LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (6): Step Five: Make the Fairy Happy

Winter went by in the blink of an eye and Shen Lei couldn’t help but start feeling impatient. The fairy had come by almost every day to stop at the foot of the hill, observing his movements and maybe admiring his body a little. Unfortunately, by the time his fight ended, the fairy would always have hurried away already. There was just no way to catch him.
Shen Lei couldn’t help but wonder if Qiao An’s method was really as successful as he had thought in the beginning. Maybe he should try another approach, after all? Unfortunately, he didn’t know which. And he had nobody else to ask either. Thus he could only try and heighten the stakes.
Summer came and Lian Rong once again had to rub his eyes. “Senior martial brother … what happened to your robe?” He furrowed his brows and took a closer look.

Shen Lei only glanced at him and unsheathed his sword. “What about my robe? Don’t talk so much and take out your sword!” With that, he started to fight him, not giving Lian Rong any chance to question his style of clothing any further.
Soon enough, a certain beauty once again walked by the hill. Luo Lin stopped when he had reached the spot where he normally stood and watched the two people fighting. His eyes widened and his cheeks flushed an especially pretty shade of pink at the sight.
Ah, this man … Did he really see right? Luo Lin couldn’t help but continue standing there, appreciating how Shen Lei’s muscles moved while he fought. This time, it wasn’t just the muscles in his arm. No, this time it was also the muscles in his back. The ‘robe’ that Shen Lei wore didn’t just miss its sleeves, it didn’t have a top either, proudly displaying his bare chest and back.
Luo Lin continued to watch until the moment when the two men stepped apart. Or, well, the moment when Lian Rong hit the ground and Shen Lei stepped back, sheathing his sword and turning to look at the foot of the hill.
Shen Lei’s gaze met Luo Lin’s and his eyes lit up. It seemed that his scheme had paid off. The fairy was still there! He didn’t wait and rushed down the hill, pulling the beauty right into his arms. Luo Lin didn’t resist. He meekly lay in his embrace, his hands pressed up against Shen Lei’s broad chest, admiring the muscles below his fingers. Mn, not bad, not bad at all …
Shen Lei smiled in satisfaction when he saw the fairy’s gaze resting on his naked upper body. It seemed he really had made the right call. He pulled him even closer, trapping him in his arms. “I’ve seen you come by almost every single day for half a year. Even though you haven’t told me your name yourself yet, I think we can be called acquaintances. How about following me to my house and becoming something more than just acquaintances?”
Luo Lin’s gaze rose from Shen Lei’s chest to his face. He looked into those eyes that sparkled with anticipation and his own lips raised in a sweet smile. “Luo Lin has long looked up to senior martial brother. Luo Lin would feel honored to be able to follow him home.”
Shen Lei shuddered at the faint voice. As expected, his fairy sounded as lovely as he looked! He nodded and without thinking any further, he picked Luo Lin up and carried him to his house. The door was opened with a kick and smashed into the wall, barely allowing him to rush inside, before it fell shut behind them. Shen Lei didn’t mind. His whole attention was focused on the fairy in his arms.
“We’ve arrived.”
Luo Lin nodded, his slender arms wrapping around Shen Lei’s neck. “We’ve indeed arrived. Then … would senior martial brother show Luo Lin around?” His fingers brushed through Shen Lei’s hair, making him tremble in anticipation.
Ah, just imagining how it would feel if those fingers brushed other parts of his body … Shen Lei’s lips curved up further and he hugged the fairy closer to his body. “Then which part of the house would the fairy like to be shown?”
The two of them looked at each other, their eyes sparkling.
Luo Lin leaned closer to Shen Lei’s face, one of his hands stroking the man’s cheek. “Whichever part senior martial brother would like to show to Luo Lin.”
Shen Lei pondered and finally, just did as Qiao An had told him and carried Luo Lin to the bedroom. Why should he lose any time if the fairy didn’t mind? He would really just tie him to the bed and make sure that he was happy there.
Just when he had opened the door to the bedroom, Luo Lin’s sweet breath brushed his face and their lips almost touched.
Shen Lei’s gaze darkened and his arms around the fairy’s waist tightened. Forget about the bed! He couldn’t wait any longer.
He whirled around, pushing the door closed behind them, and pressed Luo Lin against it with his body. His lips ravished Luo Lin’s and his hands moved to take off the beautiful robe.
Luo Lin didn’t resist this time either. On the contrary, his hands also moved along Shen Lei’s body and pushed down his pants. “Luo Lin has admired senior martial brother for a very long time …” He repeated his previous statement, reminding Shen Lei that he had forgotten to introduce himself.
“Shen Lei. You can call me out Ah Lei if you want.” He didn’t give Luo Lin any chance to respond and sealed his lips with another searing kiss, his fingers continuing to move to take off the inner robe too until they were standing with their naked skin brushing against each other. “My fairy…”
“Ah Lei…”
The two people stared at each other and then threw all caution to the wind, forgetting themselves in carnal desire for the following hours.

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