LWS Chapter 43 A Cat On A Bicycle

Nie Chang and Su Yan strolled through the park without saying anything for a while. Then, Su Yan couldn’t take it anymore. He reached over and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve.
“What is it?” Nie Chang only glanced at him and he didn’t sound enthusiastic.
Su Yan instantly felt bad. He couldn’t really say what he had done but he was sure that Nie Chang’s bad mood must have to do with him. Did he say anything offending? He honestly couldn’t remember anything like that.
“I … I just wanted to stress that it really was an accident.”
“It really was!”
Su Yan hesitated, then he stepped closer to Nie Chang. After being so close to him for the last few days, he felt a little apprehensive now that Nie Chang was suddenly not hugging him. “It’s all that System’s fault! I already told you about it. It made me read that novel and when I looked at the tags I saw something I didn’t understand so I went to Baidu and looked it up.”
“Is that so.”
“Yeah! It really is! You have to believe me!”
Nie Chang sighed. How was he supposed to stay stern when Su Yan was using that whiny tone on him? “It’s alright. I believe you.”
“Really? Then why are you being like that? You’re clearly unhappy with me!”
Nie Chang slowly turned around. Why was this guy always this sharp when it got to other things but never when it was about love? How come he was so lacking in that department?
“What is it?” Su Yan blinked uncomprehendingly. He only felt that Nie Chang was strange today. Maybe they shouldn’t have gone out?
“I’m not unhappy with you. I was just … thinking.”
“About what?”
“About what you said before.” Nie Chang looped his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders again and actually got a triumphant smile in return. “You really seemed to mind when I told you I knew what you had looked at that day. Do you … feel that uncomfortable with it?”
Su Yan faced the other side. “Who wouldn’t?”
“What is it that makes you uncomfortable? That it’s porn or that it’s about two men?”
Su Yan looked back at him, obviously piqued.
Nie Chang lifted his hands in defense. “I’m not judging here. Just curious.”
“Well … both?”
I thought so. Nie Chang nodded. Su Yan really was the proper type of person who wouldn’t watch any adult videos if you didn’t pique his curiosity somehow. His explanation about how he had read a novel and looked up something he didn’t understand on Baidu actually made sense.
“So, you wouldn’t be able to accept it if two men were together?”
Su Yan turned back. “What do you mean? Isn’t that just something they made up? You know, like those cats driving bicycles.”
For a moment, Nie Chang didn’t have any comeback to that. So, it turns out the person I’ve been in love with for so many years has never noticed not because he’s so incredibly dense but because it never crossed his mind that two men could actually fall in love.
Well, it figures. He’s from that type of prim and proper household, after all. That old man of his was even against him having a friend without the right background, how could he let his son find out there is something like gay men out there? If he had known that I was in love with Su Yan back then, he probably would have hired some thugs to beat me up.
But if that’s the case, then … It’s not that Su Yan is against it. He just doesn’t understand. So if I make him understand …
Nie Chang’s gaze grew more intense, puzzling the unsuspecting Su Yan next to him. They went some more steps before Nie Chang suddenly halted. He took his arm from Su Yan’s shoulders.
Su Yan looked on in confusion. “Wha—”
Before he got the first word out, Nie Chang unceremoniously grabbed his hand and yanked him forward. He fell forward and collided with Nie Chang’s chest. He wanted to curse and slap him but before he could find his balance again, he was already shoved back against a tree.
Su Yan widened his eyes. This seemed somehow wrong? There was the trunk in his back and Nie Chang’s body in front and then there was an arm propped up next to his head. He felt completely caged. He wanted to turn to the other side but Nie Chang cupped his cheek with the other hand and turned his face back.
Another wave of protest was stopped in its tracks when Nie Chang finally made his move. He leaned forward, tilted his head and pressed his lips onto Su Yan’s. In an attempt to calm his friend down, he caressed his cheek before he gently started to suck.
Su Yan stared at him with wide eyes but Nie Chang had already closed his and was completely immersed in the kiss. Slowly, his thumb rubbed Su Yan’s cheeks, before his hand slid over his jawline, down his throat, and toward his collarbone. Nie Chang gently caressed it without thinking any further. Whatever came later, he didn’t want to know for now. He was just incredibly happy that he could hug Su Yan for once and really kiss him.
Unknowingly, Su Yan’s own eyes also slid closed. Being in Nie Chang’s warm embrace … it actually didn’t feel bad. The kiss even felt good and he liked those light caresses. Could it actually be that this wasn’t as strange as he had imagined? Could it be that it didn’t actually matter if the other person was a man or a woman?
His eyes finally closed completely. He couldn’t find an answer right now but he still felt comfortable with Nie Chang. Unconsciously, he reached out and grabbed onto his shirt.
Nie Chang smiled while his hand slid further down until it reached Su Yan’s hip. Their lips separated and Nie Chang turned his head, planting a kiss on Su Yan’s cheek before leaning his head to the side and leaving another one on his neck.
“Maybe …”, he whispered in his ear, “the cats just always drove their bicycles when you didn’t look.”

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