LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (1): An Important Matter

Baili Chao cleared his throat and looked at his three eldest disciples awe-inspiringly. “Disciples, today, I called you together to discuss a very important matter!”
Zhi Guan straightened up, elated. “Is it the righteous path’ Sword Competition that is being held every ten years to exchange pointers and determine the strongest sword cultivator?”
Baili Chao frowned. “No, it’s still a year until then.”
Zhi Guan’s enthusiasm withered. If it wasn’t the Sword Competition, then why was he here? He’d much rather go and train his own sword arts.
While one was sad, another was happy. Hearing that it wasn’t something dull like the Sword Competition, Yan Hong Min perked up. “Could it be? Did the secret affair between Sect Master Zhang and Martial Aunt Xu finally get revealed?!”
“Oh. So that wasn’t it.” Yan Hong Min slumped down on the table and picked at a burned spot. How boring!
“Ah!” Luo Lin jumped to his feet, his eyes sparkling brightly. “Did Master find an injured cultivator at the roadside when you were out and now you need someone to take care of him? Don’t worry any longer, Master! Luo Lin volunteers to take up this task!”
Baili Chao was rendered speechless. Why were his disciples coming up with even stranger ideas?! Before he could call them back to order, his second disciple already pointed at the third.
“Fuck! What do you mean you want to take care of him?”
Luo Lin tilted his head and touched his cheek. “That was exactly what I thought of.”
Baili Chao’s lips twitched. “Enough, you two! There’s no injured cultivator.”
“No?” Luo Lin sank back onto his chair with a disappointed expression, cupped his face and sighed. “So there isn’t an injured cultivator at all …”
Baili Chao ignored him before he cleared his throat and straightened his shoulders to get back some momentum. “As I said, I called you over to discuss a very important matter today. Your little junior martial brother, Fen’er, has already been with us for some time. His spiritual cultivation is also slowly coming along. Now, it’s time to start with his sword cultivation. In other words: Fen’er needs a sword!”
Luo Lin lowered his hands and looked up, blinking his limpid eyes. “Isn’t he a little young to do that kind of thing? Maybe we should wait until he’s a little older. I remember my first time —”
Zhi Guan leaped to his feet before Luo Lin had time to reminisce. “Don’t worry about this, Master! I will definitely make sure that our little junior gets the sword best-suited for him!”
Baili Chao looked at his disciples and sighed. Ah, could he really trust these three to help with finding a good sword for his fourth disciple? He really wasn’t too sure anymore.

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