SML C59 Such a Treat!

When the credits finally rolled down a little later, Li Ming almost wanted to heave a sigh of relief. He turned to glance at Mo Fang next to him only to see that he didn’t seem too unhappy. It seemed that despite the difficult start, his original like for the movie had gotten them through. Well, that was definitely a good thing. He had feared that he would take it much worse.

Feeling reassured, Li Ming stretched and then turned to Mo Fang directly. “That was nice. We should definitely do something like this more often in the future.” He gave a smile, hoping that Mo Fang would indeed feel welcome in this place.

Needless to say, Mo Fang naturally did. In his mind, this was his own future apartment. After all, when they were finally a couple, they would share everything so this would also be his home. Why should he hold back now? It was much better to get used to it earlier. Thus, he had no trouble at all to reciprocate Li Ming’s smile. “Yes, that would be great! Ah, living with somebody else really is much nicer. I’m so glad that you let me stay.” He reached out and gently grabbed Li Ming’s arm. “You do have to tell me if I get too much though, alright? I really wouldn’t want to bother you.”

“You definitely won’t.”

Mo Fang gave a hearty laugh and leaned a little closer. “You’re too nice. Of course, I’m not bothering you yet. I’ve only just moved in. Actually, I haven’t even brought anything over. Just wait a few more days and then we can talk about it again. Who knows what you’ll discover about me that you won’t like? I don’t want to see that you throw me out in a bit again and won’t want to talk to me anymore. So let’s try to get along in the long-term, alright?”

“Of course.” Li Ming gave a smile, not really taking it seriously. He really wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t get along with Mo Fang. In his opinion, Mo Fang was somebody who was very conscientious about other people’s feelings. Naturally, there wouldn’t be much of a problem living together. He was pretty sure that if something really came up where they didn’t agree, Mo Fang would immediately give in and agree with whatever he said. He just seemed to be that type of person.

Mo Fang gave Li Ming a deep look and smiled to himself. Finally, he got up and stretched, showing off his lean waist. “Well, it’s pretty late already.”

Li Ming was startled out of his thoughts and looked out of the window, noticing that it had already gotten dark. They hadn’t worked the first shift this day so they had come home pretty late anyway. Now, after watching a movie, it was even later. “Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot about the time. How about I make us something to eat and then we can go to sleep?”

Mo Fang beamed at him and then bent down to take his arm. “Ah, Bro Li, you’re spoiling me. Are you going to always cook for me in the future?”

Li Ming laughed and got up from the couch as well, turning off the TV while giving a nod. “Well, since I like to cook and you don’t, I feel like that is the best way to go about it, isn’t it? Anyway, I think it works out quite well.”

The two of them went into the kitchen. Mo Fang directly sat down at the table, feeling that he at least wouldn’t be standing in Li Ming’s way like this while Li Ming went over to take the ingredients out of the fridge.

“If there’s something that you don’t like, just tell me.”

Mo Fang just waved, not being particularly bothered about it. Anyway, he wasn’t a picky eater and he had seen what Li Ming bought earlier. None of that seemed to be a problem.

Seeing his laissez-faire attitude, Li Ming also didn’t think about it any longer and just went on to prepare the meal. “It’s a flounder fillet with a lemon-wine sauce.”

Mo Fang rested one cheek in his hand and watched Li Ming roll up his sleeves. Ah, he was a dream of a man. Just look at those arms! Not that he had ever doubted it but looking at them up close, he really couldn’t help but notice again how muscular Li Ming actually was.

This was definitely the type of thing he enjoyed. In fact, he couldn’t remember ever having a boyfriend that didn’t have at least some muscles. Ah, just looking at those well-defined lines …

Li Ming didn’t think anything about that gaze and just busied himself with the food. The recipe was a fairly simple one. Seeing how they didn’t have much time today, he was happy that he had decided on buying the fish and wine today. Otherwise, things might have been a bit more difficult to do in a short time.

After barely fifteen minutes, he already placed the plate down in front of Mo Fang, filled his glass, and then sat down opposite him. “Enjoy! I hope you don’t mind that it’s just one dish”

“Mn, not at all.” Mo Fang looked at the plate, the glass of wine, and then at Li Ming and his lips curved up in a sweet smile. A good-looking man, great food, and some alcohol, that did sound like the perfect way to end the day. “Thank you so much, Bro Li. Enjoy your meal as well.” He picked up the cutlery and started to eat. After just one bite, he paused and closed his eyes. Oh god! He really needed Li Ming to become his boyfriend. He definitely couldn’t miss out on such a treat!

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