LBM C7 The Very Best Cultivator (7): The Fifth Best Cultivator

This time Yun Bei Fen didn’t run into any of his senior martial brothers. Unfortunately, he didn’t find Mei Chao Bing either. He stopped in the middle of the venue and sighed. Had he really lost senior martial brother Mei? Ah, how could this have happened? Everything had been going so well before … What a pity!
Yun Bei Fen lowered his head and sniffled. He had wanted to see all of his senior martial brother’s fights. Now he had only seen the first one and missed all the others. This was so unfair! And only because he was so small that he wasn’t able to find senior martial brother Mei in the crowd! He should have made sure to grow some more before this competition!
A shadow fell over him and Yun Bei Fen looked up with his tear-streaked face. The person in front of him looked back at him with a slightly dumbfounded expression.
“What are you doing here?”
“First senior martial brother!” Yun Bei Fen stretched out his arms and sobbed.
Zhi Guan pondered and finally crouched down and pulled him into his arms. “What happened? Did one of the disciples from the other sects bully you? Which one was it? Just point the person out and your first senior martial brother will go and ask them for a fight and take revenge on your behalf!”
“Mh-mh.” Yun Bei Fen shook his head and clung to his first senior martial brother’s shoulder. “Master said I should go watch the fights but I lost senior martial brother Mei in the crowd. How am I supposed to watch him fight now?”
Zhi Guan frowned. “He still didn’t finish his fight? You should find yourself another idol then.”
Yun Bei Fen wildly shook his head. “No! Senior martial brother Mei is the very best cultivator out there! He’s the only one I want to see!”
“Oh. Mn.” Zhi Guan looked at his own sword and nodded. “Then let’s see where he is. Would be a pity if you can’t watch the fights and learn from it. You also have to become a good cultivator in the future, you hear?”
“Mn. I can become the …” Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and raised both his hands, pointing at a few of his fingers. “The fifth best cultivator if you want me to!”
Zhi Guan picked his little junior martial brother up and put him onto his shoulders. “Why the fifth?”
“Well, the very best cultivator is senior martial brother Mei. Then after senior martial brother Mei, there’s still you. And today, while I was searching for senior martial brother Mei, I saw third senior martial brother use a secret technique and win against a cultivator that looked a lot stronger than him. So third senior martial brother should be the third best cultivator in the world. It also makes sense. He’s third senior martial brother, after all.”
“Then who’s the fourth one?”
“Second senior martial brother.”
Zhi Guan raised his brows. “So he made it onto the list.”
“Mn. He also won a fight. He was really fast and he had sparkling marbles.”
“Oh. Then after second senior martial brother, you’re the next best cultivator?”
Yun Bei Fen tilted his head. “Well … not now. But I can become the fifth best cultivator. I promise!”
“I see. What about Master then?”
Yun Bei Fen leaned forward to look into Zhi Guan’s face. “Do you think I should promise Master too?”
“Uh … No. Let’s make it a surprise. Master will be happy if he sees that you learned a lot and managed to become the fifth best cultivator. That’ll be enough for him.” Maybe even better than being on his disciple’s list of the strongest cultivators … And in case it wasn’t, it was better not to let him know about the list at all.
“First senior martial brother! I can see senior martial brother Mei! He’s over there!”
“Oh? Then let’s go over.” Zhi Guan pushed his way through the crowd in the direction that Yun Bei Fen pointed at before finally letting him down to the ground again.
The little bunny already wanted to skip away but he pulled him back.
“Little junior, if you lose sight of that Mei Chao Bing again, just ask one of us. We’re your martial brothers, we’re studying under the same Master. It’s only natural for us to share all our problems and make sure no one gets left behind. There’s no need to be all depressed if something doesn’t work out.”
“Mn! Don’t worry, first senior martial brother!” Yun Bei Fen hugged Zhi Guan’s leg and finally skipped off, after all, making sure that he wouldn’t lose his idol in the crowd this time around.

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