The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He (4)

With Jing He’s palace decorated, Qiu Ling was missing the next excuse for staying a while longer. Thankfully, just then steps once again sounded from the entrance. A row of servants walked in, each of them carrying a little tray with the things the kitchens had made out of the pumpkin pulp.

Once again, Jing He leaped to his feet and tried to distance himself from Qiu Ling. And once again his lover shamelessly clung to him. Jing He could only pretend that nothing was going on. He nodded at the servants and had them put everything down on the table before they took their leave and the two of them were alone again.

They looked at each other. Qiu Ling gripped his hand and gently led him back to the table. “Let’s eat.” He sat down and pulled Jing He onto his lap again. Naturally, he wouldn’t let such a good opportunity slip through his hands. “My love, what do you want to try first?” He didn’t even look at the dishes and just observed Jing He’s face. Continue reading

The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He (3)

Faced with new opportunities, Qiu Ling didn’t tarry and carved the pumpkins at normal speed.

Halfway through steps sounded from the entrance. Jing He hurriedly stood up. Naturally, Qiu Ling wouldn’t just wait on his seat. He stood up, too, and grabbed his beloved’s hand. Jing He wanted to take it back but Qiu Ling just smiled at him and even interlinked his fingers with his.

It seemed like his beloved wanted to protest at first but in the end, Jing He kept quiet and let Qiu Ling do what he wanted. He slightly shook his arm though so that his sleeve hid their hands. Continue reading

The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He (2)

Qiu Ling really, really wanted to mess up to have an excuse to stay with Jing He a while longer. Unfortunately, he also didn’t want to look like an idiot. Thus, he succeeded in cutting off the upper part on the first try.

Jing He sat up straighter and examined the two parts. “This looks …” He shook his head, actually a bit stunned. “I didn’t know you were so good at this kind of thing.”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Qiu Ling tried to look modest but it fizzled. The corners of his lips had turned up until his eyes curved into little crescents and the way he sat there with his chest puffed in pride rendered any attempt on showing humility useless. Continue reading

The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He (1)

Jing He slowly combed through his hair, making sure every single strand was in place. The dragon king Qiu Ling had just come by yesterday but since he had visited the day before yesterday and the day before that day, too, it wouldn’t be that unexpected for him to appear in front of his door once again. Even if he didn’t come by, it was still better to be prepared. He didn’t want him to think less of him just because he had been careless.

Reality showed that preparing himself had been the right choice. The usual uproar of Qiu Ling’s fight with the Heavenly Guards could be heard. People were cussing, swords whooshing through the air without ever hitting anything and then the dragon king laughed loudly. Continue reading

OMF Halloween Extra: The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He

Yan Su Su_Oh My Fate_Halloween Special_The Painting of Crown Prince Jing HeLast year, I wrote a Halloween-themed Oh. My. Fate?! special for my patrons: “The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He”. This year, I’ll be making that extra public for everyone while my patrons get a special Halloween story around the little bunny.

“The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He” has four chapters and I’ll be uploading them over the course of the day. The first one will go up at midday (my time) so stay tuned! 😊