LBM C12 Master, Tell Me about the Past! (1): What about my Senior Martial Brothers?

Author’s Note:

Ah, it’s been ages since I updated this one. Since it’s only an extra and the chapters are only losely connected, it’s the one I push onto the backburner the fastes to focus on other stuff. And there’s tons of stuff that has happened since the last chapter in January. Like, the edited version of OMF’s “Mortal Child” volume is out on Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks by now, I’ve gotten into officially translating some of my stories (only into German for now), with “Husband, Let’s Meet IRL” there’s even a new novel I’m working on, and there were several OMF specials for the anniversary celebration last month.
Unfortunately, all of this has taken an insane amount of preparation so I have hardly any time to work on these small episodes and even so they’re mostly feel-good slice of life that’s supposed to be fluffy, I still want to take the time to do them well.
Anyway, let’s finally start on chapter 12! I hope to be able to get them out over the next few days but can’t promise any schedule. It’s probably only going to be 4 parts anyway so it shouldn’t take long 😉


Elder Baili held his forehead, grumbling to himself. Just how had he picked up this kind of disciple? Was there anything this boy could do?! While he was hardworking, his comprehension ability was just too low!

Yun Bei Fen also gave his Master an aggrieved look. He wanted to understand how to use his spiritual energy, really! If he was able to do the same things as senior martial brother Mei, he would definitely be the happiest person alive. Unfortunately … he couldn’t. No matter how he tried, he just wasn’t able to do as his Master told him. It really was maddening!

When Elder Baili lowered his hand, he found his little disciple with puffed up cheeks, clearly upset at himself. He sighed and then crouched down, patting the child’s head. “Don’t worry. Even if you’re a bit slow, I’m sure you’ll be able to get it one day. Anyway, you can just continue to take in spiritual energy for now and raise your level. Maybe you’ll be able to understand the rest better when you’re a bit older.”

Yun Bei Fen wasn’t too sure about that. He looked at his Master worriedly and then reached out to tug at his sleeve. “Master … What about my senior martial brothers? Were they able to learn it as soon as you showed them?”

“Uh …” Baili Chao was thrown for a loop at that. Unfortunately … yes, they had been able to do that. But he could hardly say that when his little disciple was already down, could he?

He cleared his throat and then gave Yun Bei Fen a pacifying smile. “Well, it’s hard to compare that. You see, your senior martial brothers were already quite a bit older when I took them in as disciples. So they were in a different situation.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up when he heard something about his senior martial brothers that he didn’t know yet. “Really? Then how old were they? And how did you take them in? Has it been long since you took in third senior martial brother?”

Baili Chao’s brows twitched. This child! He wasn’t even giving him time to explain anything! How was he supposed to answer anything?

Yun Bei Fen wasn’t willing to wait for a single moment longer though. He excitedly tugged at the sleeve of his Master’s robe, his eyes still glittering. “Master! Can you tell me the story of how you took in third senior martial brother?”

The Elder sighed and patted his little disciple’s head. “Well, if that’s what Fen’er wants …”

The little bunny nodded excitedly, nestling down at his Master’s feet, obviously intent on listening to a very long story.

Elder Baili could only give a sigh and then start to remember how he had picked up his third disciple back then. Thinking about it now … he probably should have foreseen the problems he’d have with him when he became older.

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