SML C58 A Serious Defect

Turning the movie back on, the two of them continued to watch. Neither of them was really there with their thoughts though.

Mo Fang glanced over at Li Ming every now and then, trying to see if he had any reaction to what was being shown on screen so that he could try and take advantage of it. Unfortunately, there was nothing of the like. Li Ming was merely watching, his posture relaxed, and not the slightest indication of being turned on at all. It was as if Li Ming wasn’t watching the same movie he was! Really maddening!

Mo Fang bit the corner of his lip, unable to believe just what was happening. While the plot of the movie might not be too deep or innovative, it was still a masterpiece just judging by the visuals. He had never watched this movie with anyone without starting to make out halfway through!

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the special situation they were in, things might have been different this time around as well. But, unfortunately for Mo Fang, Li Ming’s thoughts were partly occupied by the fact that this movie had a special meaning to the person next to him. Thus, his thoughts were more on that than the story. Needless to say, he wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Truth be told, if he had felt that he was turned on, he probably would have been ashamed of himself and tried everything to think of something different. After all, Mo Fang was already hurt enough as it was. How could he add to his worries?

Thus, these two people with their completely opposite goals sat next to each other and both stared at the TV without registering much of what was going on.

Mo Fang stared at the appealing men on the screen helplessly, wondering if this originally good opportunity would really go to waste. He just couldn’t understand this guy! Why was Li Ming not giving the slightest indication that he liked what he saw?!

Stewing on that question for a while, Mo Fang finally glanced over, wondering about a horrifying possibility. It couldn’t be that … Li Ming wasn’t able to get it up?

He glanced at his face but there was no clue to be had. It seemed that if he wanted to know, he would have to be a bit more adventurous.

Thinking of that, Mo Fang turned back to the screen and waited for the moment when the two guys from the bakery finally hooked up with each other for the first time. Seeing that this was still a cheating scene even though at least one of them had already broken up with his significant other and the other was in the process of doing so, he could use the opportunity to pretend to be sad.

Cozying up against Li Ming’s side, Mo Fang rested his head on his shoulder, staring at the screen blankly. Whether it was his face or his posture, they both screamed ‘I’m thinking of my scumbag ex-boyfriend who did this very same thing to me! I’m really lost on how to deal with this.’

Needless to say, Li Ming was immediately flustered. So this movie was really hitting way too close to home for Mo Fang. He should’ve expected that! Feeling that he somehow had to comfort him, he reached out and put an arm around his shoulders, letting him feel that he at least wasn’t alone even if he wasn’t with the man he loved anymore.

Mo Fang smiled happily and then reached out, hugging Li Ming back. Right now, he could take a bit of advantage of the situation and then … He glanced down … only to find out that there was still no reaction. Ugh! Was it that Li Ming really was impotent or was it that he just said no sex appeal?!

Mo Fang was fuming inwardly but he still stayed snuggled up to Li Ming. Anyway, he didn’t believe that he was actually lacking something. If anything, this wasn’t enough to showcase his sexy side. But he could still work on that later. In fact, he could probably think of two or three plans on how to make sure that Li Ming really wouldn’t be able to extricate himself anymore on the spot.

As for if it was indeed the former … Well, if it was that, then he might have to rethink this whole operation. Li Ming was definitely a great guy. Whether it was his looks or the way he behaved, everything was first-class, his absolute dream guy.

For that kind of man, he would be willing to do quite a few things. But … there were a couple of things that even for such a great guy, he wouldn’t be willing to miss out on. And sex was one of these things. Having a gorgeous boyfriend but not being able to do anything with him … That would be such a waste!

But, anyway, he really couldn’t believe that it was that. Who knew what the problem was right now? Maybe Li Ming was just one of these people that needed a bit more stimulation before things would get obvious. Or maybe he was actually chanting mantras in his mind to make sure that nothing would happen while they were this close. Li Ming was definitely the type of guy who would do something like that if he was afraid that he would hurt any feelings. Yes, that was much more likely than his dream guy having such a serious defect.

Realizing that, Mo Fang’s mood instantly got better and he just continued to watch the movie, his thoughts straying to the person next to him every now and then. Ah, soon enough, what was happening on screen right now would be done by the two of them. He could hardly wait for it!

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