OMF V7C75 It’s Better Not to Know

At that point in time, Qiang Yan and Bai Mu had brought Leng Jin Yu out of the Nine Heavens and were currently looking at him, unsure of how to proceed. They had chosen to leave the Nine Heavens at the closest spot possible and were thus quite far away from the Yun Zou Sect. In fact, Qiang Yan had no idea where the sect even was.

“I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon. An injury to the soul isn’t anything to scoff at. Honestly, I wasn’t there at the time but there are stories of the previous dragon king collapsing in the Nine Heavens. They only found out later that it was because his soul had been injured by the soul-devouring dagger. And he wasn’t weak.”

Bai Mu glanced at his father but didn’t speak up. The Nine Heavens, the dragon realm, the king of a race … All that was far from the life he had lived so far. In fact, he mostly thought of himself as human. Sure, he was immortal thanks to his mother’s blood but he also would have turned immortal after cultivating. And considering his father’s blood, he would’ve been a talent anyway.

Qiang Yan couldn’t help but furrow his brows. “I don’t know too much about the previous Longjun but he was definitely a very strong person. He might not have been known as the strongest fighter like the current one is but that doesn’t mean that he was far off the mark. There was just somebody who was even better.”

He couldn’t help but wonder what the story behind all of this was. The strongest fighter of the dragon race … Before Qiu Ling, that had been his father. But even though the dragon race put a lot of emphasis on strength, that person hadn’t become their king. Instead, the greatest beauty of the dragon race had gotten a hold of that seat. It really made him wonder what was up with that.

Still, just because he hadn’t held the title, it didn’t mean that he had been weak. Dragons were naturally stronger than any of the other races. For Longjun Jinde, the same was true. He just … He had happened to be so beautiful that that was what attracted everyone’s eyes even more. It was to the point that there had been some rumors even in the Nine Heavens that he hadn’t been elected for anything but that beauty.

Needless to say, Qiang Yan didn’t believe that. This person … He wasn’t somebody he was willing to offend. His reign had been very peaceful and as the person that had finally managed to bring down the demon king Jian Heng who had ruled for the longest time that was recorded in the history of the three immortal races, he truly had to be exceptional. Where had Chun Yin been at that point in time?

Looking at Leng Jin Yu, Qiang Yan had some doubts about that. He wasn’t willing to ask any of that though. Maybe it was better not to speak about these things. If he discovered some of these secret unintentionally, he really wasn’t sure if he would be able to go on calmly. There were some things he’d rather not get involved in. Especially since this also concerned his nephew.

Had he found out about these things when Jing He had just met Qiu Ling, then maybe he would’ve done everything he could to investigate more and make sure the two of them wouldn’t be able to meet again. But when he did check Qiu Ling’s background back then, it hadn’t yielded any results and he hadn’t bothered to dig deeper since there hadn’t been any indicators that there might be something more to this than just a lucky case of an orphan being strong enough to gain everybody’s worship. And by now, even if he did find out, it wouldn’t change anything. Jing He had already fallen for this man. If he found out something that shouldn’t come to light, it would make matters worse. So for the sake of his nephew, it was better not to dwell on things and pretend he hadn’t found out about either Jinde being alive or Leng Jin Yu’s previous identity.

Qiang Yan sighed and pulled Leng Jin Yu back up. “Well, he wanted to return as fast as possible. I guess they will be meeting up in the Yun Zou Sect. Do you know where it is?” He could imagine something better than bringing an unconscious husband back to that person but what else was he supposed to do? That array had to be finalized as soon as possible. The longer Longjun Jinde stayed outside, the likelier it was for somebody to find him, after all. He couldn’t risk that.

So in the end, it was still better to bring him back. With the help of his husband, they might even be able to extricate the piece of his soul that Leng Jin Yu had cut off and finalize the array themselves. Then they could just let the couple go into the realm and everything would be alright.

Anyway, with his husband unconscious, that person should worry about other things than wreaking his anger on the poor messengers, right? Right?

Bai Mu didn’t catch his father’s worry and just nodded, motioning in the other direction. “I haven’t been imprisoned in the Chun Feng Sect for that long. It was only a few years, to be honest. Nothing much has changed since that time.”

“Let’s go then.”

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