SML C40 Any Way You Want

A few of the others had left halfway through but the rest of them had still happily played, getting less and less sober the longer the game went. Now, Zhi Bao Yu was hanging onto two of her girlfriends, stumbling toward the door while singing together. Cang Gui Ying was clinging to Rui Lan’s arm, scolding him for every past misdeed that he had ever committed while Rui Lan himself just weakly nodded.

As for Li Ming and Mo Fang … Well, it wasn’t that easy. Mo Fang obviously had had way too much to drink. Even getting up from the chair seemed like a major problem. It certainly didn’t help that he held Li Ming’s neck and refused to let go.

Li Ming who was still more or less sober and could at most be called a little tipsy closed his eyes and wondered what he should do. “Mo Fang …”

“Whatever you want, Bro Li.” Mo Fang tightened his grasp around his neck and snuggled up closer, obviously not feeling like letting go anytime soon.

Li Ming sighed and then waved at Yao Chen who was still at the bar but seemed to be preparing for closing up.

Yao Cheng looked over, giving the two of them an amused look. “That brother over there, I’m very sorry but I’m insanely busy with wrapping things up here. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

Li Ming’s brows twitched. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a problem to come over and lend him a helping hand for a minute. It especially shouldn’t be one since this guy even knew Mo Fang. Still, he couldn’t expect too much. “Can you please call a taxi? He is drunk. I don’t think it would be a good idea to let him go by public transport.”

Yao Chen raised his brows but then nodded, turning to a phone that was standing to the side and giving one of the companies a call. Turning back to Li Ming and Mo Fang, he nodded. “They’ll be here in a few minutes. Can you get him to the door on your own?”

Li Ming looked at Mo Fang, not quite sure if he could. “I’ll try.” He turned to Mo Fang, and lightly patted his back. “Alright, Mo Fang, it’s time for us to go. Just slowly try to get up, alright?”

Mo Fang just continued to hold onto him tightly. “I definitely won’t let go, Bro Li. Don’t worry about me!”

Li Ming’s brows twitched but he still continued to pull Mo Fang up. Holding him up by putting his whole weight on to his own body, he finally managed to support him into an upright position and then dragged him toward the bar. “Do me a favor and lean against this for a moment, alright?”

Mo Fang didn’t seem to think very fondly of the bar. He gave the counter a dismissive look and then clung to Li Ming again.

Li Ming could only sigh and then turned to Yao Chen. “How much does he owe?”

Yao Chen raised his brows and then waved at one of the waiters that had been serving the table. “How much is Xiao Fang’s bill?”

The waiter silently handed it over to Yao Chen who raised his brows before giving in to Li Ming. “That sure is an investment in your future.”

Li Ming stared at the number, feeling that he really should have stopped the others when they decided to play a game. Hadn’t he told them not to drink so much? While they hadn’t in the beginning, things had started to stack up when they started to play. By now, this really was much more than one person should need to pay for an evening out.

With a grave expression, he paid the bill and then gave a strained smile. “Could you help me get him to the door then?”

Yao Chen left the bar to a waiter and then came around, trying to take half of Mo Fang’s weight off Li Ming.

The person in question wasn’t happy though. He gave Yao Chen a disgusted look and even tried to slap him away when you wouldn’t leave. “What are you trying to do?! Can’t you see I’m with my boyfriend? Leave me alone!”

Yao Chen raised his brows and reached out again only to have his hand slapped away once more. “Well, looks like I can’t help you much.”

Li Ming sighed, grabbed Mo Fang around the waist, and then pulled him toward the door.

Yao Chen laughed and pulled out his phone, sending Si Tao a message again. He even snapped an image of the sorry figure those two made. Ah, he had really seen something fun today! Well, good for Mo Fang to finally be rid of that asshole and get himself a nice new boyfriend. He really could’ve gotten it worse.

Outside of the restaurant, Li Ming continued to hold onto Mo Fang while waiting for the taxi. Thankfully, it really didn’t take long for it to arrive.

The driver came out and opened the door for them before he went back to the driver’s seat and watched Li Ming as he helped Mo Fang inside.

Li Ming turned around to him, opening his mouth to tell him to bring Mo Fang back home when he suddenly blinked. Right, where did Boss Mo live?

He turned back to Mo Fang, cupped his cheeks, and turned his head up. “What’s your address?”

Mo Fang gave him a sweet smile and reached out again, once more hugging his neck. “Bro Li, you actually want to come home with me? That’s so sweet of you! I knew you were a good guy.”

Mo Fang sighed and patted his cheek. “Yeah, I am. So I’m sending you home. You’re drunk. So what is your address?”

Mo Fang continued to give him a silly smile. “My address … Well, you’ll see when we get there, won’t you? No reason to talk so much before that.” He tugged at his shirt, trying to make him come closer.

Li Ming sighed and then reached down, trying to see if Mo Fang had his identity card with him.

Mo Fang gave a hum, and pulled at his shirt once more, this time with some force. “Bro Li, I didn’t know you were this forthright. I don’t mind though. You can have me any way you want.”

Li Ming froze and then took a deep breath. He continued to look but, in the end, he just couldn’t find any documents on Mo Fang.

In the front, the driver was already getting impatient. “What is it? You don’t know where to go?”

Li Ming rubbed his forehead. “I’m really sorry. I just wanted to send my coworker home. I didn’t think he was so out of it that he wasn’t able to tell left from right anymore.”

The driver gave the two of them a look that made Li Ming more than just a little uncomfortable but he swallowed down any other words.

He took out his phone with an embarrassed expression. “Let me ask somebody else.” He pretended to write something and then put his phone away after a moment. “Alright, I’ve got it. I guess looking at how he’s doing, I’d better come along.”

The driver gave a nod and then turned back to the front. He gave the two of them another look through the mirror though, as if he wanted to make sure that they were behaving decently on the backseat.

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