SML C15 Not Entitled to Be Loved Back

Rui Lan looked at him in a daze. “What’s the problem with Mo Fang? Even as a straight guy I have to admit that he is a beauty.”

Li Ming rubbed his brow. “I’m not saying that he isn’t. But I wouldn’t date him. There’s more to it than just being beautiful.”

Rui Lan gave him a strange look. “Yeah, there’s more to it. But beauty is still part of it. Anyway, what else don’t you like about him? I feel like he is quite good.”

Li Ming shook his head. “Even if he’s quite good. He’s still our boss’s son. How could I date him?”

“You also wanted to date Su Yan and he was a coworker. Isn’t that almost as embarrassing?”

Li Ming tensed at that. Yes, just how embarrassing that could be he had seen just fine when Su Yan actually resigned after he forced a kiss on him. Apparently, it was embarrassing enough for him that he didn’t even want his job anymore. Thankfully, his new boyfriend had a business of his own. Otherwise, who knew how he would’ve lived from now on? What if he hadn’t found a job? That would have all been his fault. And now, he didn’t even have a chance to make up for it.

Rui Lan winced when he saw Li Ming’s expression. “Hey, I’m just saying. Just because he is Boss Mo’s son doesn’t mean you can’t think about it. The boss likes you, doesn’t he? And you’ve always been a dependable person. I’m sure he’d like that kind of guy to date his son.”

Li Ming pulled himself out of his thoughts and sighed. “Even if you’re right, Mo Fang just went through a bad breakup. He’s definitely not ready for something new. You shouldn’t think about it.”

Rui Lan sighed as well. He hadn’t heard of any breakup but he was pretty sure that the one who wasn’t open for anything new yet was Li Ming. On the contrary, Mo Fang had seemed quite normal to him. In fact, he had seemed really optimistic about the future. If he had had a breakup, then it should have been one that made him feel that the future without that guy was beautiful.

Well, even though he felt like that, there was nothing he could do if Li Ming wasn’t interested. “Well, you do you. If you don’t like him, it’s not a problem. Anyway, he wasn’t asking if you had a boyfriend. He just wanted to thank you. I guess that’s not such a bad thing. After all, we’re coworkers from now on. We should treat him well.” He patted Li Ming’s shoulder and then motioned down the corridor. “I should go now. My shift’s ending soon.”

Li Ming nodded and then waved before he finally went to his own work. He couldn’t help but be a bit worried. When he saw Mo Fang the other day, he had made such a scene because his boyfriend had broken up with him.

After meeting that Lan Heng for the first time, he felt that it wasn’t strange at all. That guy probably hadn’t treated him well even before he cheated on him. Now with his infidelity standing between them as well, it was obvious that he wouldn’t go back to him. But judging from the way he had looked at him when they first met and how he was asking about him again now, maybe Mo Fang wasn’t as hung up on that Lan Heng as he had thought yesterday and had really just been afraid to go back. What then?

He really didn’t want to get in a relationship right now. Even though he had to admit that Rui Lan was right and that Mo Fang was indeed very beautiful, he just wasn’t interested. There was nothing he could do about that, was there? If you didn’t feel it, then you didn’t feel it. You couldn’t force anything like that.

Hadn’t it been the very same between him and Su Yan? Regardless of how much or how long he loved him, Su Yan had never reciprocated his feelings. But he didn’t have to either. He wasn’t entitled to be loved back. That just wasn’t the way it worked.

But it was one thing to know that about his own history, but another thing to have to reject somebody. He really wouldn’t want to tell something like that to Mo Fang. After all, it would be hard to bear. And after just ending a bad relationship, he was pretty sure that that was the last thing Mo Fang could use right now.

It would be great if he didn’t think of him like that. Well, there was nothing he could do about it right now. He just had to do his job and maybe then things would solve themselves.

Thanks to his conversation with Rui Lan, Li Ming didn’t have the time to swing by the help desk as usual and went to do his rounds immediately. Because of that, Mo Fang was pouting his lips and looking around impatiently whenever there weren’t any customers in front of him.

Just where was Li Ming? It couldn’t be that he had called in sick or something, could it? If he had, it definitely had to be that Lan Heng’s fault! He had probably been too rough and Bro Li had pulled a muscle or something.

Then again, Li Ming was definitely more impressive than Lan Heng. He wouldn’t pull a muscle that easily. No, there had to be something else behind this. Could it be that that Rui Lan had said something bad about him?

No, that shouldn’t be. He might not be very close to Rui Lan but at least he knew him. There was no bad blood between them and he actually felt that they got along quite well. Why would Rui Lan do that to him? He really couldn’t imagine. No, it had to be something else. Well, he would definitely find out!

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