SML C25 He Couldn’t Say That to His Face

Li Ming’s expression turned worse when he heard that. Yes, if somebody couldn’t accept a no, that really was difficult for the other person. In the end, they might only be able to run away to get rid of this. That was a sad truth.

“If you went home … Was your father not there?”

Mo Fang sighed. Li Ming was really a little too intelligent. Couldn’t he have not figured this out? Anyway, it wasn’t too late yet. “He was. He also told him off. But I really doubt that he will care about that a lot. Lan Heng is that type of person who doesn’t give a damn about others. If he wants something, he wants it. He won’t care if he inconveniences anybody else with that. You’ve seen it the other day.”

Li Ming nodded slowly, not doubting Mo Fang’s words at all. “Well, I guess it is really difficult then. You should try to find a way to make him give up. Do you have any idea how to do that? I mean you know him best.”

“I guess if I was in another relationship, he might give up if he felt he couldn’t win against the other man but …” He gave Li Ming a look, leaving the rest of the sentence unsaid.

Li Ming sighed. “I guess that’s not an option then. You are still heartbroken over him. How could you have the heart to get together with somebody else?”

Mo Fang nodded like the good boy he definitely wasn’t. “Right. How could I do that? Even if there was somebody I could imagine being with, I feel it wouldn’t be fair to get together this soon. Wouldn’t the other man feel like I was only using him then?”

Li Ming looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. Mo Fang really was optimistic if he thought that he would be able to find somebody he could fall in love with this fast. Hadn’t he only broken up with his boyfriend this week? That was definitely way too soon.

“Well, if that isn’t an option, then I guess the only thing you can do is to try to not meet him. If he turns up on your doorstep, you could just not open, couldn’t you?”

Mo Fang nodded as if he thought this was a really good idea. “Yes, I should probably do that. It’s not something I can do easily but I think that’s better for both of us if I don’t indulge his behavior any further. We’ve already broken up. There’s no reason to make this more difficult for either him or me.”

Li Ming nodded and gave a smile. “That does sound like a good idea. Well, I guess the two of us should go to our shift then.” He got up from the bench and looked at Mo Fang, waiting for him to follow.

Mo Fang also leaped to his feet and gave him a bright smile. Even though they hadn’t gotten as far yet as he wanted them to, this was already better than nothing. At the very least, Li Ming didn’t seem as distant anymore. With a bit of time, his wishes might just come true.

He almost wanted to follow him out of the room when his gaze fell upon the suitcase in the corner. His eyes widened slightly and he had trouble to suppress a smile on his lips. “Ah, Bro Li, wait a moment for me.”

Li Ming who had already started to walk to the door stopped and raised his brows. “Is something the matter?” He glanced at Mo Fang who was already wearing his uniform for the shift and couldn’t help but wonder what was up.

Mo Fang gave what could be seen as an embarrassed smile and motioned at the suitcase. “I couldn’t fit all my clothes in my locker so I have to plan a bit ahead. I almost forgot so I think I should do it now before going to the shift. Otherwise, I might have forgotten by the time I come back.” He went to open up the suitcase and pulled out an outfit at random, before turning to the locker and taking out something else before exchanging it.

Li Ming’s brows raised even higher. “You …” He looked from Mo Fang to the locker that was full of clothes to the suitcase that looked just the same before turning back. Was he interpreting this right? All the clothes that Mo Fang had gotten out from his ex-boyfriend’s apartment were currently spread between the suitcase and this locker? This was the way that Mo Fang currently lived?

He couldn’t help but look back and take a closer look. Those clothes were slightly crumbled from the way they had been stuffed into the locker until there was no space left at all. “Are those all your clothes? Didn’t you take anything home?”

Mo Fang looked away, rubbing his neck. “Well … I did say the other day I was too embarrassed to bring them home. And now, my father actually had a dispute with Lan Heng so I feel even worse about it. I just didn’t know where else to bring them. I thought they would all fit in the locker but it doesn’t seem that way.” He sighed, closing up the suitcase and rolling it back into the corner. “I actually feel a bit sorry about this as well. The locker room is for everyone. I shouldn’t be keeping my personal stuff here. But I just can’t bring myself to bring it back.”

Li Ming rubbed his forehead, not quite sure what to say about that. “Then how about you just bring it home when your father isn’t there?” There was no way that Boss Mo would always be at home when Mo Fang got there. After all, he was their boss. He probably spent more time at the railroad station than any of them did.

Mo Fang pursed his lips. Really too intelligent! Couldn’t this guy just believe him when he said it was too embarrassing? Why did he have to ask so much? But, well, the nice thing about Li Ming was that he was nice. He probably shouldn’t complain just because it was inconvenient this time around

“Well … I guess I could do that. Maybe it’s not that there’s no way to do it. Maybe I just don’t want to admit to myself that it’s over. And, well, I’m already in my mid-twenties. I really shouldn’t have to move back in with my parents after living with my boyfriend, should I?”

Li Ming sighed, feeling a bit torn. He could understand where Mo Fang was coming from but this really looked a little too inconvenient. “Then what do you want to do? Get an apartment of your own?”

Mo Fang leaned back against the lockers and looked at Li Ming. As for what he wanted to do … Naturally, he wanted to move in with this guy! Unfortunately, he really couldn’t say that to his face.

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