RSH Stratagem 1: (Luck) Fate Plays an Important Role In Love (2)

Author’s Note: Since it’s Easter, let’s start with the serialization of RSH a little sooner 😊


The three dragons flew over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace in the Nine Heavens of the gods. Unfortunately, they realized at once that it wouldn’t be as easy as they had thought.
There weren’t just many people. It seemed like everyone who had at least a bit of status had come. Qiu Ling frowned and turned around to check if he could still sneak out. Naturally, he couldn’t. Instead, he just managed to invite another problem.
A woman hurried over to them. “Longjun!” Just with issuing his title she managed to display the kind of high-pitched voice he hated the most.
Qiu Ling turned his head away and rolled his eyes. Heavens! What was it with these people? Don’t even mention her voice. Had this woman looked into the mirror before she came here? What was with that ugly dress?
“Xiang Yong! Where’s the Heavenly Emperor?”
Xiang Yong gulped and looked around. “It … seems he isn’t here yet.”
“Then why are we?”
“It’s just a matter of waiting for a while. Your Majesty, why don’t we go and sit down? I’m sure the Heavenly Emperor will come over soon. He’s probably just waiting for his wife or something.”
Qiu Ling mumbled but still went over to the seats that were reserved for them. The things getting on his nerves didn’t stop though.
Quite a few women came over, every one of them dressed as if they were flowers who wanted to attract bees. He felt like he was going blind having to see them at his periphery. The worst thing was that those lights reflected off all that jewelry, nearly blinding him.
But it wasn’t just the visuals. Those women also couldn’t shut up! They chattered and chattered next to him until they realized that they wouldn’t get an answer. Some weren’t even smart enough for that and needed to be driven off by the equally irritating flattery that Xiang Yong managed to spew.
Then, someone had the great idea to have some musicians play a tune because, well, it probably wasn’t loud enough yet. Qiu Ling clenched his fists. He had enough of this! He just wanted to go back home and enjoy the peaceful silence of his chambers!
He made to stand up when his ears picked up on something different. Something he liked very much. He sat back down and listened with rapt attention.
“I know you don’t want to but all these people came just for you. Wouldn’t they be disappointed if you didn’t show up? I know I would be.” The voice was gentle and soothing. It seemed to wrap around his soul, imprisoning him at the most beautiful place he had ever laid eyes on.
“Aiya, if it was you, I’d never let you wait,” answered another voice.
Qiu Ling’s brows twitched. Who dared?! Let him talk more!
Thankfully, that clear voice returned at once. “I’ll be at your side the whole evening and I’ll spend the whole day tomorrow with you. Alright?”
Qiu Ling wanted to nod. Oh, yes, he could well imagine spending the next day with this person. Just listening to him was a pleasure! He looked up to find out who it was and felt like his heart would stop beating the very next moment.
There he was. He wore a blue robe that hugged his slender body and an embroidered belt highlighted his slim waist even more. One of his hands was lying on an old man’s arm, showcasing his long, delicate fingers. Even with the sleeves hiding his arms one could vaguely discern their elegant posture while the form of his legs showed for just a moment whenever he took a step.
Qiu Ling gulped and his gaze slid higher, taking in the inconspicuous embroidery on the lapel of his robe before admiring his slender neck. He was still looking up at the old man, exposing his throat as if he wanted to show how vulnerable he was and how much he needed a strong man at his side that would protect him from all harm.
Ah, I’ll be your guard for all eternity, my beauty!
Qiu Ling looked up and was met with the sight of a pair of full, apricot-colored lips. The lights made them shimmer and emphasized their lovely curve. Ah, weren’t these lips just begging him to go over and plant a kiss on them?!
Qiu Ling’s hands shook but he held back. He wouldn’t want to seem too eager and thus frighten this lovely boy.
His gaze wandered higher, taking in the straight nose and finally pausing at the dark eyes and the willowy brows above them. Ah, his eyes … They were like dark lakes luring unknowing men in, bewitching them with their beauty. The lights reflected in them seemed like countless stars, holding all the wisdom in the world and still asking for more.
These eyes took Qiu Ling’s soul captive and didn’t want to let go. But for the sake of appraising all of his beloved’s beauty Qiu Ling wrestled himself free and took a look at the black hair falling down his beloved’s shoulders.
It was of an inky-black color like that of most gods but how could it be compared to them?! It was obviously much better! Just looking at these dark, glossy strands you knew it would be silky when you ran your fingers through it. The strands would glide over your skin like silk, no, even better! Silk couldn’t describe in the least how it would feel.
Ah! He really couldn’t contain his excitement any longer! This person was obviously sculpted by Heaven himself! The personification of absolute perfection, the apex of beauty, the summit of gentleness! This was definitely the person Heaven had chosen to be his lover! They were destined to be!
Just then, the voice of one of the gods sounded over the clamor on the plaza. “His Majesty, the Heavenly Emperor, Her Majesty, the Heavenly Empress, and His Highness, the Son of Heaven.”
The conversations all stopped but Qiu Ling didn’t care for that anymore. He observed the beauty that was entering the plaza together with the old man. He had finally taken his hand down and had folded them in front of his body now. Ah, it just looked too demure! He wanted to go over and take these hands to admire them a little while longer. No! Not just that! He wanted to take them into his, admire them and touch them and then kidnap this beauty into his realm and make him his.
On the other side of the plaza, Jing He’s eyes twitched. He felt a slight chill creeping up his back.
“Are you cold?” His father’s worried voice rang out beside him and they stopped for a moment at the edge of the plaza instantly attracting even more attention.
Jing He looked up and smiled a bit more, making Qiu Ling’s heart on the other end of the plaza flutter. Oh heavens! This smile!
“It’s alright. I just … felt a little strange just now. I’m probably not used to so many people around.”
“Ah, don’t you worry. If they disturb you, father will send them all away! Nobody is more important than my precious son.”
Jing He smiled. He really didn’t know what to say to his father’s overindulgence. “There really is no need.”
“Mn.” The Heavenly Emperor patted his son’s cheek before turning around to his guests and acting like a dignified sovereign. Ugh. He’d have to sit through a couple of hours of accepting thoughtless gifts again. It would have been so much better to spend the time with just his family.
The Heavenly Emperor continued to smile and accepted the greetings of the first god who dared to approach them. He even managed to return some remark to him while his thoughts wandered over to their seats. He couldn’t let his poor son stand the whole time!
The god in front of him took a look at Jing He and smiled. “Ah, His Highness the crown prince has become even more beautiful since the last time I saw him. Your Majesty is truly blessed to have such an exceptional son.”
The Heavenly Emperor froze and a dangerous glint crossed his eyes. This guy … he was actually salivating over his darling son in front of him?! He dared! This guy would definitely get a high place on his blacklist! What was his post? He’d find somebody else to do it for him!
The god gulped. He somehow felt a chill creep up his spine. Had he said anything wrong? But he had just complimented the crown prince! Everyone knew that he was the Heavenly Emperor’s greatest pride! Shouldn’t complimenting him get one into the Heavenly Emperor’s good graces? And he hadn’t said anything wrong! The crown prince was a beauty!
Just when the god felt like he would go insane an uproar behind him averted the Heavenly Emperor’s attention.

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  1. totoro

    Qiu Ling is totally me at family events 😄

    So he felt in love at first hear, what an interesting man! Am gonna see how this one goes.

    Heavenly Emperor seems like another ridiculous ruler.

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