LBM C7 The Very Best Cultivator (6): All the Colors of the Rainbow

Yun Bei Fen didn’t understand the tumult around him but he didn’t care too much either. It seemed his third senior martial brother had managed to win with his secret technique. Their Master should be very happy! In that case …
Yun Bei Fen turned around and continued onward to find Mei Chao Bing. He didn’t want to miss out on his other fights. No, his Master had said he should watch all of them so it was important to find him fast!
Yun Bei Fen weaved around between the spectating disciples and glanced up at all the stages to see if his senior martial brother Mei was already on there. Finally, he found himself in front of a stage where somebody was fighting that he knew very well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Mei Chao Bing either.
Yun Bei Fen’s expression fell but since the person up there was his second senior martial brother, he stopped for a moment and watched.
Right now, Yan Hong Min was jumping around a cultivator in a red robe, trying to stick a paper talisman onto his back. Unfortunately, that cultivator wasn’t any slower than him. He whirled around, his sword cut through the air and almost cut Yan Hong Min’s shoulder.

Yun Bei Fen’s senior martial brother ducked and rolled on the ground off the stage, leaping to his feet behind the cultivator and trying to stick the talisman onto his back again.
The other disciple ground his teeth and whirled around again, his sword going for the hand holding the talisman this time. Yan Hong Min sidestepped and leaned back when the sword came at him once again. He mumbled under his breath and kept the talisman, instead taking out a handful of marbles that shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow.
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes sparkled in response. His second senior martial brother always had a lot of interesting things but he had never seen any of these before. They looked really pretty!
Yan Hong Min took the really pretty yellow marble and threw it at the red-robed cultivator.
The disciple evaded but seeing his opponent throw something at him, he finally snapped. “You! Take out your sword and fight if you want to be a cultivator!” He dashed toward Yan Hong Min and slashed out, his weapon wrapped in spiritual energy.
Yan Hong Min’s eyes lit up and he threw the blue marble at him.
The other disciple frowned. If he evaded again, this guy would use the opportunity to pull out some other thing and prolong this fight even more. He gritted his teeth and slashed out toward the marble, splitting it in half. The marble turned into a cloud of blue dust but the disciple ignored it. He grinned triumphantly and dashed further toward Yan Hong Min. This time, he finally had hi—
His eyes widened and he stopped in the motion as if he had been frozen solid.
The audience below also froze. Just what had happened? Why was he like this?
Yan Hong Min laughed, picked up the violet marble and threw it at him too. The marble hit the disciple’s body and shattered into another cloud of dust. The frozen cultivator stumbled forward but before he could try to regain his balance, the green marble smashed against his knee and he was pulled down onto the ground by a thorny vine.
He howled in anger but just when he managed to cut through the vine and fight himself back onto his knees, another blue marble smashed into his chest and blasted him right off the stage.
Yan Hong Min clapped his hands. “Yes! This worked even better than I thought!” With that, he hopped of the stage, securing the remaining marbles in his spatial ring. Ah, he should see if he could try those out in the second round. Or maybe he would finally have a chance to see if his shock-talisman worked as well as he thought?
Yun Bei Fen watched him leave, shook his head and also hurried away. He still had to find senior martial brother Mei, after all!

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