LWS Extra 2: C8 Was He Really That Old?

Mister Su looked at Nie Chang and gave a cold huff. “What? You don’t want to help to carry the luggage?”

Nie Chang tiredly rubbed his eyes and wanted to trudge over but Madam Su clutched his arm and glared at her husband. “What are you even talking about, Guanting? You have something to say? Then say it to my face!”

Mister Su flinched and decided that it wasn’t worth it angering his wife just to teach this bastard a lesson. Anyway, it was pretty unlikely that he’d be able to prevent his son’s wedding. By now, it was already too late. Ah, he shouldn’t have given in back then. Now, his precious little darling would be taken away forever … And he had just managed to make up with him as well. This just wasn’t fair!

He helped the driver take out the luggage on his own and then looked at the four suitcases. Well … He didn’t mind taking more than one but he didn’t have enough hands to take all of them, did he?

Nie Chang looked at them and still picked up two even though he hardly felt as if he was able to walk straight. Anyway, one of those was his own and the other one was Su Yan’s. Who was going to carry them if not him? Well, in the best case, he could use them to keep himself upright.

Su Yan could hardly wait to go in and explore. Thus he dashed off as soon as the cab drove off. Madam Su sighed and took one of the suitcases from Nie Chang, taking a double look at it when she noticed that it was surprisingly heavy. What had Su Yan packed? Anyway, it was better to help her future son-in-law out a bit or he might really collapse at the wedding.

The three of them followed Su Yan in and Mister Su begrudgingly went to check them all in.

He looked at the keys the receptionist gave him with a dark expression and then turned to his son who was tugging at Nie Chang’s sleeve, excitedly jabbering about the reception hall. Ah, he didn’t want to imagine the two of them sharing a room. He looked at the keys again and turned to the receptionist, wanting to ask for another room. He didn’t mind that he’d be the one to pay for it but he just didn’t want the two of them to sleep in the same bed.

Madam Su saw her husband’s movement and rushed over, grabbing his arm. “Since you have the keys let’s go. Can’t you see that Nie Chang is tired?”

“But …”

“No buts! The two of them have been together for so long. They’re even about to marry. Do you really think it will change anything if they are in the same room now? There’s nothing that hasn’t happened yet. The rice has already been cooked.”

Mister Su grumbled now that he was reminded of that fact once again, thinking back to the day when he had found his son naked in bed. Thanks, but that was nothing he wanted to remember. Ah, his poor darling son … That bastard hadn’t even been able to wait until after their wedding! Was he really good enough for his Xiao Yan?

Madam Su shook her head in exasperation, took one key from her husband and handed it to their son. “Xiao Yan, you take this key. Make sure you don’t lose it.”

Su Yan nodded eagerly and then rushed ahead to the elevator, excitedly pushing the button and looking at the number above when it came down.

The other three slowly followed, arriving just when the doors opened with a ping. They went in together and then rode up to their floor, looking around for the number of their rooms.

Naturally, Su Yan had insisted on getting a suite and Mister Su had very generously booked the two biggest ones that were available, not missing out on giving Nie Chang a triumphant look. Ah, he was still the one who treated his darling son best. That guy couldn’t compare to him! When the novelty wore off, Su Yan would also be able to see that he was only good-looking.

Unfortunately for Mister Su, his son didn’t care about that at all. He rushed over to the door as soon as he saw the number, opened the door and went in without looking back. Well, he did run back out as soon as he had vanished but he didn’t look at his parents and instead grabbed his boyfriend’s hand. “Why are you so slow? Come on! Hurry up! The room is great!” He pulled and Nie Chang stumbled after him, casting a last look of despair at his future mother-in-law.

Madam Su’s lips twitched and she looked around for their door before she waved her husband away and dragged Su Yan’s suitcase over to his room. When she came in … her son had plunged head-first into the bed, spreading out his arms and legs and mumbling something incomprehensible. His boyfriend was following over, putting the suitcase down and taking off his shoes. Just when he wanted to lie down, Su Yan leaped up though, running through the room instead, pulling the curtains to the side and opening the window, looking out at the streets in front, then rushing to the bathroom to take a look while forgetting to close the window.

Nie Chang looked at it, decided that he wasn’t awake enough to care and still fell down on the bed, closing his eyes and hoping that he’d be able to get at least ten minutes of sleep while Su Yan explored.

Madam Su sighed, pulled the suitcase into the room and put it down on the other side of the bed. Then, she went to drag off her son. Seriously, was he really twenty-three already? She felt that he was still just three years old with how he behaved.

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