SML C73 Just a Week or Two More

Mo Fang looked at Li Ming, unable to believe that he had just heard. Of course, he had wanted that Li Ming got over that Su Yan and started to consider him. He never would have thought that it would be so easy to actually make him do that though.

When he said those things yesterday, he just wanted to make sure that Li Ming didn’t give up on dating completely. Now, not only had he achieved his goal but he had even managed to make him realize that continuing to cling to that idea of Su Yan wasn’t worth it. This was simply hitting two birds with one stone!

He was incredibly lucky to be able to achieve this. Or, no, maybe it wasn’t that he was lucky, maybe it was that the two of them were actually a match made in heaven. There had to be something more at play here to make things work out like this.

Even though he was stunned, Mo Fang didn’t forget that his work wasn’t done by just doing this. Since Li Ming was telling him something this important, he had to keep at it.

He reached over and took Li Ming’s hands, giving him a bright smile. “Bro Li, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that. You know, when you told me these things yesterday, I was really worried about you. It’s good to hear that you’ve thought it through. And I’m happy that I was able to make a bit of an impact there.

“Maybe it’s because of what I’ve gone through just recently but … I just feel that nobody should be so unlucky in love. If it doesn’t work out with one person, then you should go on and find somebody else. Maybe one day, we’ll both be able to find the one that’s destined for us.”

Li Ming nodded, looking at Mo Fang’s hands that were wrapped around his. This kind of thing … He realized more and more how much he was craving it. Yes, spending two years on an unrequited crush, never daring to actually confess his feelings but still persisting … He hadn’t done himself a favor. It really was time to let go. “You’re right. So, really, thank you. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. I just hope that I’ll be able to help you through this situation with your ex just as well.”

Mo Fang smiled sweetly and nodded. “Don’t worry about that. To be honest, after talking things through with you these days, I also feel much better already. Sure, it still hurts but at least I feel like I have a perspective now. He might not be in my life anymore but I mean I have a job that I might be able to hold onto for a while so I don’t need to worry about money anymore, and thanks to you, I also have a place to stay for now. Even without a relationship, I feel like I’m not in that bad of a place.”

Li Ming nodded happily, glad that Mo Fang was able to see it this positively. “That’s true. We should try to see the good sides. Anyway, how is your leg?”

Mo Fang looked down and moved it for a bit, feeling that it really wasn’t as bad anymore. “I think it’s better now. How about we return to the apartment first? Maybe we could go more slowly to make sure that it doesn’t get worse again. Tomorrow, I’m definitely up for doing a real run though. I promise you won’t have to stop halfway again.”

Li Ming laughed and got up, holding out his hand to help Mo Fang to his feet. After having made sure that he was indeed able to both stand on his leg and even walk, he put down some of his worries.

The two of them went back to his apartment at a slow pace. Back there, the two of them took turns taking a shower and then ate together, before it was time to leave for their shift.

Before they left, Li Ming glanced at Mo Fang. “Say, since you’re going to live with me for a while, how about bringing some of your clothes from the station over to my apartment this evening? It’d probably be better than having to borrow clothes for me every day.”

Mo Fang raised a hand, cupping his cheek. “Are you teasing me? It really was a genuine mistake today. I just didn’t think of that when you asked me to come running with you. I’ll definitely prepare better in the future.”

Li Ming laughed. “I’m not complaining or anything. I really don’t mind if you borrow anything. I just thought it would probably be more comfortable to use your own things, wouldn’t it?”

Mo Fang smiled to himself. To be honest, he actually felt that it was quite good to use the things of his future boyfriend. It just went to show how close they already were. Unfortunately, he could hardly admit to that openly yet. Thus, he could only deflect. “Well, as I said, I’m not really particular about this kind of thing. But yes, using my own things would probably be better. Thankfully, everything is still at the station. I just need to pack things later on and then we can take it back home after the shift.”

“Let’s do that. I’ll bring a bag.”

Mo Fang nodded and waited for Li Ming to get one before the two of them really left the apartment and went to the station. On the way, Mo Fang was in an especially good mood. It seemed that everything was falling into place. Even though it hadn’t even been a full week, the two of them had gotten really close. With another week or two, he was pretty sure that he could change the label of their relationship. Ah, he could hardly wait for it!

Finally, the two of them reached the station. When going to the locker room, they happened upon Zhi Bao Yu.

She raised her brows at the two of them and motioned from one person to the other. “You were hanging all over each other when we went out the other day and now, you’re even arriving together at work? Is there something I should know?”

Mo Fang really wanted to look shy and let her misunderstand but since Li Ming was directly standing next to him, he didn’t have the guts. “Aiya, Sis Zhi, what are you saying again? Bro Li and I are just friends.” He couldn’t help but reach out and lightly touch his arm though. They were definitely just friends. Soon enough, they would just be boyfriends though.

Li Ming smiled wryly and shook his head. “Your imagination really is too rich, Sis Zhi. Anyway, the two of us have a shift now so we should better get going.” He didn’t even wait for her answer and just went inside.

Zhi Bao Yu pursed her lips and then took out her phone, writing a message. Anyway, it would be different if these two were together but since it seemed that they really didn’t have any interest in each other, she might as well help out another couple.

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