SML C16 Treat Him Like Everybody Else

As soon as his shift ended, Mo Fang shot up from his chair and rushed to the locker room. He changed his clothes, touched up on his makeup and then ran back into the station, looking around for Li Ming.

If he wasn’t there, then he would ask Rui Lan again if he had heard something. In fact, if he really hadn’t come in because he was sick, that might also be a good chance. He could find out where he lived from one of his coworkers and then bring over some food and medicine or something. Then Li Ming would be able to see just how caring he was.

Thinking of this great opportunity, Mo Fang was already in a much better mood and hummed to himself while looking around for Li Ming. Anyway, even if Li Ming was there, he should keep this option in mind for later on. After all, just because he had managed to seduce a guy, that didn’t mean that things were already set in stone. He had seen that from the way Lan Heng acted very clearly. No, after seducing them, you still had to work hard to keep them at your side. So he needed to make sure that he was prepared for that as well.

Mo Fang finally spotted Li Ming and his face lit up. He rushed over and stopped next to him with a bright smile. “Bro Li!”

Li Ming turned around and couldn’t help but smile back at him. Even though he was a bit afraid that Mo Fang might have similar thoughts as Rui Lan, it was hard to be distant from him since he was such an open person. “Mo Fang, how are you doing?”

Mo Fang looked down, seeming a bit embarrassed. “Well, it’s already much better today. After I got my things out of there thanks to you, I won’t have to go back anymore. So I’ll likely not see Lan Heng again. Just thinking of that puts me into a much better mood already.” He looked up again and there was a certain seriousness to his gaze. “Thank you again. It really means a lot to me that you did that yesterday even though we don’t know each other that well yet.”

“It’s what I should do.”

Mo Fang glanced at him and couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. Even though he knew that Li Ming was a good guy that just had that kind of stance, it still would’ve been nice if he could at least pretend that he cared about him a little more. Well, even if he didn’t do that now, he might still be able to get him to do that in the future.

Even though having a good guy as your boyfriend was nice, it was also nice to have one that showed you just how special you were to him. If he was already nice to everyone else, then he had to be especially nice to him! There was no way around that.

For now, Mo Fang definitely wouldn’t make any trouble though. After all, they still weren’t a couple yet even though he was sure that they would be soon. Thus, he had to tone it down a bit.

He looked around, trying to find something else he could talk about but there was nothing there and he also didn’t want to look too desperate. “Well … I’m already off my shift now but you still have work it seems. I probably shouldn’t bother you for too long. I just really wanted to say it again.”

Li Ming nodded. “It’s alright. I appreciate that you’re going out of your way to thank me but, actually, it’s not necessary. It was my pleasure to help you out.” He wanted to add that he could ask him for help again any time but then remembered what Rui Lan had said before and thought back to that first scene in Boss Mo’s office. If Mo Fang really had such thoughts about him … He shouldn’t invite more trouble.

He cleared his throat and then gave him a smile. “Well, I hope you’re in a better place now after making a clean break with your ex-boyfriend. Even though I’m sure that it still hurts, you’ll definitely get better. Just give it some time.”

Mo Fang nodded good-naturedly but he couldn’t help but notice that Li Ming hadn’t offered any more help. It couldn’t be that he just wanted to ignore him now? How could that be? He hadn’t done anything wrong!

Well, even though he couldn’t understand, he was still happy that he hadn’t pushed further before. It seemed that he would need to slow things down or Li Ming would run away. He couldn’t let that happen!

So even though he wasn’t happy about it, Mo Fang left it at that. “Then I guess I’ll really go now. You work hard!” He gave him another smile and a small wave with the hand and then hurried off.

Li Ming watched his receding figure and wondered if he had done the right thing just now. Even though Mo Fang had reacted strangely to him on the first day, it could also be that he had just not expected somebody else to be there and had been embarrassed about his previous act and wanted to make up for it. Maybe he had gone a little overboard with that and that was why he left him with that expression impression.

Anyway, he shouldn’t assume too much. And what Rui Lan had said also didn’t have to mean anything. After all, he would probably try to pair him off with any guy he knew to be gay. That was nothing new.

Mo Fang hadn’t noticed yet and it wouldn’t be a problem. But if in the future, he still was like this, then it might bring trouble. After all, he had just gotten out of such a relationship. If he was treated like this by other people now, wouldn’t he feel even worse? He definitely didn’t want to be the reason behind that. He should just treat him like any other ordinary coworker. Yes, that’s what he would do.

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