SML C1 Uniform Charm

Author’s Note:

It’s March 30th, so as I promised before, I’ll start posting the last LWS extra/spin-off “Second Male Lead to One, Male Lead to Another” today. Su Yan and Nie Chang will make a guest visit in this one later on and be mentioned quite a few times but, for the most part, this story is about Li Ming.


“Daddy! He bullied me! Break his legs for me!” Mo Fang stormed into his father’s office at the railroad station with a red face, dressed in a coat that had been buttoned the wrong way and hair that was so disheveled that one had to wonder if he was trying to have a bird build its nest there. Paired with his bloody screams for revenge he seemed like a madman.

Boss Mo jumped to his feet and the person sitting opposite him couldn’t help but turn around. He looked at the young man behind him with a stunned expression. This really was …

Seeing the young man in his father’s office Mo Fang’s face flushed even redder. He took a step back and shut the door with a bang. Silence engulfed the room.

“Uh …” Li Ming coughed. “Maybe I should go?” Even though he had been there first, this person was obviously his boss’ son and it seemed like something important had happened that needed to be discussed between them. Naturally, family matters came first.

Boss Mo just opened his mouth to respond when a delicate knock sounded from the door. Boss Mo had a bad premonition but what could he do? He cleared his throat. “Yes, come in.”

The door was opened slowly and a tender, white hand appeared before something that could probably be described as a graceful beauty stepped into the room.

Boss Mo felt his brows twitch. This … This brat! Don’t tell him he broke up with yet another boyfriend! And now he had already spotted his next victim!

Indeed. Before Boss Mo could say anything, the lips of this beauty already trembled. “Daddy … Lan Heng cheated on me.” The person that had still screamed at his father to break his ex-boyfriend’s legs a moment ago had turned into a devastated beauty that needed somebody to comfort him.

Li Ming marveled at the spontaneous 180-degree turn. The boy hadn’t even been outside for a minute. How had he managed to comb his hair, change into a lovely outfit and then even adopted a different attitude in that short amount of time?

Boss Mo sighed. “Stop, stop, stop! What do you expect me to do? Didn’t I tell you at the beginning that that guy was no good? Now you know you should have listened to your father!”

Li Ming stood up and nodded at Boss Mo. “Boss, I’ll go back to work then.”

“Mn. I’m sorry you had to see that, Li Ming.”

“Ah, no problem.” Li Ming hurried outside. He made sure not to look at the boy who was trying to portray a hurt gentle beauty. Who knew what would happen if the beauty felt he had looked at him strangely? He somehow felt like he’d be beaten into a pulp.

He shut the door as gently as possible and turned to run away. Behind him stood Zhi Bao Yu and her eyes sparkled with curiosity. Li Ming froze and his lips tightened. He wanted to pass by her but Zhi Bao Yu spread her arms. A crumpled coat hung on one of them. So that was how the madman had changed into a beauty in such a short amount of time.

“Ah, Brother Li! You can’t just run away! Tell me!”

Li Ming frowned. He hadn’t forgotten what had happened the last time. If not for her lie about Su Yan being in love with him, he wouldn’t have misunderstood him like that. Then he might at least be able to speak to him every now and then. Not like now where he didn’t even dare to glance in his direction if he saw him on the street every by chance.

Even though he wasn’t happy with her, he still wouldn’t be so impolite not to answer her at all. “What is there to say? I talked about some work-related matters with Boss Mo.” He stepped to the side and ran off.

Zhi Bao Yu grumbled. “I know I made a mistake. Is that a reason to treat me like this though? Su Yan already moved on. Why don’t you get a boyfriend too? Fang Fang is nice.”

Thankfully, Li Ming was already too far away to hear what she said.

At the same time, in Boss Mo’s office, Fang Fang happily skipped around the desk and grabbed his father’s hands. “Daddy! Who is he?!”

“Li Ming, one of our security guards.”

“Then is he —”

“What about Lan Heng?”

“Hmph.” Mo Fang harrumphed. “Don’t mention that bastard to me! What a rogue! He actually slept with me and then ran away with another guy. How am I supposed to marry now? I’m not pure anymore!”

Boss Mo looked at his son askance. “You haven’t been pure for more than five years already.”

“Daddy!” Mo Fang managed to look indignant as if his father was a shameless and vulgar person that would dare to bring up such things in public.

Boss Mo pursed his lips. In the face of his son, he was always helpless. “It’s true though.”

“Hmph. Anyway, that Lan Heng is no good! I consider my relationship with him over. I’ll go and find a new boyfriend!” Fang Fang turned to the door when he said this. Mn, why had he never noticed that the uniforms of the security guards at the railroad station looked this nice?

He slipped from the table and wanted to leave in search of that Li Ming but his father grabbed his sleeve. “Mo Fang, you stay here. There’s no use in going after Li Ming. He’s already in love with somebody else.”

“Ah?” Mo Fang’s face fell. “Why are the good ones always in a relationship?”

Boss Mo bit his lip to make sure he wouldn’t blurt out something stupid. Li Ming was a good guy and he really wanted his son to be together with somebody like that but … Li Ming was obviously still hung up over Su Yan and he knew that his son was able to destroy his own relationships in just a few weeks’ time. He didn’t want that for either of them.

Unfortunately, a father’s good advice had never been worth as much as the charm of a uniform.

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