LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (5): Step Four: Attract the Fairy

Shen Lei stayed at Qiao An’s place for a while longer, discussing how to attract the fairy to him in the first place. Starting from the following day, a startling sight could be seen in the Teng Yong Sect.
Lian Rong’s eyes widened in disbelief. “First senior martial brother … your sleeves …”
“What about them?” Shen Lei took out his sword and leisurely held it in front of him, motioning at Lian Rong to begin.
“They … They’ve vanished!” And there’s snow falling! There are snowflakes accumulating on your shoulders, alright?! Even if you’ve already formed your core, can you stop being so hardcore?! You’re scaring the junior martial brothers at the side! Naturally, Lian Rong didn’t dare to say the latter part but he felt that his first sentence already encompassed his feelings well enough.
Shen Lei blinked his eyes as if he had no idea what his junior martial brother was talking about. He turned to look at his arm and flexed his muscles. “Is that so?” Then he lifted his sword as if the cold didn’t affect him at all and waved at his junior martial brother once again.
Lian Rong’s lips twitched. Was this guy serious? Well, it wasn’t his problem. If his first senior martial brother felt that training in a robe without sleeves was the right decision, then who was he to tell him the opposite? He took his own sword out while shaking his head and attacked.
Thus their training resumed just like on any other day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as soon as one got used to the look of Shen Lei training with bare arms. This continued for three days. At that time, the other disciples had already stopped caring about Shen Lei’s weird behavior and focused on their own training again. On that day there were once again several injuries because half of the disciples had been distracted. The other half hurriedly lowered their swords and turned to look at the foot of the whole. Sure enough, a certain beauty was once again walking by.
Shen Lei glanced over and smacked his junior martial brother. “Stop staring! Raise your sword and fight me properly!”
Before Lian Rong had any chance to react, Shen Lei attacked once again. While the other disciples continued to stare at the beauty, these two were locked in an intense fight, their robes and hair fluttering in the wind and Shen Lei’s muscles prominently displayed.
At the foot of the mountain, a certain beauty stopped in his tracks. Luo Lin wasn’t used to the sound of swords clashing when he passed by. Normally, his walk was accompanied by astonished silence. Hearing somebody continue to fight passionately, he couldn’t help but lift his gaze and look at the two figures whirling about. His gaze zeroed in on that man, clad in a dark robe whose bare arms showed his indomitable strength. His heart immediately beat faster. Could it be? This man … His cheeks flushed and Luo Lin turned away, hurrying past the hill and back to his own house.
Even though the beauty had fled, the beauty still returned the very next day only to find the same thing happening again. The handsome man with his bare arms continued to fight as if he hadn’t noticed him at all. Luo Lin’s heartbeat once again sped up and he couldn’t help but linger a while longer next to the hill, observing the two men fighting there. Naturally, he didn’t bother about Lian Rong. All his attention was focused on Shen Lei.
Atop the hill, Shen Lei smirked. With his level, he was naturally able to feel Luo Lin’s gaze. It seemed Qiao An had said the truth. This really was the best way to attract the fairy. His fourth step had been an overwhelming success. Now, it was time for the fifth and final step!

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