SML C32 What about You?

The two of them descended into an awkward silence as soon as Si Tao left. Li Ming didn’t quite know what to say to being mistaken as Mo Fang’s boyfriend while Mo Fang couldn’t help but regret coming here.

He had hoped that Si Tao would be so nice as to take a few percentages off the tab for him but he hadn’t expected that he would come by and introduce himself like this. Now, wouldn’t Li Ming wonder how there was yet another ex-boyfriend? As far as he had heard from Zhi Bao Yu, that Su Yan hadn’t had any boyfriend before his current one. Who could say if that was part of his charm?

Ah, but then again, Li Ming didn’t know which boyfriend he had talked about before. So, he only knew of two. That shouldn’t be too much, right?

He gave an embarrassed laugh and turned to Li Ming, hoping that he seemed apologetic enough. “I’m sorry. Si Tao has always been like this. He just can’t imagine how uncomfortable he makes people.”

Li Ming also gave a short laugh, happy that Mo Fang was at least trying to dissolve the awkwardness a bit. “It’s alright. I guess it’s good to see that your other ex is nicer than the one I saw the other day. That’s reassuring, actually.”

Mo Fang raised his brows in surprise. He really wouldn’t have thought that Li Ming would take it so well. Or could it be that he was just pretending to take it well? He wouldn’t say this just to be nice, right? This didn’t have anything to do with being out of the possible pool of boyfriends, right? Unfortunately, he couldn’t ask him directly.

He turned back to the counter, nervously fingering the glass that Yao Chen had put in front of him and taking a few sips again. This really wasn’t how he had imagined this conversation to go. He had to come up with something or this would really turn awkward. He took another big gulp as if he could just swallow down his nervousness with it and then leaned forward, twisting his head to the side and giving Li Ming a bright smile. “So … before the others get here, if there something I should know?”

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite understanding what he meant. “Such as …?”

“Such as … are some of our coworkers going out with each other or having some past history? Or maybe there are some other stories you’d be telling the new guy? You know, I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth.” He laughed and picked up his glass again, trying to seem casual.

Li Ming laughed as well. “I don’t think there’s anything like that. It could be that Rui Lan was shortly going out with one of the girls from the service counter but that’s it. At the very least, I don’t know of anything else.”

“Boring.” Mo Fang blinked his eyes, making Li Ming stare in a daze.

He couldn’t help but once again think that it really was no wonder that he was working as a model. He definitely had the looks.

Mo Fang’s smile turned a little sweeter when he saw how Li Ming looked at him. He had seen that kind of look often enough in the past to understand it at a glance. Obviously, somebody was starting to admire him. Even if it wasn’t for his stellar personality, his personal charm, or even his great humor, it was at least for his good looks. And judging from everything he knew, that was the most important in getting together. As for staying together, the other things might play a big part as well but he didn’t have to worry about that yet.

Since there was finally some progress, Mo Fang would naturally take advantage. “So, if you can’t tell me anything about the others, what about you?” He motioned at Yao Chen to fill his glass again, making sure that he would have something to hide his reaction with.

Li Ming raised his brows. “Me?”

“Mn.” Mo Fang nodded. “Of course. I mean we’ve only known each other for a few days but I feel like you already know quite a bit about me. And since the others aren’t here yet, don’t you think you should tell me a bit more about yourself? How long have you been working at the railroad station, for example?”

Li Ming had to look away, his heart somehow beating faster. “That … just a few years.”

“Really? Then did you do something else before that? You should already be in your mid-twenties, right?”

Li Ming nodded, and then picked up his glass, taking a big gulp. “No, it was the first job I good. Well, at the very least, the first longer one. I did a few short ones before that to gain a bit of experience. But it was always just a few weeks or maybe a few months at most. So I guess you can’t really count that as working somewhere.”

“And … How is it? Do you like it there?”

Li Ming glanced at him and gave him a small smile. “If I said no, wouldn’t that be picking up a stone just to drop it on my own feet? What if you mention it to your father?”

Mo Fang laughed and reached over, touching his shoulder for a moment. “You don’t have to worry about that! I wouldn’t say anything bad about you to my father. Anyway, you’ve helped me so much. Naturally, I wouldn’t requite that with harming you. And I guess you don’t actually not like it there, right?”

Li Ming nodded. “No, it’s alright. I guess it’s not quite that exciting but I’m happy. The others are nice and I get to meet a lot of people. There’s also always something to do so that’s good. I guess I wouldn’t want to just stand in the same place every day and watch people go into a building or something. I guess this is the best place I could be.”

“That’s great. I hope I’ll be doing there just as well as you are.” Mo Fang picked up his glass again, taking another few sips of the sweet cocktail. He couldn’t help but feel happy. This wasn’t much yet but it was a beginning. There probably was still half an hour until the others were here. He could ask Li Ming a lot of questions in that time. And he would definitely make use of every single minute he had.

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