LBM C9 It’s Not Easy to Be a Master (2): Two Ways of Sensing Spiritual Energy

In the end, Yun Bei Fen managed to learn how to take in spiritual energy thanks to his three senior martial brothers. He still struggled for almost half a year until that time and, unfortunately, the path of cultivation didn’t end when you were able to take in spiritual energy.

Another year passed and once again, Baili Chao stood in front of his fourth and last disciple. He cleared his throat and folded his hands behind his back, raising his chin and in an attempt to look more awe-inspiring. “Fen’er, you’ve already reached the first step on your road to reaching immortality. Now, it is time to learn something new!”

Yun Bei Fen looked at his Master with wide eyes. He still hadn’t understood too much about this cultivation and there were still so many questions he had to ask. “Master, does senior martial brother Mei also want to become immortal?”

Baili Chao coughed. He had already had this kind of conversation with his disciple several times so even if he didn’t like it, he had already found out how to go about this. “Yes, yes, of course, he wants to. Now, as for the thing you’re going to learn today, it is how to sense the spiritual energy in your surrounding.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. Sense the spiritual energy? Hadn’t he already done that?

Baili Chao hurried to continue before the little bunny could interrupt him again. “Actually, this isn’t too hard. You’ve already started sensing spiritual energy when you learned how to take it in to cultivate. This and what I want to teach you today is a little different though. When you sense the spiritual energy to take it into your body, then you only need to have a vague perception of it and then pull it to yourself. The new thing that I want to teach you today will enable you to sense the energy clearly. With that, you’ll be able to gauge just where an enemy will be for example.”

Once again, Yun Bei Fen’s limpid eyes looked at him in confusion. “I don’t think I understand, Master. Why are there two types of sensing? Can’t I just continue to sense it with the first one?”

Baili Chao shook his head. “It’s important for you to learn the second way too. Without it, you won’t be able to go far on the road to immortality.”

Yun Bei Fen looked at the ground, furrowed his brows and puffed out his cheeks. He didn’t care about immortality but since senior martial brother Mei also wanted this immortality, then it seemed that the sensing was very important indeed. “Then I’ll try.” He looked up, earning himself a satisfied nod from his Master.

“Very well, this is the way to go! Alright.” He motioned for Yun Bei Fen to sit down and once again cleared his throat. “The second way of sensing it isn’t that hard. You just have to focus your thoughts on the spiritual energy in your surroundings and then you will able to perceive the energy more clearly. Try it now!”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and tried to sense the spiritual energy. He had the vague feeling of faint mist surrounding him that he always had since he had managed to learn how to take in the spiritual energy. He focused and looked at the air in front of him. Now, how was he supposed to feel this? He didn’t sense anything else that he had not sensed before. Everything felt just the same as always.

Yun Bei Fen wasn’t one to give up this easily though. If senior martial brother Mei had learned this, then he should also learn it. He continued to stare at the air, never losing focus.

Baili Chao looked at his disciple with just as much fervor. Had Yun Bei Fen already managed to sense the spiritual energy? At the very least, he was very focused!

Thus the disciple and Master pair stared for several hours. Finally, Yun Bei Fen blinked and his eyes teared up. He looked at his Master, already sniffling. “Second father, it doesn’t work! I haven’t sensed anything!”

Baili Chao sighed deeply. Even though this disciple was very hard-working as soon as his senior martial brother Mei was mentioned, he was, unfortunately, a little slow with understanding things. He shouldn’t have expected him to get this right on the very first day. “Ah, well, never mind. You’ve tried your best. Let’s leave it at this for today. We can still continue to train tomorrow.” He waved and then left in disappointment. Ah, he couldn’t remember that it had been this hard when he taught his other disciples. Even Yan Hong Min had managed to understand this in a matter of a few hours. Well, come to think of it, Luo Lin had needed a few days and he had already been quite a bit older. But in the end, he had even managed to figure it out all on his own without needing his Master’s guidance. Mn, maybe Yun Bei Fen would also …

Baili Chao’s brows twitched. As if! With how the child was, he would probably need months again to be able to get this. Ah, being a Master wasn’t easy at all!

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