SML C19 A Frail Beauty

Back inside the house, Mister Mo peeked around the corner. So these two hadn’t gotten back together? Had he understood that right? That was great! It seemed he had been chastising his son for nothing. Mo Fang had actually done the sensible thing this time around and really broken up with Lan Heng. It seemed that his ex-boyfriend was the problem in this situation. He just wouldn’t stop harassing his poor son.

Mister Mo cleared his throat when his son walked past him to go to his own room, making Mo Fang look over.


Mister Mo gave an ingratiating smile to get back on his son’s good side. “Xiao Fang, don’t be like this. Your father was just worried about you. Seeing that you really learned from your past mistakes, I’m truly happy. If that Lan Heng doesn’t leave you alone, you just have to tell me. Your father will tell him off for you!”

Mo Fang scoffed, raised his chin and went away. His father shouldn’t pretend. He might be able to give Lan Heng a stern talking to but that would be all. After knowing that guy for several months, Mo Fang could say with almost certainty that that wouldn’t change anything. Lan Heng had never been a guy to care about such things. Even if his father tried to tell him off, Lan Heng would just continue. He didn’t give a flying fuck about things like respect.

Even though Mo Fang thought like that, his father’s comment made him think. His father was offering this because he felt that if he didn’t, Lan Heng would be appearing in front of him over and over again, asking him to get back together, apologizing and telling him that things would be better going forward. And then, after some time of that, he would give in and really become his boyfriend again. In other words, his father really thought that he could be bullied into something like this.

Mo Fang naturally thought that this was bullshit. He knew his own worth. He was such a handsome, charming, young man that lots of guys would want to take out on a date. He could have ten of them line up in front of him right now and pick the best one and nobody would be able to say anything against it.

It was just that he was too great. So naturally, he wouldn’t be able to stand it if he had to be with a guy like Lan Heng. Granted, he was good-looking and he earned a decent amount of money and he was also really good in bed but on the downside, he was still a cheater.

An excellent person such as himself would never allow his boyfriend to have somebody else at his side. A person that felt he needed to have somebody else in his life while he was there clearly wasn’t able to appreciate how great he was. Why should he be with such a person? No, he wouldn’t let that happen.

But … Just because he thought like that, it didn’t mean that others wouldn’t. Obviously, his father was perfectly able to think like that. And if his father could, then others could as well. For example … Li Ming.

Mo Fang closed the door to his room with a smile. It was only natural that people would always be more interested in something if it was highly sought after. The less there was of something and the more people wanted it, the more those people would want it.

So why shouldn’t he let Li Ming know that Lan Heng was still interested in him? Even though he hadn’t any interest in getting back together with them, it might make Li Ming realize his feelings for him faster and make the next move.

And even if this didn’t work out, he might at least be able to rouse Li Ming’s protective instinct. After all, how could a good guy like him stand to watch when a frail beauty like him was harassed?

He had already broken up with Lan Heng but the person just didn’t leave him alone. Wasn’t that tragic? Of course, he would need a strong man at his side to save him from that bastard. Who would be a better option for that than Li Ming?

And obviously, crying had worked on him quite well the last time. It might work again this time. He just had to make sure that everything happened with the right timing. That would be difficult to facilitate but he was sure that he’d be able to figure something out.

Mo Fang went to sit down on his bed and tried to imagine that scene. It could work if Lan Heng came to the railroad station when both he and Li Ming were working. Or it could be at the time when he took his coworkers out. Since Li Ming would be there then, he would naturally witness how horrible Lan Heng was and feel compelled to step up to save him. Then he would be able to show some more gratitude to Li Ming as well.

This was basically a win-win situation. In fact, the second option was even better since Lan Heng wouldn’t immediately know that Li Ming was one of his coworkers. If he found out, wouldn’t he start to lose interest in him again and not bother anymore? After all, a coworker was something different than a person from outside. He might actually feel that he wanted to set him up or something.

He definitely couldn’t let that happen! No, Lan Heng had cheated on him, the least he could do was to help him secure his next boyfriend.

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