SML C39 Not So Much Luck

She picked up the cup with the dice and rolled. Looking at the value of her roll, she almost wanted to laugh. Ah, this was going to be fun! “Quadruple threes!” She looked at the girl sitting next to her, waiting for her to pick up her own cup.

The girl pursed her lips and rolled. Glancing at her dice, she froze up for a moment. How come she didn’t have any matching numbers?!

Rui Lan who was sitting on the other side of the table next to Li Ming chuckled to himself. His ex had never had a poker face. It seemed she’d be getting into trouble today.

Cang Gui Ying gritted her teeth. “Double fours!”


Cang Gui Ying’s eyes widened and her head swiveled around. “Rui Lan, you asshole! What’s that supposed to mean?!”

Rui Lan just grinned. “Nothing, nothing. I’m just saying I don’t believe you really have those two fours. Come on! Show us!”

Cang Gui Ying tightened her lips but still lifted the cup. The others all couldn’t help but lean closer, looking at the dice below. One, two, three, four, six.

“Whoa. You’re really unlucky, Sis Cang!”

Rui Lan only laughed. “Well, bottom-up, I guess.”

Cang Gui Ying gave him a vicious look, picked up the glass, and took a shot. Hmph. She’d pay that bastard back later on!

The others laughed at the exchange before turning to the next person. Since they didn’t have enough dice for everybody, Bao Ming handed hers over, and they continued. By the time it was Mo Fang’s turn, he already needed to roll more than three sixes.

“Ah, I can’t believe this! How are you all so lucky?” He sulked but still picked up the cup and rolled. Glancing at the dice, he actually had quadruple fours. Normally, he would say that this was quite lucky already but … in this round, it was not even passable. Looking at Li Ming who would have to roll after him, he raised his cup and took a shot. There was no way to bluff his way through this anyway.

The others couldn’t help but voice their disappointment but Mo Fang just gave a smile and then handed his dice over to Li Ming.

“Looks like you’ll have to start a new round, Bro Li.”

Li Ming gave him a look, feeling a bit worried. While it had been quite some time since they came to the restaurant and Mo Fang seemed to have sobered up quite a bit, it still couldn’t be good if he drank a lot. He could only hope that he would have more luck in the next round.

With a faint smile of his own, he turned to the front again, shook the cup with the dice, and then rolled. He glanced at dice before looking up again. “Double three’s.”

With that, the others didn’t care any longer whether a new round had started or not. Anyway, two three’s weren’t too bad. This around might be fun as well.

Soon enough, Cang Gui Ying had to roll again. Looking at the dice, she put the cup down again. “Quadruple four.”

Zhi Bao Yu looked over and shook her head. “Never!”

Cang Gui Ying gave her a strange look while Rui Lan only laughed.

“Sis Zhi, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Zhi Bao Yu just shrugged her shoulders. “What? You had terrible luck last round. I don’t believe you’re going to have a roll like that in this one. Show the dice!”

Cang Gui Ying smiled and lifted the cup, revealing precisely those quadruple fours. “See that? I wasn’t bluffing! Seems like you’ll have to bottom-up now.”

Zhi Bao Yu just shrugged her shoulders again and then raised the glass. “Well. It wouldn’t be a drinking game if nobody was drinking.”

Once again, the dice were passed around. When Mo Fang took the cup from the security guard sitting next to him, and rolled, announcing double sixes, Zhi Bao Yu once again called out.

Mo Fang looked at her, wondering just what had given him away. After he had drunk the last time, he wouldn’t have thought that somebody would be able to tell his bluff. “What made you think so?”

Zhi Bao Yu once again shrugged her shoulders. “You’ve had terrible luck last round. I don’t believe you had better luck this time.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips and lifted the cup, exposing that he once again hadn’t been able to roll a higher value. He did have two threes and three fours but with the value already being at two fives, that wasn’t enough in this round.

Zhi Bao Yu laughed. “See? I wasn’t that wrong.”

Mo Fang sighed and picked up his glass, once again taking a shot.

Li Ming gave him another worried look but he also wouldn’t feel right if he told him to stop after just two rounds. After all, it was Mo Fang who had invited all of them. If he stopped the game after just having started, the others might complain. Then who knew how things would be at work from now on? He just didn’t want to risk that.

He took the cup, rolling without his thoughts really being there. He only glanced at the dice. “Triple sixes.” He already wanted to push the cup over to the next person when Zhi Bao Yu called out once more.


Li Ming looked at her strangely, wondering what the deal was this time. “I didn’t have bad luck last round.”

Zhi Bao Yu nodded. “Precisely! The first round ended just before you. You had too much luck last round. This time, you can’t be as lucky!

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh and then revealed that he did indeed have just as much luck.

Mo Fang leaned closer, admiring his roll for a moment. “Bro Li, next round, you definitely have to hold my hand. I need some of that luck of yours as well. Otherwise, I’ll end up dead drunk at the end of the night.”

Li Ming handed the cup over to the next person before turning to Mo Fang and lowering his voice. “If you don’t feel well, then just stop. The others have seen that you were a little drunk before. So it’s not a problem if you stop after a few rounds.”

Mo Fang nodded. “Of course. I’ll listen to you, Bro Li.”

Well, a few rounds later, it turned out that Mo Fang’s skill in listening wasn’t that advanced. In fact, it seemed that he had done everything but that. But it really was hard to blame him when looking at the other people that were staggering when trying to get up from their seats.

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