LWS Chapter 41 Sadly, There’s No Rain

Su Yan still felt like he was in a trance when Nie Chang went to pay and dragged him out of the shop afterward. He followed him to the car, not even noticing that Nie Chang had taken his hand as if they were a couple. He only woke up when Nie Chang parked and opened the door for him once more.
Su Yan blinked and stared out of the windshield. There was lots of green in front. Where they … in some sort of park?
“Ah Yan?” Nie Chang bent down and looked at him with his head tilted. Had he pushed too hard earlier? Su Yan really was out of sorts right now.
“Huh? Oh.” Su Yan alighted and waited for Nie Chang to close the door. “Where are we? Didn’t we want to learn how to cook? We’re not going to do that outside, are we?”
Nie Chang smiled. So Su Yan had once again managed to shove his problems aside. Damn, he was just too good at ignoring stuff. Well, the day was still long. “We’re not. The workshop is in the afternoon. I thought we could spend some time outside before that. We’ll be inside for the rest of the day, after all.”
“Oh. Makes sense.” Su Yan looked at the park and his lips twitched. This park … He could see some couples even from the entrance. Why did it seem like they always came back to this topic?
Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan around the waist and pulled him along. “What are you spacing out for? It’s your own fault for not eating. Don’t complain that you don’t have any energy.”
“I have lots of energy!” Su Yan hastened his steps. He wouldn’t let Nie Chang make fun of him. It was bad enough that he had reacted so strangely before. He couldn’t give him any further cause.
“I hope so.”
“Naturally!” Su Yan raised his chin but even he himself felt that that wasn’t really impressive. Damn these tall people!
Nie Chang averted his gaze. How cute! Su Yan looked just like a kitten that tried to show off in front of its owner as if it wanted to say ‘I’m much more important than you!’ Which loving owner wouldn’t indulge it’s kitten a bit when it acted spoiled?
Nie Chang gripped Su Yan’s hand and silently caressed his fingers with his thumb. “Mn, I shouldn’t have doubted that. You’re always full of energy. I’m actually a bit amazed.”
Su Yan seemed pacified. Or, well, maybe it was more accurate to say he looked smug. He just loved getting compliments! Maybe that was the cat getting a treat? Nie Chang was one step away from reaching over and tickling Su Yan under the chin. He’d just love to see that reaction!
Just at this moment, Su Yan leaned backward.
Nie Chang raised his brows. “What is it?”
“Your eyes said you had some dishonest thoughts”, he answered with a deadpan expression. Honestly, Nie Chang’s eyes had seemed to sparkle right now. If he still didn’t know that he had to step back, he would be downright dumb. In fact, it would have been better he could have completely stepped out of Nie Chang’s reach but that guy was somehow still hugging him around the waist.
Nie Chang coughed. This guy … Honestly! He could tell if he wanted to play a joke on him but not when he wanted to seduce him. Wasn’t his insight too selective? He returned to face Su Yan and smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything. I just … thought you were looking especially cute right now.”
This time, it was Su Yan who started coughing. What was it with this statement again?! He felt like tears were streaming down his cheeks. What was his friend trying to do? In the end, he only sighed and said nothing.
Nie Chang also didn’t say anything. He just slowly strolled through the park with Su Yan. They had really chosen the perfect day for this date. Even now it was already nearly thirty degrees and there weren’t any clouds in sight. It was a little humid, though, but he didn’t mind. As long as it didn’t start to rain, everything was well.
Though … Nie Chang took another peek at the sky. Rain could have some positive outcome, actually. It just needed to happen when they were near a place that was just barely big enough for the two of them to take shelter and where they were alone. Then he could use the opportunity to hug Su Yan and cuddle with him under the excuse of keeping him warm and both of them dry.
Nie Chang sighed. Suddenly, he regretted that the weather forecast had said that there wouldn’t be any rain today.
“What is it?” Su Yan became a little worried. Nie Chang seemed different today. Hearing him suddenly sigh made Su Yan a little apprehensive. “You … Is it … really hard for you? Because of that person?”
Nie Chang blinked and turned toward Su Yan again. “Could you repeat that?”
He honestly seemed like he hadn’t heard so Su Yan bit the bullet. “I asked if it was hard on you because you don’t know how that person feels about you.”
“Oh.” Nie Chang faced forward. He still couldn’t believe that he had heard those words from Su Yan. “Well … It would certainly be easier if he wasn’t so dense.”
“Oh.” Su Yan pouted again.
“What are you thinking about?” Nie Chang lifted his hand and lightly tussled Su Yan’s hair.
“I …” Su Yan sighed. “I think it’s wrong that you never told me.” He turned his head away, looking the very image of somebody miffed.
Nie Chang grabbed his chin and turned his head back. “I should have. But maybe I was afraid how you would react.”
“Then how should I react?” Su Yan pouted a little more, making Nie Chang draw in a sharp breath. Damn, he was just too cute like this!
He raised his arm and grabbed Su Yan’s shoulder, pulling him toward him while he simultaneously leaned over. “Well, if this was a romance novel you’re writing and if you wanted to make the readers happy, then you’d have to be really happy and show it with unrestrained actions.”
“Unrestrained actions?” Su Yan frowned. Nie Chang made jokes about novels quite often since he knew that he was writing but this time, he really didn’t get it. Why would a character get so overly excited because somebody else told him that they liked someone? He looked up at Nie Chang with a puzzled gaze.
Nie Chang smiled. “Yes, unrestrained actions. Like … hugging me.” And then giving me a kiss of which I will take advantage before we decide to skip the cooking and just go home straight away.
Nie Chang stopped walking and extended his arms, clearly waiting for a hug. Su Yan eyed him warily. This couldn’t be a ploy to play a trick on him, could it? In the end, he stepped forward and hugged Nie Chang, though. Well, Nie Chang was right that he should be happy for him.
Nie Chang smirked, pulled Su Yan as close as he could and let his hands wander up and down on his back. Mn, thankfully, his best friend was so gullible. It seemed he wouldn’t need the rain to cuddle with him.

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