SML C36 Isn’t It Romantic?

Li Ming closed his eyes and barely held back a sigh. Of course, the person in the front was none other than Zhi Bao Yu and the two people behind her were friends of her that were just as gossipy as her. With that combination coming over first, he could imagine what kind of rumor might be flying around the railroad station starting tomorrow. It was a pity that there was nothing he could do about it.

Li Ming tried to get Mo Fang to let go of his arm but unfortunately, it wasn’t working. Now that he was drunk, Mo Fang seemed to be quite clingy. He just wouldn’t let go and instead latched onto him more tightly.

Now, Li Ming did indeed sigh. Anyway, it was too late.

Zhi Bao Yu’s voice already rang out from behind them. “Look at this! The two of you wouldn’t be going out now, would you?”

Mo Fang raised his head when he heard the familiar voice and gave Zhi Bao Yu a confused look.

Li Ming sighed again and then shook his head. “Of course not. We got here earlier and Mo Fang might’ve had a few drinks too much already. I’m sorry. I really should have kept him from doing so but we met an ex of his. I guess he was feeling a little under the weather.”

The barkeeper Yao Chen, looked from the three women that had come over to the person that was shamelessly putting the blame on his boss’s head. Well, most likely, it wouldn’t have been nice to out Mo Fang in front of his coworkers for just drinking too much without reason. So giving that kind of explanation might just reduce this to an amusing story. It was much better than whatever they would be able to make out of this otherwise. It seemed that this Li Ming was quite a good guy. If those two did start to go out in the future, he probably wouldn’t be the worst choice.

Zhi Bao Yu sat down next to Mo Fang, patting the seat on the other side for her girlfriends to sit down. “Is that so? Was it that Lan Heng or what he was called? I can’t believe he actually came to bother him here. Just imagine having the face!” She shook her head and gave Yao Chen a smile. “Hey there, how about telling me what you have to offer?”

Yao Chen gave her a professional smile and then motioned at the board behind him that very clearly displayed everything they had. “Just choose something.”

Zhi Bao Yu beamed and then looked over the board while continuing to talk with Li Ming. “Anyway, even though he cheated on him and all that, I do have to admit that it’s probably kind of flattering that his ex is so daring that he would do something like this. Maybe he actually regretted what he did after seeing that Mo Fang was serious about leaving him. Maybe they’ll actually get back together.”

Li Ming’s brows shot up and he looked at Mo Fang who still seemed a bit out of sorts. He really hoped that Zhi Bao Yu wasn’t right about that. Naturally, he didn’t have any close insight on how that Lan Heng normally behaved while they were in a relationship. But he did know that that guy had cheated on Mo Fang and he had also experienced how he got aggressive on their first meeting. That wasn’t the type of guy he would really trust around a friend.

He felt that regardless of what else that happened in the relationship and regardless of what Lan Heng did going forward, it was good that they had broken up. And it would be good if they stayed broken up.

In fact, this guy still turning up at the place of Mo Fang’s parents and trying to pressure him into getting back together was anything but romantic in his eyes. After treating them like that, he should take the break up at face value and step back. There was no need to make it even more difficult for the other person that he had already treated so badly before.

No, continuing to do so was just entitled and frankly a bit stalkerish. He really hoped that that Lan Heng would stop doing that soon enough. Otherwise, he would really be worried about Mo Fang in the future.

With Li Ming being caught in his own thoughts, he didn’t answer Zhi Bao Yu. Not quite surprisingly, she didn’t think that it might be because he didn’t agree with her and just thought that it might be because he hadn’t heard. Thus, she leaned forward on the counter and looked past Mo Fang at Li Ming. “Is it too loud in here? I said that I think it’s really romantic. Don’t you think so? I mean you’re gay. You should also feel like that about men, right? You’d probably be happy for Mo Fang if he was able to get back together with him.”

Just when Li Ming wanted to say that his sexuality had nothing to do with that and that he quite frankly disagreed with her on every single word she had just said, Mo Fang already lifted his head.

He turned to glare at Zhi Bao Yu and then tightly gripped Li Ming’s arm. “No! I won’t. The next time, I’ll only take a nice person like Bro Li.” He snuggled up to him and grinned when he said so.

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite sure what to say to that. While he did feel a bit flattered that Mo Fang considered him to be a good person and while he was also relieved that he did not consider getting back together with Lan Heng since he was still genuinely hurt and wouldn’t just easily let go of that, he also couldn’t help but remember Rui Lan’s words.

Maybe … he had really helped Mo Fang a bit too much in the past few days? Could it be that because of that, Mo Fang was developing some deeper feelings right now? Well, maybe he was also just reading a bit too much into the situation.

“You’re drunk.” He grabbed the glass of water on the counter and pushed it into Mo Fang’s hands. “Here, drink some water.” He turned back to the Yao Chen and gave an apologetic smile. “Say … Could we maybe get something to eat for him for now? It doesn’t have to be anything much, just some slices of bread would do. He probably didn’t eat anything before having all those drinks.”

Yao Chen nodded and waved at one of the waiters. “Actually, the five of you can also go over to the table. If there isn’t alcohol in front of him all the time, he probably won’t want to drink again. Actually, he really doesn’t handle it very well.”

Li Ming nodded. “Thank you very much. Then, I’ll bring him over.”

Yao Chen nodded and then had one of the waiters bring them over. Anyway, it was a bit sad that he wouldn’t be able to hear this conversation from up close so that he could tell Si Tao about all the spicy details but it probably really was for the best to get Mo Fang away from the bar.

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