SML C35 I’m Calling Dibs on You!

Li Ming waited for Mo Fang to put down the glass and move it toward Yao Chen to get another refill before he stealthily pushed it to the other side. “I don’t think you should do that. Anyway, if you want a child, that’s one thing. But you shouldn’t have one just to spite your father.”

“How is that spiting him? I’m trying to make up.”

“I don’t think he would be happy if you forced yourself to do something.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips and then leaned closer to Li Ming, giving him a long look. “What about your family? Haven’t they gotten over it?”

Li Ming smiled wryly and shook his head. “No. But most of my friends did, so … it’s alright.”

Mo Fang looked at him, his eyes seeming a bit teary. “You’re a liar. All men are liars.”

Li Ming reached out and patted his back. “Not all of them. You’ve had a lot of bad luck in the past. That’s no reason to lose hope though. I’m sure that one day, you’ll be able to find the right person. Somebody who will treat you right and even your father will be willing to accept. It might still take some time but I’m sure that it will happen.”

Mo Fang leaned even closer and then latched onto Li Ming’s arm, blinking his eyes. “I want somebody like you, Bro Li. You’re being so nice to me even though you aren’t my boyfriend yet. That’s really the type of guy that’s worth dating.”

Li Ming almost wanted to laugh. Not his boyfriend yet, ha? Well, it seemed that even though Mo Fang had made a few bad decisions in the past regarding the men he shared his life with, he at least knew what he wanted. That was already very good. And, well, after he was over Lan Heng, he might be able to search for that person. It was just that it wasn’t that easy. Not to mention finding that person, but just opening up when he came into his life might be a problem. After all, he could see from his own experience with Su Yan that it wasn’t so easy to let go of someone even if it was clearly a matter of the past.

Mo Fang continued to look at him and finally couldn’t help but inch even closer. “I heard that you were in love with a coworker before.”

Li Ming jolted and then looked at Mo Fang, feeling as if he needed a drink of his own right now. Who had told Mo Fang about that? Anyway, it really was something he didn’t want to discuss. Even less than the situation between him and his family.

Mo Fang didn’t seem like he wanted to accept no for an answer though. He shook Li Ming’s arm, his expression dissatisfied. “Why aren’t you answering? Is that supposed to be some kind of secret? Anyway, what’s so good about him? I’ve seen a picture of him. He isn’t that good-looking. You could do much better, Bro Li. You’re such a handsome guy. You only deserve the best.”

Li Ming raised his brows, completely without an idea of how to deal with this drunken tantrum.

Mo Fang didn’t require him to say anything anyway. He sighed and then reached up, brushing through the hair at the back of Li Ming’s head. “You’re so nice. You’re the nicest guy I’ve ever met.”

Li Ming gulped and then glanced at the barkeeper, hoping that he would somehow help him out. Unfortunately, Yao Chen pretended that he wasn’t able to hear them at all. He very conscientiously rubbed the already shimmering countertop clean and then went to rearrange some bottles.

Li Ming lightly furrowed his brows and then turned back to Mo Fang. “I think you’re getting a little tipsy.” In fact, ‘a little tipsy’ didn’t seem to be the right way to describe this. It seemed that Mo Fang wasn’t very good at handling alcohol.

Mo Fang didn’t seem to think that there was a problem with that. “That doesn’t matter. Since you’re here with me, nobody will take advantage of me. You wouldn’t either. You’re too nice for that. Actually, you could be a little bit less nice. People are just going to take advantage of you.”

He leaned down until this head came to lie on Li Ming’s shoulder, his lips curving up in a satisfied smile. “You know, if you ever get over that Su Yan, you should tell me. I’m calling dips on you.”

Li Ming looked up at the ceiling, wondering how he had gotten himself into this situation. He cleared his throat and then turned to the barkeeper once again. “Brother Yao, excuse me, but could you get Mo Fang a glass of water? I feel like he might need it.”

This time, Yao Chen did indeed turn back. He definitely wouldn’t interfere in their flirting or whatever it was that they were doing but if it was about business, then he wouldn’t risk their restaurant’s reputation. Thus, he nodded and put down a glass of water in front of Mo Fang. “Here you go.”

Mo Fang eyed the glass, picked it up, and then took a sip. As soon as the liquid ran down his throat, he grimaced though. “What kind of drink is this? I always thought that Si Tao’s restaurant was really good. Did you get an intern, Yao Chen? This tastes terrible.”

Yao Chen almost wanted to laugh out loud but he just shook his head and turned away. Anyway, that Li Ming guy could deal with this on his own.

Li Ming had no idea what to say. In the end, he just pushed the glass of water closer to Mo Fang again. “You do remember that our coworkers will be coming over later on, don’t you? You need to get your act back together until then. Otherwise, this will only bring trouble for you.” And in this case, probably for Boss Mo as well. After all, if his son got drunk like this in front of his coworkers, there would be a lot of gossip. That might not turn out too well.

Unfortunately for Li Ming, at that moment, the first people already turned up, rushing over to them with excited expressions.

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