RMN C16 An Old Rival

Yun Bei Fen looked at his Master for help who rolled his eyes in return.
This was what happened if you only ever paid attention to one person in the sect! You can’t even remember the head disciples of the other Elders. If this was the disciple of somebody else, I would look down on them!
Well, since this was his cute little disciple he naturally couldn’t stand back and watch him humiliate himself. He stepped forward to remind the brat in front of them that he was still there too. “Yang Wu Huang, how nice of you to come over and offer Fen’er some advice.”
“Ah, Elder Baili.” Yang Wu Huang hurriedly cupped his fists. “This one came over to greet you and your disciple. I heard that junior martial brother Yun was in closed-door cultivation for a long time. He has probably attained the next level. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.” Continue reading

RMN C15 A Beautiful Young Man

Baili Chao took a moment to process what Yun Bei Fen had said and suppressed another sigh. Ah, this boy! He might look like a young man now but he was obviously still a child at heart!
“You. Is that the only reason you delved into cultivation like that for the past years?”
Yun Bei Fen wanted to nod but reconsidered at the last moment and shook his head. “Of course not! I’ve taken all of Master’s teachings to heart. Cultivating earnestly is repaying all of Master’s kindness!” Continue reading

RMN C14 Come Out Here Now!

Baili Chao had enough once and for all. He stood in the courtyard of Yun Bei Fen’s house, arms akimbo, and stared at the door that hadn’t budged in the past few years.
“Yun. Bei. Fen. You come out here right now!”
From inside another bout of silence answered him as if Yun Bei Fen was really very, very absorbed in his cultivation.
Baili Chao frowned. “Don’t think I wouldn’t know that you’re hiding from Mei Chao Bing in there! I don’t care what happened between the two of you but you’ll come out this instance!” Continue reading

RMN C13 Become Strong Enough to Love Him

Mei Chao Bing stood in front of Yun Bei Fen’s house in a daze. Keep his distance from him? But … he had just found out about Yun Bei Fen’s feelings. He had just found out … about his own feelings.
He furrowed his brows. He didn’t want to. Everything inside of him screamed for him to just ignore what the Elder had said. But deep down there was also a rational voice whispering that Elder Baili wasn’t wrong.
Mei Chao Bing turned away from the house and looked into the distance. This Teng Yong Sect, he had always seen it as his home. He could hardly remember where he had lived before or who his parents were. They were just names to him. His Master, the other Elders, and the disciples were much more real to him. Continue reading

RMN C12 For His Sake

Mei Chao Bing stared at his empty arms and then at the gate of his courtyard. He could still see the little person fleeing in the distance. Maybe … he had been too direct? He rubbed his brow. What now? He could hardly just go and continue cultivating. Wouldn’t his little rabbit feel used then? Ah, that definitely couldn’t happen! Thus Mei Chao Bing already left his courtyard again and headed in the direction of the little house Yun Bei Fen occupied. He would just come back for his secluded cultivation a little later. Nobody should have anything against that.
Meanwhile, Yun Bei Fen ran all the way back to his house. He didn’t slow down even for a moment and he only stopped when he once again collided with a person. This time he was caught though. Continue reading

RMN C11 Frightened the Little Rabbit Away

Mei Chao Bing’s hands lifted involuntarily as if hugging this little rabbit to his chest was the normal thing to do. He stopped himself though and his hands remained awkwardly hanging in the air while a certain someone clung to him.
His lips parted. He should say something, shouldn’t he? But what was he to say? Why had his little junior even come? And why was he so flustered? His fingers tugged into Mei Chao Bing’s robe and his frantic heartbeat couldn’t be missed. Something was up.
Well, the first thing should be to calm him down …
Mei Chao Bing hesitated but finally, one of his hands landed on Yun Bei Fen’s head and gently patted him. “There, there. You’re looking as if the sky would come crashing down any moment now. What got you so flustered?” Continue reading

RMN C10 A Skittish, Little Bunny

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Yun Bei Fen paced up and down in his house. What should he do? His Senior Martial Brother Mei had experienced something as bad as that. As the person who loved him the most shouldn’t he go and comfort him? But how would he do this? Say some nice words?
But when he saw him his mind always seemed to go blank. He could hardly speak a whole sentence before he would rush off again in fear of embarrassing himself in front of Mei Chao Bing. There was no way he would be able to clearly explain his thoughts to him and calm him down.
He stopped in front of the window and looked out at the little lake. Even though he had admired Mei Chao Bing for so long and even though he had even fallen in love with him, he actually didn’t know much about him. Maybe he didn’t even like talking about such things? Maybe he would feel better if he could fight a round or two to let off steam?
Yun Bei Fen rushed over to take his sword but before he could hurry out of the door he stopped again. What was he even doing? This made no sense. Even if his Senior Martial Brother Mei wanted to have a fight, he knew fully well that he wasn’t worthy to accompany him in it. He was merely in the peak stage of Qi Refining while his Senior Martial Brother Mei had already formed his core. What kind of fight could they have?
Yun Bei Fen went back to the cupboard and placed the sword down again. Ah, what a pity that he was too young and too stupid. He should have worked harder, then he could have at least established his foundation already. That also wouldn’t enable him to become Senior Martial Brother Mei’s sparring partner but at least he wouldn’t have been that far behind him. Could he actually catch up to him in this life? Continue reading

RMN C9 He Might Get Implicated

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Mei Chao Bing could only sigh when he finally left the Sect Master’s palace. The Sect Master and Elders had thanked him for reporting this case even though it had been his own master who betrayed their Teng Yong Sect. They had even assured him that he would still be a treasured disciple of their sect despite what happened. There wouldn’t be any repercussions to him. After all, this was his master’s fault, not his.
But, well, what they said and what would happen were certainly two completely different things. Maybe the Sect Master would indeed instruct the Elders not to slight him because of what happened and maybe they would even comply but none of them would be happy about it.
It would always leave a bad taste in their mouth that someone without a master or, no, worse, someone with a traitor as his master was eligible for the same resources their disciples fought for. And if that was how the Elders who had gotten the instructions of the Sect Master thought, then it was obvious how their disciples would react. Continue reading

RMN C8 Unreserved Loyalty

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Elder Feng frowned. He certainly hadn’t wanted his disciple to see this. Mei Chao Bing was a serious person that always upheld the teachings of the sect. Convincing him to leave the Teng Yong Sect would have been hard in the first place. Now, with the lifeless body of Elder Wu in front of him and the dagger in his hand, it might even be impossible.
The worst thing was that he didn’t have much time. He couldn’t have a lengthy discussion with his disciple. Maybe Elder Wu had alarmed somebody else already and even if he hadn’t the disciples guarding the soul palace would notice that Elder Wu’s soul jade had broken. They had to leave immediately or it would be too late.
He cursed inwardly, put the dagger away and took a step toward Mei Chao Bing. “Chao Bing. Come with your Master. We’re going to leave the sect and start anew at a better place.”
Mei Chao Bing didn’t acknowledge what his Master said. “What happened?” he questioned instead, still staring at Elder Wu’s body. He wanted to hear it. He wanted to hear the truth and personally from his master, at that. Continue reading

RMN C7 Good Things Don’t Last

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Baili Chao took his new disciple to his own house for the time being. In his eyes, Yun Bei Fen was just too small to live all on his own yet so he’d rather have an eye on him. Only a few years later, when he was sure that the boy wouldn’t have any problems did he assign him to a nice little house next to one of the many lakes of the Teng Yong Sect.
By that time, Baili Chao wasn’t worried anymore at all. This boy really had measured up to his expectations. More than that, even. While other disciples needed someone to painstakingly teach them and required hints everywhere Yun Bei Fen seemed to be able to do everything on his own. He didn’t even need to say a word of encouragement for him to sit down and meditate or train his swordsmanship.
It really was his luck to have found a disciple like this. Continue reading