SML C69 Time to … Get It Up?

The two of them finally caught another few hours of sleep before Li Ming’s phone rang to wake them up at five in the morning.

Li Ming immediately opened his eyes and came face to face with Mo Fang who seemed to have rolled over once again in the last few hours. He smiled to himself and couldn’t help but look at him for a moment in the early sunlight that was falling in through the curtains.

Mo Fang really had the good looks to be a model, there was no doubt about that. Even now that he was asleep, that was more than obvious. Or maybe him being asleep actually added to his charm.

Adding Mo Fang’s personality onto this, Li Ming really wondered how anyone could have the heart to cheat on him. But maybe it was also these good looks that had made trouble for Mo Fang’s relationships. After all, not everyone was good at limiting their jealousy. Maybe that Lan Heng had seen too many people look at Mo Fang and thus hadn’t been able to hold back. It wasn’t an excuse for his cheap behavior but it was an explanation that he could somewhat understand. It probably wasn’t easy to be with somebody that would always be admired by others. A certain level of jealousy might be normal in that case.

Li Ming retracted his gaze and turned around, picking up his phone, and turning off the alarm. Surprisingly enough, Mo Fang hadn’t woken up yet even though it had been ringing for a moment.

Li Ming turned to glance at him again and couldn’t bring himself to shake him awake. He silently got up, picked out some clothes that he could wear for running, and then started to prep breakfast in the kitchen. Anyway, he could at least give him a few more minutes to sleep.

When he finished, he finally went over and found Mo Fang still peacefully asleep. He smiled to himself and then went over, lightly grabbing his shoulder and shaking him. “Mo Fang.” He waited for a moment and then shook him again, making Mo Fang slightly furrow his brows in his sleep.

Li Ming had a bit of a guilty conscience seeing him like this. Yesterday night, they had gone to sleep relatively late, and then Mo Fang had even woken up in the middle of the night because he had had a nightmare. He was probably really tired right now. Maybe it would be better to let him sleep a while longer and only go on a run together tomorrow? He could still go alone today.

He contemplated for a while but finally decided against it. Anyway, he had promised Mo Fang that he would take him along. If he didn’t do so, then maybe Mo Fang would feel like he actually didn’t want him there. That also wouldn’t be good.

Thus, he gently shook him again. “Mo Fang, it’s time to get up.”

Mo Fang moved in his sleep and smiled. “Get it up?” He mumbled to himself before moving again, slightly pushing down the blanket. “I’m sure you can.” His lips curled up even further, making Li Ming wonder just what he was dreaming about at this moment.

He sighed and then shook him again, hoping that things would turn out right this time. “Mo Fang, it’s already a little past five. We wanted to go on a run together, do you remember? It’s time to get up.”

Mo Fang slightly stirred, still the same smile on his lips. “Mn, get it up, yes.” While he was still mumbling incoherently, the constant shaking from his shoulder finally caused him to crack open his eyes. He looked at Li Ming, smiling happily at him. “Bro Li … you’re so handsome.” Saying so, he reached up and hugged his neck, hanging onto him.

Li Ming stared at him in a daze and finally gave a sheepish smile. “Uhm, thanks?” Most likely, Mo Fang was still half-asleep and didn’t even know what he was saying. Still, it was probably an honest compliment so he really couldn’t fault him for saying something like this.

Anyway, who wouldn’t like to get a compliment? Especially from an attractive person like this who was probably also working with a lot of other attractive people. If he was actually deemed handsome by this kind of person, he could probably safely say that he was.

Hearing that response finally pulled Mo Fang out of his reverie. His eyes widened immediately and he hurriedly took back his arms, jumping up into a sitting position. “Oh God! I …” His brain needed a moment to catch up with him and he gulped heavily. Had he just given himself away? Would Li Ming suspect anything now?

While Mo Fang was still struggling with what had happened, Li Ming just smiled at him. “It’s alright. I’ll take that as a compliment. Anyway, it’s already past five. I let you sleep in a little bit I think you’ll have to get up now if you really want to come running with me. If you don’t, that’s also alright. Just say so, then I will go alone and you can sleep in a little longer. I’ll finish breakfast when I come back and wake you up again then.”

Mo Fang needed another moment to realize what was going on and then hurriedly pushed back the blanket, stumbling out of the bed without even trying to look good for his crush. “No, no, no! I want to come with you. I’ll be ready in a minute!” With that, he already dashed past Li Ming and into the bathroom, hurriedly washing up a little. It was just that when he turned to go out, he suddenly realized that there was a bit of a problem.

Anyway, what was he supposed to wear?

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