RSH Stratagem 8: … Don’t Take Chances with Your Rivals (6)

Meanwhile, Fu Min had arrived back in the dragon realm. He gave a yawn as he unhurriedly walked into the palace and rubbed his head. He probably couldn’t go and announce the ‘grievous’ news to His Majesty like this, could he?

He looked around to make sure that nobody was there, and then ruffled his hair, making it stand up in all directions as if he had madly dashed over from the Nine Heavens. Then he rubbed his eyes and cheeks to make them seem flushed red and dashed to His Majesty’s chambers. “Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” He barged right in, not caring that his king hadn’t asked him to come in and … was faced with an empty room. Fu Min’s eyes widened in shock. Why wasn’t he there? It couldn’t be that he had put on this act for nothing, could it?

Before Fu Min could turn back around and leave, a person landed right behind him. “What happened?!” Qiu Ling grabbed Fu Min by the shoulders and turned him around, coming face-to-face with the man’s dazed expression.

How come His Majesty was suddenly here after all? Hadn’t he …

Qiu Ling wasn’t in the mood to wait. He had sent this guy to find out what was going on with that Huang Lan and his beloved. If he came running back screaming like that, then something had to be wrong! He shook Fu Min and roared at him. “What happened?!”

Fu Min was shaken out of his daze. He hurriedly reached out to escape from his king’s clutches but couldn’t pry his hands off his shoulders. It seemed his only way to get rid of him was to tell him the ‘bad news’. “Ah, Your Majesty, let me speak! It’s awful!”

Qiu Ling stopped with the shaking and stared at Fu Min with wide eyes. Oh no! Don’t tell him he had been right? His beloved was really seeing another man already?!

Fu Min held his head, feeling slightly dizzy. Seeing that his king was about to shake him once again, he hurriedly spoke up though. “Your Majesty, it’s really awful. I couldn’t find out who that Huang Lan is —”

Qiu Ling’s expression darkened. This guy didn’t even know who Huang Lan was and had run back here? What did you think he was doing?!

“Don’t!” Fu Min hurriedly dashed out of Qiu Ling’s reach and raised his hands. “Even though I don’t know who that Huang Lan is yet, I’ve come to inform you of another, even more grievous matter! There was actually a man entering His Highness’ palace. They’re all alone there right now!”

Qiu Ling froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning. What? A strange man had entered his beloved’s palace and was there alone with him?! What was this bastard doing! Obviously, his beloved’s chastity was in jeopardy! No! He couldn’t let this happen!

Qiu Ling didn’t wait for Fu Min to say anything else. He whirled around and rushed out of his palace, leaving the dragon realm in a flash and appearing outside of the gates of the Nine Heavens’ capital city.

Secretly entering the city? Sneaking into his beloved’s palace? He didn’t have time for that now! He had to rush right in and show everyone that he had come to save his beloved! Only then would he be able to hold off these wild men that dared to threaten his beloved.

The guards at the gate tensed. Wasn’t this that crazy dragon king that had already made trouble last year? They hadn’t seen him in so long but it seemed he still hadn’t given up. Now, what should they do?

They grabbed their weapons tighter and bravely stepped into his way. “Longjun, what might be the matter? May we announce your presence to the Heavenly Emperor?” The first guard raised his chin, trying to tell himself that this was alright. As long as they managed to inform the Heavenly Emperor of what was happening here, there might be a chance they could survive!

The second guard next to him inconspicuously took a small step to the side. If the dragon king refused to listen, they would still need one person that was able to use his feet and could run away to report, wouldn’t they? Since his brother had already sacrificed himself to nobly stand in the dragon king’s way, then he could only be the one who would cowardly run away to report. Aiya, there was nothing he could do! Who told this brother of his to be so brave?

Qiu Ling’s expression darkened. Could it be? Had that bastardly old man made these guards stop him right at the gate so he wouldn’t be able to reach his beloved in time? Could it be that he was the one behind this whole incident? Was he trying to set his beloved up with another man so they wouldn’t be able to marry?! He wouldn’t let that happen! He didn’t wait for any other explanations and rushed right at the guard, extending his claws and lashing out.

The man barely managed to evade the claws but he didn’t manage to dodge the following kick. His body described a not-so-graceful arc and crashed into a wall, slowly sliding down to the ground.

Qiu Ling whirled around to the other guard who crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked away as if he hadn’t seen anything. Qiu Ling’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t understand what this guy was doing but since he didn’t stand in his way, it should be alright. He turned away and rushed toward his beloved’s palace.

The guard that had just been treated to Qiu Ling’s manner of fighting stared at his brother disgustedly. “What are you doing?! That was the dragon king! And he obviously had bad intentions! As a guard, shouldn’t you try to keep him in check?!”

“Hah! As if I would have won against him! You wait here and guard the gate. I’ll go and report to the God of War.” With that, he dashed off in the other direction, alarming everyone in the God of War’s palace. What had they heard just now? Their allies, the dragons, were attacking them?

Who knew who it was that finally ran to inform the Heavenly Emperor? Anyway, upon hearing that the dragon king had barged into the capital with a thousand soldiers, the Heavenly Emperor flew into a rage. He slapped the table, making the teacups tremble so much that the content poured over the rim. “Great! Just great! I was actually gracious enough to forgive this bastard for shaming Jing He last year and he dares to bring soldiers to our capital city?! You don’t have to say it, I already know what this bastard is trying to do! He probably brought those guys to steal our beloved son from his palace! Say no more! I’ll go and save him!” He didn’t wait for anyone to say more and stormed out of his palace, rushing over to Jing He’s dwelling.

Behind him, the Heavenly Empress Bai Fen sighed. Just what had happened this time? She didn’t believe that the dragon king would really be audacious enough to bring soldiers to steal Jing He but then again, who knew what was going on inside that guy’s head? He was obviously very much in love with Jing He. Just one look at the festival yesterday had been enough to make sure of that.

If she wasn’t completely wrong, then her son seemed to start feeling the same way. If something happened now … Wouldn’t they go back to square one? She couldn’t allow that! This was the first time that her son showed even a remote interest in another person. If she let this opportunity slip through her fingers, then she wouldn’t be a good mother. And with the temper of her husband … He would certainly worsen things. Thus even the Heavenly Empress got up and walked over to her son’s palace.

Qiu Ling hadn’t yet managed to make his way inside. When the guards from the gate hadn’t been able to find the God of War, the Heavenly Generals had instead taken up command. After all, by the time the news reached them, the dragon king hadn’t been alone. No, this situation was much too serious to just leave it be. Informing the Heavenly Emperor was a must but they couldn’t just let the dragon king and his men march into the capital and leave him be either. Thus they had ordered the soldiers to set out and met him halfway.

Naturally, Qiu Ling wasn’t pleased. On the contrary, seeing that that bastardly old man had dared to send soldiers after him to stop him from seeing Jing He, he was even more sure that something suspicious was going on here. Who knew if his beloved was being forced into a marriage just at this very moment?! He couldn’t let this happen! Thus, the dragon king swapped through the rows of soldiers in a rage, not caring whether he killed somebody or not. What allies? These guys were shamelessly separating him and his beloved! They weren’t fit to be allies of his!

Just when he had managed to dispose of the last person, the Heavenly Emperor arrived. Seeing the Heavenly Guards lying on the ground, groaning in pain, he was even more enraged. What was going on here? How come a legion of soldiers wasn’t able to stop a single man?! “Longjun! Who gave you the guts to break into our capital and attack our soldiers?!”

Qiu Ling whirled around and leveled the Heavenly Emperor with a deathly glare. Never mind that this person was his father-in-law. If he wanted to separate him and Jing He, then he didn’t deserve the title! Nobody could stand in the way of their love! “Old man! You still dare to ask that?! You should be ashamed of yourself, treating your son like that! I’m going to save Jing He now!” With that, he once again whirled around and dashed madly to his beloved’s palace.

When he arrived, he was met with another surprise. There were the usual two guards standing next to the main entrance and between them … Qiu Ling’s expression immediately turned pitiful. “Mother-in-law!” He couldn’t help but feel cheated. He hadn’t expected anything else from his father-in-law but why was even his mother-in-law part of this scheme? She couldn’t do this to him! She had already agreed to give Jing He to him when he made him fall in love. She had gone back on her words! This was cheating!

Seeing his accusing look, Bai Fen stemmed her hands into her hips and looked at him darkly. “Longjun, can you explain to me what you think you’re doing? Is the capital city of the Nine Heavens a place you can rush into just like this?”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “What are you saying, mother-in-law? I only came to save Jing He! I want to see him now!”

Bai Fen didn’t listen to him. She had already heard from Huang Lan and Mu Kun that Jing He had called his uncle over. Furthermore, regardless of who it was, that was with him, the dragon king couldn’t just barge into the capital, beat up their soldiers and then demand to see her son. Somebody had to teach him some manners.

Otherwise, he would always regard the Nine Heavens is his playing field and wouldn’t care for any rules anymore. What would become of her son then? No, she couldn’t let that happen. If they gave in to this guy too many times, then he would just expect them to do so always. In that case, her son would be the one to suffer. After all, Jing He’s temperament was gentle. He would never be able to stand up to this guy on his own. In that case, as his mother, it was her duty to do it in his stead.

“You will not pass through this door, Longjun, regardless of what you do. So you better turn back now before I have you thrown out of the Nine Heavens completely.”

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    This misunderstanding is too hilarious 😂😂😂. I can’t stop laughing. Just by being lazy, fu min has created such a huge chaos. I hope by the end of the day they will laugh at themselves for these🤣🤣.

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