SML C10 What Camera?

Mo Fang gathered all of his things from Lang Heng’s apartment, glancing at Li Ming every now and then. Just as he had said before, there really wasn’t much of his stuff here. After all, there wasn’t much he owned in the first place.

He had moved out from home and into his first boyfriend’s place very early on. Back then, there hadn’t been too many things he possessed and most of them had been left at his parent’s place. After that, he had just taken the bit he had to his next boyfriend and continued on like that. In the end, he made it a habit not to take anything that wouldn’t fit into one suitcase. Now, this kind of lifestyle really came in handy.

After only half an hour, he stood in front of Li Ming, giving him a beautiful smile. “I’ve finished, Bro Li. We can go now. Thank you for coming with me again.”

Li Ming nodded and then followed him over to the door. Anyway, it was good that it hadn’t taken much time. If they didn’t run into Mo Fang’s ex, that would be for the best.

Just when the two of them reached the door, a man turned into the corridor, freezing right when he looked up and saw the door to the apartment wide open and two people emerging from it.

Li Ming wanted to sigh. This … was probably that Lan Heng? Well, maybe things would go a little better considering that they were already on the way out and hadn’t been surprised while Mo Fang had been rummaging through the apartment. He was still afraid that it wouldn’t be a good encounter though. After all, Mo Fang was still hurt from the breakup and probably wouldn’t take this very well.

Lan Heng furrowed his brows when he saw the two people and then rushed over to them, immediately grabbing Li Ming by the lapel. “You! Who the fuck do you think you are to come here?!”

Li Ming stared at him in a daze, not even knowing how to respond. What was it with that kind of question? Shouldn’t he ask what they were doing in the apartment first? Or maybe that was rather obvious considering the suitcase that Mo Fang was still dragging behind him. Anyway, Mo Fang was his ex-boyfriend. Shouldn’t he try to talk with him first? His impression of this guy became even worse.

Meanwhile, Mo Fang’s eyes went round. What was that bastard Lan Heng doing there? How could he just attack Li Ming?! He rushed forward and grabbed Lan Heng by the shoulder, trying to drag him off. “Lan Heng! What do you think you’re doing?! Let go of him right this instant!”

Lan Heng brushed him off. “You keep out of that!” With that, he turned back to Li Ming, pushing him against the wall. “Now, don’t you have anything to say?!”

Li Ming slowly raised his brows and looked at Mo Fang, trying to make sure that he was alright. Right now, he understood why Boss Mo had warned his son not to get involved with this Lan Heng. How could this guy treat him like this?

He reached up and plucked Lan Heng’s hand off his lapel, pushing them away. “You let go first.”

Lan Heng was having none of it. “Where is your camera? Whatever you did in there, I won’t let you walk out of here with even a single photo!”

Li Ming had no idea what this was about but when Lan Heng once again reached out to push him against the wall, he sidestepped and then pulled Mo Fang behind him. He had no idea what else had gone on before their breakup but he definitely wouldn’t let this guy hurt him.

Mo Fang looked at the broad back in front of him with starry eyes. Ah, this was just like having a knight in shining armor. So cool! He hurriedly pressed up against Li Ming’s back, clenching his jacket as if he was scared. “Bro Li …”

Li Ming furrowed his brows at that. No wonder that Mo Fang hadn’t wanted to return here alone if this was how his ex was behaving around him. “Don’t worry.” He turned back to Lan Heng and gave him a dark look. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I only bought Mo Fang here so he could collect his clothes. I know we probably should have informed you but he was still upset about your breakup so that should be understandable. If you don’t believe me, you can check the suitcase to make sure he hasn’t taken anything else. If you don’t find anything, then I hope that this will be the end of the matter.”

Unfortunately for Li Ming, Lan Heng didn’t seem to like the idea. “Who cares about his fucking things? I was asking about your camera!”

Li Ming furrowed his brows further. “What camera? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Do you think I wouldn’t know that you’re the fucking photograph he hooked up with?!”

Before Li Ming could answer, an arm appeared next to his head and pointed at Lan Heng’s nose. “Lan Heng, you shameless dog! What the fuck are you saying?! I didn’t hook up with anyone! You’re the one who cheated on me.”

Li Ming was struck dumb when he heard Mo Fang go off like this. Well … if the boyfriend who cheated on you accused you of cheating, maybe that was how one would react?

On the other hand, Lan Heng clenched his fists and wanted to push Li Ming out of the way, trying to get into Mo Fang’s face. Li Ming hurriedly reached out and pushed him back, keeping him away from Mo Fang. Regardless of what was going on here, he couldn’t let him hurt Mo Fang.

The two men wrestled with each other but, finally, Li Ming was able to push him down and hold him in place. He turned to look at Mo Fang and motioned down the corridor. “Hurry up. Don’t let this get any worse.”

Mo Fang hesitated first but then grabbed his suitcase and rushed out. He did stop in front of the building though, waiting for Li Ming. Anyway, he still had to make sure that Li Ming didn’t believe any of the nonsense that that bastard had just spewed!

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