SML C13 Asking a Co-Worker

The next morning, Mo Fang rushed to work as early as he could. Even though he had managed to get almost all the available stories about Li Ming’s time in the railroad station out of his coworkers, he still didn’t know his schedule yet.

In that case, he needed to be there for as much time as he could so he wouldn’t miss him by chance. After all, especially in the early time when they had only had some encounters, he needed to use his advantage of being a frail beauty that had just had had his heart broken to appeal to Li Ming’s good-natured side. Sooner or later, that guy would definitely fall in love with him!

When he arrived, it wasn’t time to take over his own shift yet. Thus, he first went to take a look around, looking for the security guards to see if Li Ming was already there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. It seemed that he would once again have a later shift. He pursed his lips but then felt that it wasn’t too bad either. Since he was new, he might as well make use of that fact in another way.

Thinking of that, Mo Fang ran over to the next security guard and gave him a brilliant smile. “Big brother Rui, I’m sorry to disturb you. Do you have a bit of time?”

The man looked over and then smiled back when he saw who it was. “So it’s little Boss Mo. What brings you here today? You wouldn’t have made some trouble at home, would you?”

Mo Fang gave him an annoyed look. “What are you even saying? As if I would ever make trouble at home!”

Rui Lan just laughed. If this guy wasn’t making trouble at home, then he didn’t know anyone who would. All of them still vividly remembered several times that Boss Mo had come in, looking as if he was a walking corpse because his son had made him worry all night once again. This guy was definitely the best at making trouble.

Mo Fang gave him a dissatisfied look but didn’t say anything else. Anyway, he still wanted to know something from Rui Lan. He couldn’t make him angry right now. “Anyway, I want to ask you something.”

Rui Lan crossed his arms and motioned for him to continue. “Then just shoot. If I can help, I’ll definitely do it.”

Mo Fang gave him a brilliant smile. This was the kind of attitude he wanted to see! Well, for the time being, he definitely couldn’t make use of that though. Having Li Ming’s co-workers on his side would be good but he couldn’t be too obvious in the beginning or people might advise Li Ming against choosing him. After all, nobody wanted a crazy person. And if they felt that he was trying too much, they might think he was desperate. How could that be? No, he had to maintain his image!

“Well, I already looked around but I didn’t see Li Ming yet. Is he in already?”

Rui Lan raised his brows. “Li Ming? No, he’s not here yet. His shift should only be in the afternoon. Why are you asking?”

Mo Fang managed to look embarrassed on the spot. “Well, Bro Li was helping me with a matter yesterday and I wanted to thank him. Especially since things were not that easy.”

Rui Lan looked a bit curious but he didn’t ask. “Well, if it’s like that, I can tell him that you’re looking for him when he comes in later. But you’ll probably have to leave before that?”

Mo Fang pondered for a moment as if he wasn’t sure. “No, I should still be here. You know, I actually started working here. I still haven’t gotten familiar with everything so I thought of staying a bit longer to get used to it. My father would get angry if I didn’t do a decent job.”

This time, Rui Lan couldn’t help but inquire further. “You started working here? Since when?”

“Well, it’s only been since yesterday.”

“Oh, well, I didn’t even see you. Seems like you got the wrong shift. How are things going? Are you getting used to it? The others aren’t treating you badly, are they?” He couldn’t imagine it though. After all, even if he was new and maybe made some stupid mistakes, he was still their Boss’s son. Nobody would dare to make any trouble for him.

Mo Fang just waved. “Ah, there’s no problem in that regard. I mean I know some people already, don’t I? They’re really nice to me. It’s just that … Well, you also know how my father is. I feel like he doesn’t really trust that I can do this. So I feel like I need to show him that I can. You know?”

Rui Lan nodded. “Sure, it’s probably not a nice feeling when it’s your own father whose kinda careful with employing you.” He grimaced and then patted Mo Fang’s shoulder. “Well, I’m sure you’ve got this. Boss Mo is probably more worried that you’ll just quit the next day than that you’re not able to do the work. Just try to get through the first week and I’m sure he’ll ease up.”

Mo Fang laughed and nodded. “You’re right. I guess it’s my own fault for trying so many things these years. He really must feel that I’m not very dependable. But I’ll show him. He should just wait and see!” He gave Rui Lan a smile and then motioned over to the passengers. “I guess I’d better let you get to work your own work now. I also have to go back to the counters and see if there’s anything I can help with.”

“Sure, you do that. Good luck!”

“Fighting!” Mo Fang raised his fist to encourage him and then walked off, indeed going to the counter. Well, that had gone really well. Now he knew when Li Ming would come in but he probably hadn’t been too obvious with everything else they talked about. He only needed some more opportunities to inquire for some more details. But that had time.


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