LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (7): Step Six: Repeat Step Five

Shen Lei’s eyes flung open as soon as Luo Lin stirred in his arms. He hadn’t forgotten what Qiao An had told him. Catching the fairy wasn’t too hard but holding onto him would be the difficult part. Thus, now that he had caught him, he had to make sure that he wouldn’t lose him. After all, there were a lot of other men outside that might try to steal the fairy from him.
Shen Lei pulled Luo Lin closer up against his chest and turned his head, pressing his lips onto Luo Lin’s for a lingering kiss. “I wouldn’t have gone too far with what I did, would I?”
Luo Lin turned in his arms and his fingertips brushed Shen Lei’s chest. His lips curved up in a sweet smile. “Luo Lin has long admired Ah Lei. How could Luo Lin feel that Ah Lei went too far?” From his expression, it really seemed that he didn’t mind how far things had gone even though they had only met.
Shen Lei hummed and looked up at the bed in front of them. In the end, they still hadn’t managed to make their way over. So much for chaining the fairy onto it and making sure he was happy there. Well, it didn’t seem like his fairy thought much about where exactly he was chained to. As long as it was enjoyable, he seemed to be in agreement.

Shen Lei gently stroked Luo Lin’s arms. “I still haven’t shown the house to my fairy.”
Luo Lin smiled in response. “How about showing Luo Lin the rest of the room first?” His slender arms wrapped around Shen Lei’s neck and their naked skin rubbed against each other, making Shen Lei shudder in ecstasy. Luo Lin chuckled in mirth and his nails scratched the other man’s skin.
Shen Lei picked his fairy up, carrying him the few steps to the bed and putting him down again. “There isn’t too much to see in the rest of the room. Maybe my fairy wants to see this place and then we could go and take a look at my fairy’s house?”
Luo Lin nodded happily and his slender foot trailed the length of Shen Lei’s leg, finally wrapping around his hips. “It’s still early though. Luo Lin doesn’t need to go back soon. So if Ah Lei wants, Luo Lin can stay over for a while longer to explore everything slowly.”
Shen Lei once again hummed in response. He certainly didn’t need to be told twice. His hands brushed over the fair skin and his lips started on another round of exploration. Ah, he certainly would never grow tired of this.

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