Just One Cup, My Love! – Bonus: Another Jar, My Dear!

“I can drink …” Xiang Yu unsteadily lifted his cup and pushed it into Xin Lan’s face. “At least as much as you!”

Xin Lan peered over the rim of the cup and his lips curled up. “That one is empty.”

“Ah?” Xiang Yu took the cup back and stared into it. It seemed … he was right. It was empty. He pushed it back at Xin Lan. “Then … let’s fill it again!”

“The jar is also empty.”

“Then let’s open another one! I can still drink!” Continue reading

Just One Cup, My Love! (OMF Qixi Festival Special)

“My love …” Qiu Ling cooed and slid onto the seat next to Jing He, waving a bottle of wine. “How about sharing a cup with your future husband?”

Jing He gazed at the bottle and slowly raised his gaze to Qiu Ling’s eyes. “I don’t know if that is such a good idea.”

“Just one cup, my love.” Qiu Ling smiled and raised his brows.

Jing He gazed at him, his heart fluttering. How could he reject what the man he loved wanted? If it was this important to Qiu Ling … He nodded. “Alright. One cup shouldn’t be too much. It isn’t a strong wine, is it?” Continue reading