SML C60 A Random Day Last Week

Originally, Mo Fang had intended to take his time to slowly seduce Li Ming. But now, being faced with such a delicious meal that was prepared in no time at all without him needing to lift a single finger, he just couldn’t bring himself to stick to that plan.

No, in this situation, it was all or nothing. If he hesitated for too long, then somebody else would snatch Li Ming away before he made any progress. If he wanted to prevent that, then he could only be more aggressive in the future. And right now was the best time to start.

Thinking things through in this manner, Mo Fang finally picked up the glass of wine next to him with an elegant movement and gave Li Ming a smile that was eight parts sweet and two parts seductive. This was definitely one of his killer moves. Thanks to being a model, if there was one thing that he knew, it was how he had to look to show off his best side. And this was something that was effective for quite a few men.

“Bro Li, since we are living together now, how about getting to know each other a bit better? You could tell me a little about yourself for example. What do you think?” His voice was velvety, suggesting that this was much less about two roommates getting to know each other and more like the talk you might have on a first or maybe second date.

Li Ming who had originally been focused on his food couldn’t help but look up and then stare in a daze. What he looked at wasn’t Mo Fang’s so-called killer smile though. Instead, he looked at the way he was holding the glass of wine.

Once again, he just couldn’t help but notice that Mo Fang had a really beautiful pair of hands. He had the kind of long, slim fingers that would look good regardless of what they did. He could very well imagine him painting or maybe playing an instrument. It would probably exude an aura of elegance, able to calm the mind, and bewitch everyone around them. Well, there just were people like that: Regardless of what they did, it just looked good.

Mo Fang gave Li Ming a deep look when he noticed that he was staring at him. Seriously, he had known that his smile was effective but he never would have thought that it would be this effective. Simply delightful!

His lips curved up a little further and he lowered his head, pretending to be shy while he actually enjoyed himself very much. “Bro Li, you’re making me self-conscious. Did I get food on my face?”

Li Ming was pulled out of his thoughts and felt startled immediately. Had he really just stared at Mo Fang’s hands for so long that it was noticeable? What was going on with him? He hurriedly shook his head and then cleared his throat in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I think I was just lost in thought and stared randomly.”

Mo Fang glanced at him, feeling like he should pout a bit. If you were looking, just admit that you were looking. What was so hard about that? Anyway, he’d take it as a compliment. “Well, if it’s like that …” He tilted his head to the side and rubbed his neck, not noticing how he was once again attracting Li Ming’s gaze. Ah, having a beautiful face sure was a big advantage when it came to seducing somebody!

“Anyway, what about what I said just now? Don’t you feel like it’s a good idea?”

Li Ming nodded slowly but he wasn’t quite sure what he should tell Mo Fang. “Is there something you would like to know?”

Mo Fang shook his head though. “Nothing in particular. You could tell me anything. Something you like, something you dislike, about your friends, family, what you did last Wednesday, … you decide.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but smile at that. “Last Wednesday?” He tried to think back but remembering what happened on a random day a week ago surprisingly wasn’t that easy. Other than going to work, just what had he done? Thinking back for a while, he could only come up with one thing; “Well, I’m not sure what else I did but I can at least tell you that I made dressed crab for dinner.”

Mo Fang stared at him with his mouth slightly hanging open.

Seeing his expression, Li Ming laughed. After a moment, he hurriedly masked it with a cough but it was definitely too late. He pressed his lips together and forced himself to get serious again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to laugh at you. It’s just … your expression just now …” He shook his head, not knowing how to apologize. Ah, this was the first day of them living together and he was probably already making Mo Fang feel unwelcome. He really wasn’t a good host.

Mo Fang shook his head, still in a daze. Honestly, if this had been any of his previous boyfriends, he might’ve been slightly angry. But with Li Ming … He didn’t know why but he just couldn’t bring himself to work up any anger. Maybe it was the fact that Li Ming was just even more handsome when he laughed. It really was a look that suited him. He’d like to see him laugh more often. He actually had a pair of really cute dimples and the lines around his eyes were surprisingly sexy.

Mo Fang raised the glass of wine and took a sip, wondering just how long it could take until he would be able to say that that handsome guy was his own boyfriend. He just couldn’t wait for it. Anyway … “You must really love cooking, Bro Li, if that is the one thing you remember about a random day last week.”

Li Ming looked look down and gave an embarrassed nod. “I guess so. Yeah.” He glanced at Mo Fang who thankfully didn’t look angry. Ah, Mo Fang really had such a good temper! It made him feel even more ashamed of himself. In the future, he definitely had to be nicer to him.

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