SML C17 Why Are You Home so Early?

This time around, Mo Fang went right back home. He stepped into the kitchen, got a bottle of water out of the fridge and sat down, pondering his situation. He didn’t know why but Li Ming seemed really reluctant to open up to him. That definitely couldn’t go on. Maybe it was still because of that Su Yan guy.

It would be difficult to do anything about that in the short term so he would have to go for the long haul. He had to slowly but surely make Li Ming fall in love with him until he wasn’t able to deny his feelings any longer. Then, he would naturally forget about that Su Yan. The question was, how to go about that in the smartest way possible.

First and foremost, he had to secure opportunities to spend time with Li Ming. Because only if he did that, could he put anything else into motion. There wouldn’t be too many chances at work considering that he had to stay at the service counter while Li Ming would be making his rounds. At most, they might encounter each other before or after their shifts and that only when those times coincided. So he would need to create other opportunities.

For one, he should try to always be the one to notify the security guards if they needed help. Not only would that give him an opportunity to see Li Ming and remind him that he was also working at the station, no, it would also show Li Ming that he was somebody who was hard-working and looked out for others. That were certainly qualities that he would like in his partner.

Unfortunately, in that kind of situation, he wouldn’t have any chance to have a chat with Li Ming and would need to focus on work. So it really was nothing more than an opportunity to be seen. As for anything else … Well, he would have to come up with something else.

He pondered for a while longer but wasn’t too sure. He had sometimes gone out for drinks or to visit some restaurant with Zhi Bao Yu and some of the others that he had known for some time when he swung by the station but he wasn’t quite sure if they did that as coworkers as well.

Mo Fang pursed his lips and his expression became smug. Well … Just because the others hadn’t gotten together before, that didn’t mean that it was impossible to do so in the future. Anyway, he had just started and his father was everyone’s boss. Shouldn’t he invite everybody to get together at the end of the week?

Naturally, the others from the counter had to be there but since he also knew some of the security guards from before, he definitely had to invite them as well. That way, Li Ming also wouldn’t feel that he was singling him out because he was interested in him. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other while seeming casual. And if the others liked it, then maybe there would be chances to go out more often in the future. He could even propose it while they were out!

Mo Fang smiled to himself and took another sip of water before he went back to the fridge to store the bottle again.

Just then, the entrance door opened and his father also returned from work. He came into the kitchen and then raised his brows upon seeing his son. “How come you’re back so early today?”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes at him. “What are you talking about, Daddy? Didn’t you tell me yesterday that I should go straight home from work?”

“Yes, and you didn’t do it. So what’s up today?” It couldn’t be that his son had some kind of ridiculous request, could it? He pondered if there was anything he had already heard about but refused but he couldn’t come up with anything. Just what was the matter this time?

Mo Fang looked offended. “Daddy, what are you even saying? I already explained yesterday that I still had to go to Lan Heng’s place to pick up my stuff. I did and then I came straight home as well. Today, I already have everything back so I came home right away just as you told me to. How can you say there is something wrong with it?”

Mister Mo narrowed his eyes and looked at his son, not quite able to believe him. It did sound as if it made sense but it often did when Mo Fang tried to explain himself. Unfortunately, it had mostly turned out that there was something behind the logical explanation that he didn’t really want to know about. “Just tell me what this is really about. At the very least, I won’t be completely blindsided if something happens again.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. “You’re so mean. I didn’t do anything. I just came home after work.” Well, maybe he had gone to talk to Li Ming but that had only been for a few minutes. After that, he had really gone straight home. Now, he felt that maybe he shouldn’t have. Anyway, his father always believed that he did everything wrong.

Mister Mo sighed and rubbed his forehead. He really had a hard time believing this but obviously, there was no way to get anything worthwhile out of his son. He might as well give up and let him do as he wanted. “Alright, alright, alright. If you say it was like that, then it probably was. Who am I to judge? Anyway, young people also have their lives. Us old people shouldn’t get involved in this.” He got up again and then wanted to walk out of the door. Just when he stepped into the corridor, the doorbell rang though, making him change the direction again. Who could this be? He wasn’t expecting anyone.

When he opened the door, his expression fell. He hadn’t expected this person but he probably should have. At the very least, he now had the explanation for why his son had been home so early today. As it turned out, he really hadn’t broken up with this scumbag.

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