SML C14 A Beauty Came Looking for You

When Li Ming came to work in the afternoon, he found a strangely familiar-looking suitcase standing in the locker room. He looked around, trying to see if Mo Fang was anywhere around but he couldn’t see him. It seemed that he had just left it here? Strange.

Li Ming shook his head and then just changed his clothes. Anyway, this wasn’t his matter to worry about. He shouldn’t get involved in it any further. That would only bring trouble.

Thinking like that, he went to work. As soon as he turned the corner, somebody rushed toward him from behind. He turned around and then raised his brows. “Rui Lan, what’s the matter?”

The other security guard walked over and then put an arm around his shoulder, his expression wistful. “Li Ming, my man, you’re way too lucky.”

Li Ming raised his brows even higher, still without any idea just what was going on.

Rui Lan gave an exaggerated sigh when he saw his expression. “This morning, a beauty came looking for you right when I started my shift. Honestly, I also want to have that kind of charm. But somehow, there’s never a beautiful woman looking for me. I have no idea how you’re doing this. Is it inborn? Or did you take a course for this? You have to hand me the number of the coach if it’s the latter.”

Li Ming still looked at him in confusion. “A woman came looking for me?” He immediately ignored the latter half. Rui Lan liked to complain about such things on a regular basis. Indulging him would only make him complain more.

Rui Lan clicked his tongue. “When did I say that it was a woman? If it was one, you wouldn’t be interested anyway. Of course, it was a man!”

“Oh.” Li Ming had no idea who it was supposed to be though. He didn’t know any man that he would describe as a beauty, did he? Well … He couldn’t help but think of Su Yan but the hope that he would actually come to see him was definitely way too vain. If Su Yan saw him by chance, he would probably turn around and run away. He could probably call himself lucky if Su Yan demeaned himself to throw some words of choice at his head. But even that might not be worth his attention.

Looking at Li Ming’s expression, Rui Lan was at a loss. Was this really the reaction one should have when being told that a beauty had been waiting for you? He grabbed Li Ming’s shoulder and gave him a worried look. “What’s the matter? You wouldn’t have gotten into any trouble, would you?”

Li Ming sighed and then shook his head. “No, I just thought that … You must be joking with me. There’s no way a beauty would be waiting for me.”

Rui Lan harrumphed. “If you weren’t gay, you probably would’ve had ten girlfriends by now just in the time you worked here. Don’t think I wouldn’t notice how the women are looking over. It’s already bad enough. No need to rub it in my face.”

Li Ming really didn’t know what he should say to that. He really hadn’t been trying to do that … Well, maybe it had seemed that way to Rui Lan. “Anyway, did that person say what they wanted?”

Rui Lan snorted. “Of course. You really think I’d let him run away without telling me? What kind of friend would I be?”

Li Ming gave a wry smile. “You’re the best, of course, so I’m sure you got the whole story out of him. So, what was this about?”

Rui Lan looked at him pointedly. “Well … The beauty is gay as well so I basically helped you find a target to date. Do you feel that you should give me something in return?”

Li Ming’s lips twitched. “Actually, I wasn’t even looking for —”

“Stop!” Rui Lan raised a finger and wriggled it in front of Li Ming’s face. “You have to stop being like this. How old are you already? How can you not have a boyfriend in your mid-twenties? Do you want to stay single forever? You’re not getting any younger.

“Anyway, this one is beautiful and has a good family and if you tried, you would get along very well. So you should definitely thank me profusely. How about going out this evening and you pay for my drinks?”

Li Ming’s lips twitched once again. “I guess I’ll never find out who that beauty is and what he wanted if I don’t, will I? Alright, it’s on me.”

Rui Lan smirked and then pulled Li Ming closer. “Alright, since you’re so nice, I’ll tell you every last detail. Apparently, you already met the beauty. You did so yesterday.”

Li Ming raised his brows. He had met a beauty yesterday? Why couldn’t he remember? He gave Rui Lan a suspicious look, wondering if he had made everything up just to get a few free drinks out of him.

Rui Lan scoffed. “Don’t look at me like that! It’s all true. Apparently, you helped him out of a situation that turned a bit chaotic and now he wants to thank you. It’s Boss Mo’s son, by the way.”

Li Ming had already wanted to tell him that he was making up a story that was way too elaborate for him to fall for this when Rui Lan got to the last sentence. After that, Li Ming could only stare in a daze. The beauty that Rui Lan wanted to set him up with was … Mo Fang? “You must have lost your mind. There is no way I would ever date Mo Fang.”

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