SML C7 Seeing Things Differently When in Love

Li Ming had not the slightest idea what was going on in Mo Fang’s head. He just felt that he looked extremely pitiful. He felt a pang in his heart and got up, opening his locker and taking out a package of tissues and handing it to Mo Fang. “Here.”

Mo Fang looked at it and then gingerly took it from Li Ming. Really such a good guy! “Thanks, Bro Li.”

Li Ming gave him a faint smile and closed his locker again, sitting down next to Mo Fang. “Don’t mention it. We’re coworkers now. Naturally, we should help each other out.”

Mo Fang nodded and used one of the tissues to dab at his eyes as if there really were some tears that he needed to get rid of.

Li Ming waited for him to calm down a bit and then once again spoke up. “So, what’s the matter? Is there anything I can help with?”

Mo Fang turned to him, looking pitiful. “I really don’t want to bother Bro Li with this. You’d probably feel that I’m a nuisance.”

Li Ming looked at those reddened eyes and deeply felt that even if he would think that this person was a nuisance, he still would never dare to say so. “It’s not a bother to me. But if you don’t want to tell me, then I could also get somebody else for you. How about your father? He should still be in the office right now. Should I go and get him?”

Mo Fang hurriedly shook his head. If his father heard, he would definitely figure out in no time what he was doing. He couldn’t let him find out! “No … My father would just get angry.”

Li Ming hesitated for a moment. Normally, he wouldn’t have the guts to discuss his boss but seeing how Mo Fang looked so pitiful, he just couldn’t bring himself to keep quiet. “Well, even if your father sometimes talks a little harshly to you, I’m sure that he loves you very much. You don’t know, but before you came here, he often talked about you, bragging what a great son he has. I guess he’s afraid he might be spoiling to you too much so he pretends to be harsh in front of you. But I’m sure that if you go to him with your problems, he wouldn’t mind at all.”

Mo Fang looked at Li Ming with glittering eyes. This guy was so good at flattering his father. Really astonishing!

He had some trouble controlling his expression but finally dabbed at his eyes again with the tissue that Li Ming had given him, earning himself a moment to get things back under control. “Yes, I know that he loves me. It’s just that … This time, it’s different. You know …” He hesitated but then sighed. “Well, you already heard a bit yesterday. You see, my boyfriend cheated on me.

“Back when I got together with him, my father already said that he wasn’t worth it. But I didn’t want to believe that. I was so happy with them, I never would have been able to imagine that he wouldn’t treat me well in the long run.

“But it turns out that my father is still more experienced than me. He could see through him at one glance. I really should’ve listened to him when he tried to warn me.” He looked down as if depressed about his choice.

Li Ming looked uneasy but there really was no way to get out of this now that he had already started to speak with him. “Well, when we’re in love, it’s sometimes difficult to see things for what they are.” He lowered his gaze, his brows furring slightly.

Yeah, he had also experienced that. If not because of that crush he had kept secret for so long, would he have really misunderstood Su Yan to that degree where he would insist that he also loved him despite Su Yan saying several times that he did not?

Sometimes, your own feelings were so strong that you disregarded everything else. In his case, there was no excuse for that since he had hurt another person because of that. But in Mo Fang’s case, he had only hurt himself.

Mo Fang watched Li Ming’s expression with interest at first but then, his own expression turned grave. Several years of going out with total scum had taught him how to spot when a man was thinking of another person. Right now, Li Ming was definitely thinking of his crush!

Just what did that Su Yan have to make him love him so persistently? There was a crying beauty in front of him. Shouldn’t he use the opportunity to get close to him and let him cry on his broad shoulders? Which guy would let go of such an opportunity?!

Mo Fang felt indignant but he knew that this would get him nowhere. So he just sniffed again and then turned away. “You probably don’t want to get involved in this.”

Li Ming was pulled out of his thoughts. He indeed did not want to get involved in this but at the very least, he could see why Mo Fang wouldn’t want to talk about this with his father.

Even though Boss Mo definitely loved his son a lot, he probably would say stuff like ‘I’ve told you so’ when asked about this matter. Most likely, he also wouldn’t be able to comfort Mo Fang very well. So even if he went to get his boss, it likely wouldn’t change anything.

Then who else to ask? “Well … I could also ask Zhi Bao Yu if she could come here. She’ll probably get off her shift very soon. She might be able to come here a little sooner.”

Mo Fang looked at him in a daze. This guy … He was still thinking about getting somebody else to come here? Just what was it with him? Did he really need to escalate things further for Li Ming to finally make a move? Ah, this really was tough work.

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