SML C18 An Utter Humiliation

Mister Mo furrowed his brows tightly and glared at the person on his doorstep. “You’re not welcome here.” Even if his son hadn’t broken up or if he had broken up but wanted to get back together, he definitely wouldn’t allow this person inside. He would never accept him as Mo Fang’s boyfriend.

Lan Heng gave a strained smile. “Mister Mo, I’m really sorry to come here uninvited. But I’m really serious about Mo Fang. I know that I messed up but I want to make up for it.” He took out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and gave Mister Mo an ingratiating smile.

Unfortunately for him, Mister Mo wasn’t impressed. Instead, he became even angrier. “You better scram now!” He loathed the type of man that would make one mistake after the other and then thought that everything would be forgiven after they gave a sloppy apology and handed over some flowers the most. And this guy hadn’t even had the decency to get a nice bouquet! The petals of some of these flowers were starting to wilt at the rim. Was this what he wanted to use to win his son back? In his dreams!

Lan Heng winced but didn’t pull back. He knew that Mo Fang’s father was close to him even though his son always complained about him. “I guess Mo Fang has told you about what happened, hasn’t he? I’m really sorry. It’s … It was a lapse of judgment. I shouldn’t have done that. I also understand that now. But it was only one time. I will never do it again. I swear!”

“I don’t care. You are not welcome in this house. You won’t be welcome in this house even if Mo Fang makes up with you. Have I made myself clear?”

Lan Heng wanted to argue but the door was already slammed shut in front of his face. He tsked and looked around, wondering what he should do. He definitely wasn’t willing to just give up like this. He had only wanted to pay Mo Fang back and make him jealous. But now, Mo Fang had broken up with him and was already coiled around another guy. How could he take that?! He would get him back regardless of what it cost him!

Meanwhile, Mister Mo ran back into the kitchen, stopping in the doorway and glaring at his son.

At first, Mo Fang didn’t even notice. He had been thinking about how to spend more time with Li Ming again and hadn’t been paying attention. Only when he started to feel uncomfortable after a while, did he look up and blinked his eyes in confusion at his father. “What’s wrong, Daddy?”

Mister Mo just continued to stare at him, his expression getting uglier with the minute. His son still dared to play dumb with him!

Mo Fang sat up straight, unsure what he had done wrong this time around.

Finally, when his son still didn’t want to admit it on his own terms, Mister Mo couldn’t help but prompt him. “Who do you think was at the door just now?”

Mo Fang’s gaze flitted from side to side, wondering just who it could be. It should be somebody his father definitely didn’t want to see. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be like this. And since he was taking his anger out on him, he might be afraid that he had seen and would tell somebody. “Uh … Your long-lost mistress who threatened to tell mom? Don’t worry, I won’t breathe a single word about this!”

Mister Mo wasn’t amused at all. “You! Don’t you dare to make such jokes! Especially not with what’s going on here.”

Mo Fang could only look at him blankly. “That … What is going on?”

“You said you’d broken up with him. Then what was he doing at our door right now? Care to explain that to me?”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes. “One of my exes showed up?” But that couldn’t be. He had been together with Lan Heng for a few months. If somebody wanted him back, shouldn’t he have tried that after he just started going out with him? Could it be that he saw him somewhere at the train station when he passed by and felt regretful because he wasn’t together with such a treat like him anymore? That actually sounded quite possible …

Seeing his son’s smug expression, Mister Mo got even angrier. “Didn’t you swear that you had broken up with Lan Heng just yesterday? Then what is he doing here? Come on, let me what kind of excuse you have this time around!”

Mo Fang stared at him and slowly, his blank expression turned into one of anger as well. He jumped to his feet and slapped the table. “What? That bastard actually dared to come here?! Ugh! Is he still there? I’m going to rip him a new one!” He rushed past his father and to the front door, opening it with his eyes blazing with fury. “Lan Heng!”

Lan Heng who had already wanted to go back to his car turned back around and gave a smile. Seeing Mo Fang, he felt that the way here hadn’t been wasted after all. Just look at this! He showed that he was still interested and Mo Fang actually came out to greet him. It seemed that things weren’t over between them after all. Maybe he had only turned up at his apartment with that guy because he wanted to make him jealous.

He rushed up to the house, handing the flowers to him. “Mo Fang, I’m so sorry! Let’s get back together, alright? Look, I brought you flowers.”

Mo Fang took the flowers and then threw them on the ground, stomping on them a few times. “You can shove these flowers where the sun doesn’t shine! I don’t want to see you again. Not here and not anywhere else either! Leave me alone!” He pointed at his nose and then turned around with a huff, slamming the door shut behind him.

Once again, Lan Heng was forced to face the lacquered wood. And this time, he had been scolded even more fiercely. It seemed … This had been more than just a waste. This had been an utter humiliation for him.

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