be too anxious to continue. Li Ming looked at him, actually feeling that Mo Fang looked really charming when being so flustered. It made him feel like pulling him into his arms and calming him down.

Well, naturally, he couldn’t do that. After all, they hadn’t even talked about becoming a couple yet. While it was about to happen, it hadn’t yet. He had to keep that in mind. Still, calming him down wasn’t a problem at all.

“I didn’t think there was anything more to it.” He hesitated for a moment but then stepped closer and reached out, taking Mo Fang’s hands. This much should be allowed, right? “Thank you for the compliment. And, actually, even if you meant something more with it, I wouldn’t mind.

“You know … I’ve been thinking a lot about this since yesterday. And I guess that even though I still can’t promise you that this will work out, I would be depriving both of us of something if I just shot this idea down because of the vague possibility that something might go wrong.

“So if you don’t mind, let’s just give it a try. Let’s see where it will lead. If it works out, then great. If not … then we’ll deal with that when it happens. Do you think you can live with that?”

Mo Fang stared at him, completely dumbfounded. He had been sure that he would be able to entice Li Ming sooner or later but he really wouldn’t have thought that he’d manage to do it this fast. That was … a really nice surprise.

He took a moment longer and then pulled his hands out of Li Ming’s, and threw his arms around his neck instead, giving him a deep kiss. “Oh, Bro Li, you have no idea how happy you just made me! I didn’t think it was even possible after you said yesterday that you needed time. I just thought you didn’t want to let me down so you didn’t say no but tried to decline politely.”

Li Ming looked at him in a bit of a daze, still able to feel the gentle touch of Mo Fang’s lips on his. He kept quiet for a moment and then leaned closer, giving him a peck. It took him another moment before he managed to pull out of his thoughts and give Mo Fang a smile as well. “I wouldn’t do something like this. Letting you down would have hurt but … lying to you would have given you false hope if I really couldn’t imagine being with you. Actually, I just wasn’t sure. I thought that there might be some feelings but I didn’t trust myself. That was all there was to it.

“I’m sorry for making you wait unnecessarily. To be honest, as soon as you were out of the door, I started regretting it and felt like I should call you back. I am …” He shook his head at himself, a little unable to believe that he was in this situation. “I’m annoyed at myself for taking so long to figure it out. From now on, I’ll try to be a little more decisive.”

He pulled Mo Fang up against his chest and interlaced his fingers behind his back, giving him a smile. Yes, from now on, he would make sure not to make the same mistakes again. Certainly, there would be a way to make things work out then.

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