LBM C11 A Row of Un-Encounters (4): Almost Un-Encountering Each Other

In the evening, his third senior martial brother rushed up to him and pulled him up against his chest.

“Little junior! Your third senior martial brother was very busy for you today. I found out that Mei Chao Bing is in closed-door cultivation right now but he’s scheduled to come out in a month! Aren’t you happy?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. He was indeed really happy. He had seen his senior martial brother Mei again today! Even though it had only been for a bit … But he had seen him!

Luo Lin was happy that he had managed to cheer up his little junior. He patted his head and then left him alone. Ah, he had promised Ah Jun to come back after he told Fen’er. He definitely couldn’t renege on his promise!

Just when Luo Lin left, Zhi Guan came over. He sat down next to Yun Bei Fen and looked at him seriously. “Little junior, your first senior martial brother went and crossed weapons with Ji Huang. That person is the senior martial brother of that Mei Chao Bing. That Ji Huang told me that Mei Chao Bing had been staying at home, training but he should emerge again soon. So don’t be unhappy any longer. You should also get back to training so your senior martial brother Mei can be proud of you. If you can’t cultivate, it’s also good to just learn how to use a sword. Even though I’m not in favor, you could also learn how to use a dagger like that Ji Huang. It’s better than nothing and you’re still small, so maybe a dagger is like a sword to you.” He pondered that for a moment longer before he patted his head again. “Anyway, be happy.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded again. “Very happy!”

“That’s good then.” Zhi Guan got up and left. Thankfully, he had known Ji Huang and could go to ask him. It was too sad to see his little junior so pitiful.

Just when he closed the door behind him, he saw Yan Hong Min in front of him. “What are you doing here?”

“I invented something to help the little bunny!” Yan Hong Min pulled out a gray ball, holding it up proudly.

“No need. You’d better go train.” Zhi Guan gave him a stern look but then just left.

Yan Hong Min harrumphed and still went inside. “Little bunny! Your most awesome senior martial brother invented something to make you happy again!”

Right as he had finished, Yun Bei Fen popped up in front of him. “Senior martial brother Mei invented something?”

Yan Hong Min’s lips twitched. “No, I did.”

The confused gaze he got in return didn’t help his self-esteem at all. He sighed, and just pulled out his invention. “Look at this! This will help you lure your senior martial brother Mei out of his house so you can see him. Just throw it into the window or something.”

Yun Bei Fen looked at his second senior martial brother’s invention with curiosity. It looked like a gray ball that he had sewn shut with very ugly stitches. He had no idea how this should help him lure out his senior martial brother Mei. Maybe he would wonder who had thrown such an ugly ball?

Even though he couldn’t understand how it was supposed to work, Yun Bei Fen was still happy to have something that would allow him to see Mei Chao Bing. There was just one problem.

He looked up at his second senior martial brother with a pitiful gaze. “Second senior martial brother, I can’t throw very well. Can you help me throw the ball?”

Yan Hong Min’s brows twitched. Ah, what kind of thing he was doing for this little junior of his! “Alright then. Do you want to try it right now?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded eagerly and took Yan Hong Min’s hand. The two of them went over to a house and Yun Bei Fen looked up expectantly.

Yan Hong Min tilted his head. “Are you sure that this is Mei Chao Bing’s house?”

“I saw him go in there!”

“Well, you should know better than me …” Yan Hong Min took his invention back, aimed, and then threw the ball into the window. He even stood there and observed how his smoke-bomb went off and filled the house. Mn, his invention —

Yan Hong Min’s eyes went wide when he saw the person that stumbled out. He wanted to run away but it was already too late.

Elder Feng pointed right at him. “You! Stand right there!”

Yan Hong Min stopped with tears streaming down his face. He didn’t even dare to look around for the little bunny that had vanished to Heaven-knew-where. Ah, please, turn him over to his own Master! Even if his Master could be scary when he was furious, he still wasn’t even a tenth as scary as Elder Feng with a normal mood, not to mention when he was on a rampage like right now.

Thus, Yun Bei Fen did not get to see his senior martial brother Mei that day, and Yan Hong Min was dragged in front of Elder Baili to get a scolding. In a way, both of them were happy though.

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