LBM C11 A Row of Un-Encounters (3): Practicing to Un-Encounter

Author’s Note:

I feel like it’s been forever but here’s the next part of the LBM chapter I started … some time last year 😶 Thankfully, the episodes are only loosely related … 😅


Two months went by without Mei Chao Bing emerging from his closed-door cultivation. Every day, a certain little bunny would run out from his Master’s area and over to where Elder Feng and his disciples lived to look for him. Unfortunately, he never encountered him. So each day, the little bunny became a little more dejected.

Luo Lin held a hand to his cheek and looked out of the window, his two senior martial brothers next to him. Zhi Guan was hugging his sword to his chest while furrowing his brows and Yan Hong Min was throwing a ball up and down.

“I could go and seduce one of his senior martial brothers. They should know what is up with him.”

Two pairs of eyes darted over to Luo Lin.

“I was just suggesting it. No need to look at me like this.”

Zhi Guan didn’t think that Luo Lin was going about this in the right way but this did remind him of something. “I was on a mission with one of his senior martial brothers once. He is a very good fighter. Although his use of a dagger instead of a sword is rather questionable.”

Yan Hong Min’s brows twitched. “How does that help Fen’er?”

“I could go and ask him.”

“Ask him what? When he’ll go out on another mission or when he usually sharpens his sword?”

Zhi Guan looked at him. “A sword shouldn’t be sharpened regularly. The blade will become too thin and turn brittle.”

“Yeah, yeah, forget I said anything. Anyway, we need to cheer up our little junior. He’s been so down lately, he isn’t even cultivating properly.”

This time, it was Yan Hong Min’s turn to be looked at strangely.

“What? He did try before!”

Luo Lin pursed his lips. “I still think my idea was the most useful. What do you have to say against it?”

Yan Hong Min threw his hands up in the air. “Fine! Do what you want, you two. You can go sleep with whoever you want and you can go practice with whoever you want. I’ll go invent something to occupy the bunny’s thoughts for a while.” Yan Hong Min stalked off while Luo Lin and Zhi Guan exchanged a glance.

“His family’s name is Ji.”

“Oh, then I’ll go look for somebody with another surname.”

With that, the two of them separated and went to look for a senior martial brother of Mei Chao Bing each.

As for the little bunny … He sadly looked at Mei Chao Bing’s house. The gate was still closed and nothing could be seen behind the windows. His head drooped and he already wanted to turn away when he heard something. He looked up hopefully and indeed: The gate that had always been closed, opened and a white-clad figure stepped out. Yun Bei Fen happily hid behind the roots of a tree and watched his senior martial brother Mei walk down the path.

Mei Chao Bing glanced up at the sky. It hadn’t even been a quarter of a year. He had managed to advance faster than he had thought. Most likely, his Master should be satisfied this time?

Before he even reached the junction toward his Master’s house, he heard something behind him. He glanced over and saw a tuft of black hair peeking out behind a tree. He stared at it for a moment. This … wouldn’t be the same little boy as the last time, right?

He took a step in his direction but the tuft of hair vanished behind the tree. Mei Chao Bing rubbed the back of his head and turned away. He felt a little sad but what could he do? His Master was really too scary. No wonder a boy this small would be afraid.

He continued to walk but then noticed that the sounds behind him hadn’t stopped. He turned back around and this time noticed the same tuft of hair behind another tree. This … was a little strange? He slowly turned away. The farther he turned, the more of the head peaked out behind the tree.

Mei Chao Bing’s lips curled up but he didn’t say anything. He just turned away and walked to his Master’s house. Anyway, it was also quite nice to have such a little tail. It made him feel that even if his Master wasn’t happy with the results, there would have been somebody waiting for him. With that thought, he went inside.

Yun Bei Fen watched the house for a while before he happily ran back home.

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